9 Weird Things Single Women Wished All Men Knew

Single women who are content with being single are easily the most misunderstood group of people on the planet. Why? Because the inner workings of the female mind mostly remain a mystery to men, especially when it comes to what women want from men when they're dating around. These are the things single women everywhere wish they could scream from the rooftops for all men to hear.

  1. Believe it or not, I'm independent:

    The fact of the matter is that women don't need a significant other to get by. The modern woman is likely too focused on her career and herself to swoon over your new shirtless profile picture. You don't know what's going on in her life; she might be dating herself! Know and understand that while dating and hooking-up are nice, they aren't necessarily a woman's first priority.

  2. I have high standards, meet them:

    Single doesn't mean desperate. Single ladies tend to have high standards. While looks aren't everything, hygiene is critically important. Have high standards for yourself! Put some on some deodorant, put on a clean shirt, get some white strips. There's nothing worse than a guy who doesn't take care of themselves. Have good hygiene, have good posture, have good overall self-presentation.

  3. Know yourself, before you get to know me:

    There is something incredibly appealing about a guy who is self-aware. If you're going through a rough patch in your personal life, you probably shouldn't be looking for anything serious. Tossing baggage on someone right off the bat is a little unfair. Understand yourself; Understand what you need from a partner and what you're prepared to give. And above all else, make sure you're in the right mindset if you're looking for something more long term than one night.

  4. Be upfront with your intentions:

    There is nothing worse than being led on. Then again, thinking you're going for a one-night-stand and finding out there are feelings on the other end is just as bad. Be honest about what you want. A lot of guys who want something casual will come off like they want something serious thinking they're more likely to hook-up that way. You're actually more likely to get laid if you’re honest about what you want! Plus you won't end up blacklisted by that girl and all of her friends. On the other hand, guys who've caught feelings will play it off nonchalant in an effort not to seem to clingy. This leads to missed signals and hurt feelings. Tell her what you want and if you're seeing or hooking up with other people. Be clear about what you want and your life is more likely to stay drama free.

  5. Sometimes you'll end up in the Friend Zone.

    If you end up getting stuck here, it's nothing personal. She's just trying to spare your feelings. Being upfront goes both ways. It's only fair if girls are just as upfront with you as you are with them. If you end up here, don't freak out. Regardless of any hope you feel there might be of getting out of the Friend Zone, you might have a chance, but I would suggest you move on. She might not be looking for any action, or maybe she's just not in the right place. Maybe you're just not her type. Understand and accept what your relationship with her is. Either way having a cute friend is never a bad thing; they usually have cute friends they'll set you up with.

  6. I am a sexual goddess when I feel like it:

    Girls enjoy sex just as much as guys. Sometimes girls want to casually hook-up. Sometimes they aren't in the mood. With the female libido usually peaking much later than the average male's it's understandable that sometimes girls and guys don't want to get it on at exactly the same time, all the time. Don't be thrown off if a lady's libido is higher or lower than yours. It's completely natural.

  7. Try harder in bed:

    While we're on the topic of sex, let's discuss the quality. While it can take guys as short as two minutes to orgasm it usually takes somewhere between ten and twenty minutes for a girl to get there. Take some time and focus on her pleasure, not just your own. Foreplay is key and so is the clit. Don't feel insulted if you can't get her to have an orgasm. Sometimes it takes a little while for a girl to feel comfortable - which is another reason why it's harder for women to cum. And if she brings out a vibrator don't feel insulted. Women have sex with you because you do everything a vibrator can't, she might just need a little help. Don't let any insecurities that may pop up keep her from having her fun.

  8. If you're talking to me, only talk to ME:

    If things end up moving beyond flirtation to a more serious realm, you're going to need to cut your losses and focus on one girl. It's more than acceptable to be flirting and casually hooking up with multiple ladies. However, if things start getting serious with someone, it should be taken seriously. If you're still flirting, god forbid hooking-up, with girls while you're getting serious with someone she's going to figure it out and hate you for it.

  9. Caught feelings? Show me you care:

    Men and women are notoriously bad at understanding one another's signals. Women are usually too worried that they're reading too much into a gesture, whereas men are afraid they're coming on too strong or not strong enough. If you're starting to like a girl, show her. Of course, the basics of chivalry are a great start but if you're trying to show romantic interest you're going to need to work harder. Flowers are always a great idea. But try for something personal. Get her tickets to that band she likes or if she's a sports fan take her to a game. You need to be thoughtful if you want to make an impression. If all else fails or if money's tight, man up and get a Pinterest account. Trust me, that site is gold. If you succeed in showing her you're invested, you might just manage to take that single girl off the market.