The 7 Worst First Date Topic Fails

Showing up to a date is half the battle and staying long enough for a potential goodbye kiss is the other.

There are so many ways you can talk about yourself without getting too personal too fast. Make sure you have a variety of topics to talk about beforehand and by all means, avoid any biased based conversation starters.

It's not bad to be an open book, but if you're sincerely interested in getting to know someone, you might want to simmer down and stay clear of these topics.

  1. Ex's

    We all have them, so there is no need to talk about your relationship history starting from your first kiss in second grade to your most recent, that ended last week. Your ex should be left in the past and nowhere near the present moment while you're trying to pursue someone else.

    If you start bashing your ex, it just shows that you might not be over them quite yet as well as revealing your anger management issues a little too soon. This will always be a weird topic, even if you've been dating for awhile. Sometime's it's good to be vague about your past relationships, so you don't end up bringing up old feelings or memories.

    There is a reason you and your ex-didn't work out so why to waste precious time talking about them. If you start pinpointing you ex's worst traits, you might as well be talking about yours.

    The way you speak about others doesn't reflect them but you, so keep it light and talk about anyone else.

  2. Me, Myself and I

    Talking about yourself is entirely normal when trying to get to know someone and vice versa. Obviously, you're going to share some info and answer some questions but don't forget to reciprocate.

    If you leave the rendezvous feeling like you had a counseling session and can't remember one fact you've learned about your date tonight; you've hardcore failed.

    I understand that it's easy to overtalk if you're nervous and want to make a good impression but take a chill pill and get to know the other person first. If you both focus on getting to know each other on a deeper level, then it will be that much easier to figure out if there is genuine chemistry.

    You either come across cocky or insecure if the main topic of conversation is yourself, and you might not even realize it.

  3. Family Issues

    Who doesn't have some family drama these days? We all do, but that doesn't mean you need to discuss them the first time meeting someone. This isn't a vent session about all of your family member's problems, which may cause your date to run for the hills. The last thing your date wants to hear upon first meeting you is all about your emotional baggage.

    If you don't feel comfortable talking about your family and a question is asked, slyly change the subject instead of getting all riled up.

    Make sure you have a game plan if your family situation is a sensitive topic, so you don't make a date awkward with your overdramatic response..

  4. Sexual Preferences

    You need to keep it in your pants and slow the roll because it's embarrassing to come off too eager. It's hard not to jump the gun if you find your date extremely attractive but let's keep something things a mystery okay?

    It can come off a little too aggressive, especially for your first time meeting, if you start listing your favorite positions in alphabetical order. It may also give away all of your past sexual partners, which may be a huge turn-off.

    Just because you hope to get lucky by the end of the night doesn't mean your date feels the same, avoid any sexual talk if your horny mind can.

  5. Money

    Now this is just awkward because most likely your first date entails some money being spent and you've created an uneasiness when the bill finally arrives. We all have bills, but if you both made an effort to go on this date, then you either take the initiative to pay the entirety or go halfsies.

    There is nothing more unattractive then giving someone your sob story about how broke you are, especially on the first date. Even lightly joking that there are .02 cents in your account, doesn't make the situation any less awkward because now they just pity you. Or you make them so uncomfortable that they feel obligated to pay for your half and immediately change your contact name to 'Charity Case.'

  6. Religion

    If, and only if, you both stated that you're a particular religion and that is something you can bond over, never bring this up. This topic can be very sensitive and get too real too fast.

    Save yourself the humility and discuss this with your friends.

    People avoid this in the streets, what makes you think they want to go on a first date with someone who's shoving their opinions down everyone's throats?

  7. Politics

    Don't get all worked up about the upcoming elections or which props you hope to pass. This is supposed to be a date, not a heated debate.

    People avoid this in the streets, what makes you think they want to go on a first date with someone who's shoving their opinions down everyone's throats?

    First dates are always nerve racking but try to make it a little easier on yourself by never talking about those things again. Try not to make your first date a total nightmare for the other person.

    If your date is the one that ends up bringing this up, don't entertain them by joining in, just change the subject before you both end up getting worked up and revealing too much.