Love & Zodiac: Why You're Single According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you've been single for any extended amount of time, you might start thinking you're a lost cause. But don't fret. There might just be an easy fix for you. Ya see, we're all born with different traits depending on our Zodiac Sign. Examining the characteristics belonging to your sign a little more closely might just yield some answers.

Sp I consulted the stars and came up with the most likely reason you're still single based on your sign!


As a fire sign, you're awfully reactive. Often too reactive. You might find that when you get angry, you tend to say some pretty harsh things. Regardless of whether you mean what you say in the moment or if you commit to holding a grudge (which you almost never do), the damage has already been done. In short, your mouth is what is getting you nowhere in the dating department.

What to change: Put your verbal filter to use. You wouldn't go on a tirade in church or a library, so why do you lack that self-control when talking to your lover? Watch what you say because words can hurt.


You are truly stubborn as a bull. This might be the cause of your relationship troubles - or lack thereof - but a more likely candidate might be your jealous nature. You're the type to go through your partner's phone and lose their mind over who "Steven" or "Jessica" is to them. You go charging after anyone who shows a remote interest in your S.O. Becuase you consider them a threat.

What to Change: Trust your partner. You can't keep snooping through their phone or email for any hint of infidelity. And you need to trust that your partner won't buckle when faced with seduction. Trust that your partner can handle themselves; trust in their feelings and respect for you.


I know that you're social, and witty, and conversational but leave your partner out of your gossip! If you're stuck being single it might be because you're a repeat kiss-and-tell offender. Things between you and your partner should stay private - especially things of an emotional and sexual nature. Just because it might make a fun conversation topic doesn't mean it's okay to talk about all the stuff you did or said behind closed doors.

What to Change: Similarly to Aries, you need to learn to use a verbal filter. Learn to keep personal stuff private and you might not be so hard to love.


While you're one of the most loving and faithful of the signs your moods get you in trouble. Your mood changes with the tide, which funny enough is also ruled by the moon. You're the type of person who goes from 0-60 almost instantaneously.

What to Change: Learn to take a deep breath before you go off on a tirade. While you might make some valid points during your tantrums, you might push your partner to the edge if you blow up at them too often. Count to 10 before you launch your verbal attacks, try to stay calm, and it'll be smooth sailing.


While you might think you're the best thing since sliced bread, potential partners might not think so. While you constantly feel the need to be in the spotlight, you might want to spend some time lavishing attention on your lover. You can't be the center of attention all the time while you're in a relationship. We all know you're in love with yourself. If you want anyone ever to love you that much you need to relinquish center stage once in a while.

What to Change: Every once in a while you have to let your partner shine. Sometimes you can't be Beyonce; you have to be the rest of Destiny's Child.


Ah, the perfectionist. Need I say more? Everything has to be up to your pristine standards, or you throw a fit. You might want to keep in mind that everyone has their own definition of perfection, your idea of what's ideal isn't necessarily a global standard. You also tend to think of your potential suitors as projects. Just because they show the ability to be what you want doesn't mean that they'll a) ever be that person o that they b) need to change at all for you to be happy with them.

What to Change: Love people for who they are, not who you think they could potentially be with a little coaching. Learn to accept the little flaws you tell yourself should be corrected. No one is perfect. Not even you.


Similarly to Virgos, Libra's usually think they know better than everyone around them. You will try to make decisions for your partner because you think it's what's best for them, even though it's their decision to make. You mean well, but sometimes you need to learn to let people go their own way. You also tend to be awfully clingy.

What to Change: Learn to let your partner make decisions without your unsolicited advice, and for the love of god, please stop smothering them.


Sure, you might be fantastic in bed, but that doesn't garuntee that you're a hot commodity. Scorpions demand complete transparency and honesty from their partners. However, you're not too keen on this being mutual in their relationships. You are private to a fault. While you'll never run your mouth about your partner's secrets - unlike Geminis - you almost never share anything personal with anyone.

What to Change: Learn to let people in. It's only fair for you to be open about your intentions and history if you're demanding that from your lover.


Honesty is paramount in relationships. However, as an Archer, you are honest to a fault. You are straight shooters. You are extremely blunt, often really harsh, when laying down the truth. You're not known for your diplomacy at all, but that might hurt you in the long run as you tend to offend a lot of people.

What to Change: While it might take some effort, learn to sugar coat your truths. When you speak it often feels like a shot through the heart, which is off-putting to people just getting to know you. Take a moment to rephrase what you're about to say in the nicest way you're capable of.


You are a creature of habit. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, this means that you might be bringing down the level of spontaneity in your relationships. You might even be characterized as a romantic kill joy. You are prone to taking yourself too seriously, being controlling, and wildly inflexible.

What to Change: Learn to loosen up. Relationships are supposed to be fun and feel fresh even while enduring for many moons. You're hardworking, so I know you're willing to make a relationship work even though it might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. I believe in you; you can do it.


Firstly, you've got some commitment issues, my friend. You're not a fan of being tied down, however when you are a whole new set of issues rears their ugly head. You're the type to come off as cold and emotionless. While you need space to figure things out, your partner might see it as emotional distance. And emotional distance usually means death for a relationship.

What to Change: If you need space, make sure your partner is aware that you need a little distance. Don't just pull away without warning. And consider going to your partner with your problems instead of receding into yourself, you might find that you can strengthen your relationship that way.


You live in a fantasy world. You have lofty expectations of what love means, which might make for failed relationships. Similarly, you have a difficult time committing to someone if they don't meet your ideal Prince Charming/Cinderella. Your issue might not be that you're flakey with your feelings, but that you're picking the wrong people.

What to Change: Stop committing to people who seem like what you think might be an ideal partner and focus on what matters for you in a relationship. And try to keep your imagination from running wild, try to be more grounded in your thinking.