Valentine's Day Ideas for the Single and Lonely

Valentine's Day is lovely if you really think about it. It's an entire day dedicated to the expression of love and affection, which seems really cute when you think about it.

I mean, unless you're single. Then it sucks. When you're single on Valentine's day, you're made very, very aware that you're without a lover. Everyone's every action seems to be charged with a certain passion that is almost palpable.

So if you're a single Pringle, what are you supposed to do on Valentine's day? Wallowing in self-pity shouldn't be an option. For those of you who are single as all hell, gather up the rest of your single friends and try one of these ideas:

1. Strip Club I know it sounds pretty lame, but how fun would it be to hit up a strip club with all of your single friends? Strip clubs aren't just for Vegas and bachelor parties.

And girls, I can feel you cringing through the screen. But I promise you; strip clubs are much more fun with girls. Even if you end up at a strip club with female dancers you'll have a good time. I promise it'll be liberating and fun. Think of it as women supporting women, because that's what it is!

2. Anti- Valentine's Party Dress in all black and break out the angry, emo music. Have all your single friends over for an anti-Valentine's day party. Decorate with black hearts and make special drinks with funny anti-romantic names. Even send Anti-valentines day cards to your friends as invites.

Blast angry breakup music and prepare for a night of fun. Plus, you'll be balancing out all the sappiness in the world by adding some angst to the world.

3. Single Barcrawl Grab all your single friends, dress all sexy-like, and hit the town. While all the restaurants are packed with lovers, all coupled up and snuggling in booths, you and your single friends will be tearing up the town. Besides, there are bound to be a group of members of the opposite sex at the bar you're at doing the same thing.

So go out and be drunk and single with more drunk and single people.

4. Gal-entines/Bro-entities day Pamper yourself. Ladies, grab all your girlfriends and make a day of it. Head to the nail salon and splurge on acrylics and gel. If you feel like a baller, get a facial. Make dinner reservations with all your girlfriends for your favorite restaurant or make dinner together at home and drink oodles of pink wine. Make Gal-entines day the best holiday out of the year

Guys, get together and bro out. Drink some beer and watch some sports. Do whatever bros do. Maybe get a pedicure, because let's be real you might be single because you need one.

5. Get a Valentine's, Day Tat!

If you're feeling like throwing all caution to the wind, I highly suggest going to a tattoo parlor that offers Valentine's day specials. Just like Friday the 13th, Tattoo Parlors will do specials on Valentines day, If you're feeling anti-love see if they have any darker, broken heart themed tats available for the special!

It's much more fun to be single when you're with a bunch of people celebrating your single-ness!