Date Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign that Will Leave the Signs Spell-Bound

Dating is tricky. One of the trickiest of dating is choosing the dates themselves. I agree that there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, however, if that's your go-to date night things might get a little stale.

To change things up a bit in your dating life, you might try to think of more creative date ideas. Being creative with ideas is the hardest part, especially if you feel pressure to impress your significant together. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: look to the stars!

If you're having trouble coming up with a date idea that will suit your lover's interests, look up their star sign! More often than not astrology is on point when it comes to pinpointing what a person might enjoy based on their personality.

Here are the best dates for an individual based on their sign!

  1. Aries: Indoor rock climbing or something somewhat dangerous

    Adventure is the quickest way to an Aries' heart. This fiery sign is undoubtedly attracted to the dangerous, so naturally, anything that might get your adrenaline pumping is a good date idea. Going indoor rock climbing together is a fun date idea for this sign while simultaneously being less dangerous than anything else they might be interested in (which is good for you if you are less adventurous).

    If, however, you are similarly wild at heart then why not do something a little more adventurous. Going actual rock climbing or jumping out of an airplane might appeal to the both of you, so plan it!

    If you prefer to have a safety net indoor rock climbing is easily the best choice (there's even indoor skydiving facilities opening up all around the country!).

  2. Taurus: Make dinner together and spend some quality time

    As one of the most warmhearted signs, a cozy night in spending quality time with a Taurus makes for a very satisfying date. Staying in and cooking a decadent meal together while partaking in wine that is a little more expensive than Trader Joe's 2 Buck Chuck, will satisfy the self-indulgent Bull.

    Additionally, staying in will decrease the possibility of getting into an argument while trying to compromise or deviate from the inflexible Taurus' plan.

    Staying in and cooking a meal together is incredibly intimate which is a quality appreciated by this sign. With a Taurus online flirting or texting isn't going to cut it. They need quality time. You will induce some serious warm-and-fuzzies by planning out this sort of date night for your Taurus lover.

  3. Gemini: Trivia night!

    There are few things a Gemini might find more satisfying than a battle of wits. Head out to your local bar for a trivia night and watch your partner glow as they slay the competition.

    Gemini's are social creatures. They're incredibly lively and love to socialize, which makes a night out very appealing. Pairing beer, people, and trivia make for the perfect date. Gemini love to show off their intellectual prowess, so you can be sure you have a good shot of winning the grand prize (even if it's a free beer).

    Can't find a trivia night? Going out and doing almost anything in a social environment will bring your Gemini much joy.

  4. Cancer: Hiking, through the forest or through the farmers market

    The crab is a very imaginative and intuitive creator. What better way to feed their senses than to spend time connecting with nature or your local scene.

    Whether you're hiking around through mountains or wandering through the farmer's market, they will enjoy all the sights and sounds. The act of walking side by side is extremely intimate. Add in nature or the vibrant core of your local city or town, and you will create a magical experience out of the seemingly mundane.

    These water signs will feel tender emotions stir as they reach the top of a mountain or find the perfect craft tent at your local market.

  5. Leo: Dress up and go out on the town

    It is no secret that Leos are the most prideful sign. If you want to fan your Leo's ego while treating them to some fun, you ought to head out for a night of fancy dinner and dancing.

    Leos are very enthusiastic, so giving them a reason to dress up and enjoy themselves will bring out that enthusiasm. They will definitely love being dressed up and shown off as well.

    Going out on the weekend all dressed up will make this sign feel powerful, valued, and sexy. They will take on an air of badassery, and when they walk into the room, they will feel like you two are a total power couple. Here's where you'll unlock their warmhearted side. This sign will definitely feel closer and more affectionate toward you during this date. You can expect to get some serious loving when you get home.

  6. Virgo: Documentaries and chill

    While most signs would enjoy going out, Virgo's definitely prefer staying in most of the time.

    Virgos are not one for over indulgence. They would much rather stay in and cuddle up on the couch than go out and get wild. So cater to your Virgo's modest and practical side, as well as their inclination for the intellectually stimulating, by queuing up a documentary.

    Relaxing on the couch, watching a fascinating WWII doc, and then discussing it over a glass of wine is easily an ideal night for a Virgo.

    They will appreciate the time in as they won't have to worry about stepping out of their comfort zone at all during the evening.

  7. Libra: Urban exploration

    This sign wants nothing more to satisfy their local wanderlust. Libras are a naturally a romantic sign, and there is something that is very appealing to that quality about wandering around in an effort to rediscover parts of their city.

    If you want to appeal to the Libra's melodramatic and romantic qualities, take them on a little urban trek to the least appreciated parts of the city. Wander around and discover a new bookstore or coffee shop. Take a stroll into a different neighborhood and allow them to find their new favorite restaurant.

    By catering to the Libra's more romantic qualities, you'll make their heart swell.

  8. Scorpio: Just keep on floating

    The Scorpion enjoys adventure, so take your partner out to a body of water to float around. This water sign will enjoy being in their element (literally) while exploring nature. You can get wild with this idea and go for some serious white water action, or you can find a mellow stretch of river to luxuriously float down. If they're feeling a little sexy, there's no better way to satisfy the most sensual sign with some summer sex.

    This date idea appeals to their adventurous and wild nature, which is usually an itch that goes unscratched for this sign. So by suggesting a date that satisfies a Scorpio's hunger for different experiences you will ensure them that you understand them (which can be difficult as they are one of the most secretive signs!).

    Park a car at the end of the river run and enjoy a day out in nature with bae.

  9. Sagittarius: Go to the zoo or local fair

    As one of the most eager to learn signs, Archers would relish a day at the Zoo or local fair. This sign is always looking for opportunities to accumulate more random facts to add to their ever expanding collection. Additionally, they're very enthusiastic - to the point where it's almost a childlike quality - so what would be better than heading out to a zoo or fair?

    They will enjoy being surrounded by youthful, positive energy and love the opportunity to broaden their worldly experience and knowledge.

    Plus, since these signs can be a little reckless going to a Zoo, where the environment is very controlled and kid friendly, you will reduce the risk of them doing something ridiculous.

  10. Capricorn: Go to a museum

    While the Mountain Goats are one of the most adventurous and fearless of the signs, you don't need to scale a literal mountain to make them happy.

    One of the things that this sign absolutely can't stand is doing something without purpose, so if you're the kind who is more go-with-the-flow this is a great date idea for your pairing! You can relax while wandering through the museum, while your partner takes a more purposeful approach and pays close attention to the collection.

    If you can get an invite to a gallery opening, that is even better! This sign thrives off of feeling like a VIP. So make them feel very, very important by taking them to a swanky opening. You know the kind: where everyone's dressed up a little, and there's free champagne.

  11. Aquarius: Bartending class

    If you're dating this air sign, you know how gosh darn social they are. If you want to take them out and still manage to get some quality time while satisfying their social butterfly-like inclinations, head to a bartending class!

    The water bearer loves going out and being the life of the party. Of them learning how to bartend just increases how charismatic they can manage to be while entertaining. This way your S.O. has the chance to socialize with other people - which is something they sorely need after spending a lot of one-on-one time - and they get to hang out with you.

    Believe me; your Aquarius will love to be able to say they're "like the bartenderrrrrr."

  12. Pisces: Romantic picnic by the sea

    Your lil' fish will love the opportunity to bask in the sun by the sea. Pisces love themselves some quality time, so show them that you care by putting together a picnic with their favorite foods (and maybe some bubbly) and spend some time in the sand together.

    Don't live anywhere near the ocean? No problem. A lake or river will do nicely. Even a backyard pool or pond would suffice. As long as your S.O. Sees that you've put some serious thought and effort into cutting some time for the two of you to romance each other, they'll be happy.

    If you're the adventurous kind of couple, embark on a hike that culminates in a picnic. If you're both homebody types, a blanket fort or a picnic on the front lawn is something that is just as effective.