13 Unexpected Things That Make a Man Insanely Attractive

While you might think that attracting women is as simple as being nice and being somewhat fit, there is definitely more to it.

Women tend to find things incredibly attractive that might not initially seem particularly enticing.

Here are 23 things that girls find extremely attractive, that you might find surprising.

  1. Facial hair, unkempt and otherwise

    The clean-shaven look is okay, but do you know what's hotter? A full, grisly, mountain man beard.

    I - like most of the female population - are excited about the beard coming back into fashion. If you look in the mirror and see a lumbersexual staring back at you, then you're doing something right.

    So put down the shaving cream. Drop the razor. And let your facial hair flourish.

    If you feel like you must do some beard maintenance, don't go full-on babyface. Trim your beard down to a sexy stubble at the most. Girls love stubble.

  2. Sincerity

    In today's hook up culture, a lot of the time flirtationships seem like a competition of who can care less. People seek to avoid confrontation and let cryptic social media posts speak for them when it comes to expressing affection or true intentions.

    One quality most men are lacking is sincerity. It's so god damn refreshing to find a guy who not only isn't afraid of making a phone call, but who actually says what he means and means what he says. This is a quality that will definitely make you seem like a keeper in an girl's book.

    Don't try to play any millennial dating games and you'll probably get rewarded by the women in your dating pool.

  3. Storytelling ability

    There is something inherently special about a guy who can tell a good story. If you can sit back at a bar and recount something funny that happened to you only for all your friends to bust up laughing, then you're doing something right.

    Being a good storyteller means that you're not only charismatic but that you're an excellent communicator. Girls are drawn in by your magnetic personality, they come for the humor and stay because you know how to express yourself verbally.

    Since most guys are communicatively challenged, capitalize on your gift of gab - if you're lucky enough to have it, that is.

  4. Body hair

    Since there has been a remarkable increase in the popularity in facial hair, it only makes sense that body hair has become an obsession.

    Sure, if your back hair is blowing in the wind you might want to consider taking a trip to your friendly neighborhood European Wax Center, but if not let it grow.

    No one wants a prickly chest, so keep from shaving it. If you feel the need to trim, use an electric trimmer that you'd use on your hair so that you can trim without your hair growing back pokey.

    With body hair maintenance is key. However, you should definitely let it all hang out. There is something wildly attractive about a little chest hair poking out of a not-too-deep V-neck.

  5. Calves

    Alright, I know this sounds a little wierd… but hear me out…

    To be honest, calve muscles are something that girls definitely notice and can appreciate. Girls don't have to be well versed in aesthetics to appreciate a set of well-sculpted calf muscles.

    Don't understand where I'm coming from still?

    Alright, think about it this way: Any guy that has killer calves likely squats a lot and all girls understand the importance of leg day. Plus, that probably means he's got a booty and girls love dudes who have a butt (it's something to grab onto).

    Not all guys have spectacular calves, but those who do are probably somewhat athletic. And every girl can at least appreciate a guy in a (sports) uniform.

    I know that I probably sound crazy, but legs are sexy on guys too!

    Even if you're not the gym rat type, join an intermural soccer or flag football team. A little bit of running will go a long way and trust me, girls will notice.

    Leg day - regardless if you're not the kind of dude who's trying to get swol bro - is mandatory.

  6. Enjoying stuff that isn't traditionally masculine

    The Villiage People weren't necessarily wrong when they said that a macho man is always in demand. However, you'll be surprised how quickly a girl will melt when you show your feminine side.

    If you spend your time cultivating a macho persona you're likely to actually show more weakness and insecurity if you were willing to accept traditionally feminine qualities about yourself.

    A lot of dudes are worried about coming off as inferior or as - god forbid - gay if they allow themselves to be anything less than a masculine bro. Firstly, it makes you come off as a hyper-masculine tool. And secondly, that makes you seem like you think being gay is the worst thing a person could be, which is a pretty gross quality to have.

    It might sound like I'm being sarcastic when I say that nothing screams manly like a dude who's unashamed about his LUSH obsession, but I'm serious.

    So put on a mud mask, pour yourself a glass of white wine, take a bubble bath, and don't be afraid to document the whole thing on Snapchat.

  7. Hands

    Having visible abs is nice, but your abdominals shouldn't be the only muscle group you focus on. As a mentioned earlier, sculpted calves and boy butts are pretty attractive too.

    Believe it or not, girls go wild for hands. When a guy has strong, maybe even calloused hands, girls love it. I couldn't pinpoint why exactly, but it's just a fact that girls are obsessed with hands.

  8. Having a pet

    If you are on any dating site, you've probably noticed that there is a widespread trend for girls to put something like "I'll date you for your dog" in their bio.

    While this trend is starting to get a little annoying, there is something really attractive about a guy who owns a pet. If you own a pet, whether it be a guinea pig or a mastiff, a girl is going to probably be a little obsessed with your pet.

    When you have another life that is entirely dependant on you, it's the best way for girls to gauge your paternal tendencies without you actually having a kid.

    Not having a pet isn't necessarily a deal breaker for women, but who wouldn't want to have an excuse to always be around a dog? Or a cat? Or a bunny?

  9. ZZ Top was right…

    …every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

    While this might not seem like an extremely surprising thing girls find attractive, what is surprising is what girls find attractive.

    There are different definitions of what it means to be sharply dressed. So whatever your style is, go all in for it.

    If you're nerd chic, go total high-fashion poindexter. If you're a little hood, why stop at two chains? Dressing well will also give you a huge confidence boost throughout the day.

    Girls like guys who are willing to take chances; this includes taking fashion risks. It shows a certain kind of boldness to add a little high fashion flair to your wardrobe, and it shows that you're your own man.

    So pay more attention to what hits the runway during New York Fashion Week, make a Lookbook.nu account, and follow some sharp dressed men on Instagram for some inspiration.

  10. Goofy humor

    Yes, humor is obviously something that girls find extremely attractive. But if you're willing to throw around some cheesy yet clever jokes, then you're going to score yourself some serious points.

    Girls like cheesy. I don't care what she says or how cool of a girl she is, she's going to laugh at a well-executed pun and she's going to love you for it.

    When you're goofy, it shows a different layer to whatever vibe you give off usually. For instance, girls will be attracted to an intimidatingly cool guy, but they're not going to feel comfortable enough around them.

    Don't take yourself too seriously, because if you're not laughing, then you're doing something wrong.

  11. Rolled up pants and colorful socks combo

    This stylish combination harkens back to 40's and 50's fashion, which is making a huge comeback right now. If you want to show that you're not just some run-of-the-mill bro, roll your pants up and invest in some cool socks.

    Only own Nike Pros? Keep those in the gym or on the football field and invest in a sock subscription (yes they're a thing).

    Make like a victorian-era prostitute and show some ankle.

  12. Sweat

    Why do you think girls even bother to go to the gym?

    All jokes aside, watching a guy work out or do anything physically strenuous is super hot. Watching a guy get his sweat on while playing a round of basketball, or squatting your body weight, or putting together Ikea furniture appeals to a primal area of the female mind.

    Just like guy's might envision what a girl is like in bed when watching her eat a banana, a girl's mind starts to wander down the gutter when she sees beads of sweat glistening on a guy's brow.

  13. Having a favorite song that isn't on the top forty

    The counterpart to basic bitches is the basic bro. If your favorite song of all time is on the top forty, you're probably a pretty basic bro.

    Having an eclectic music taste shows that you have more depth than a shower. It also shows that you're not a follower, because if all you're listening to is what's popular at the moment, it shows that you are a total sheep.

    Just like you roll your eyes at any girl who proclaims Taylor Swift as her favorite artist ever, girls will roll their eyes at you if you worship Migos.

  14. When guys roll up long sleeves

    Do you want to go from an 8 to an 8.5 instantaneously? All you got to do is roll your sleeves up.

    Show some skin and roll those button-down sleeves right up over your elbows.

    Why do girls like this so much? I have no idea. Maybe it gives off the vibe that you're a hard worker or that you're not afraid to get your hands dirty.

    Regardless, just do it.

  15. Nerdy tendancies

    Intelligence is sexy.

    If you ever have a chance to show off your intellectual chops in front of a girl, try to do so without coming off as a know it all. And if you're not entirely look smart, don't worry. There are different kinds of intelligence. So if you have a thing for art, show that off. If you're street smart, let that work in your favor.

    Additionally, if you're into traditionally nerdy stuff, you shouldn't be ashamed. Think about how popular Marvel and DC movies are right now? The Avengers are constantly dominating both Loki and the box office. Plus, the main female character falling for a nerdy guy is becoming a staple movie trope. Your love for dorkier things might not be as rare as you'd expect.

    Let your nerd flag fly; you might be surprised how positively girls respond to it.

  16. Slightly crooked teeth

    While unrealistic body expectations are consistently forced onto both men and women by the media, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Flaws can be sexy. You'd be surprised at how quickly your crooked smile becomes one of your girl's favorite qualities about you.

    Embrace what makes you different. Everyone is damaged and scarred in their own way, which might be why people grow to love their lover's quirks. Be proud of your imperfections because to girls they won't appear to be shortcomings; they'll be extremely endearing.

  17. When they stretch and their shirt lifts up a little and you can see their happy trail

    I know I've been talking a lot about body hair throughout this article, but bear with me.

    This is what I'd think of as the male equivalent of catching a glimpse of cleavage. When a guy stretches, and a girl can see his stomach and his happy trail, believe me, her mind has quickly gone to some NC-17 places.

    Immediately, this girl is going to start to wonder what he looks like without his shirt… and his pants….

    So if you have an impressive happy trail or sculpted abdominal muscles, it might be worth feigning a yawn around that special lady.

  18. Men who smell good, both with and without cologne

    No one likes B.O. in the traditional meaning of the word. However, there is something sexy about a guy's natural scent.

    Everyone gives off a natural smell even when they're not sweating up a storm. This smell can be extremely sexy so long as it doesn't have any notes of corn chips and ass.

    If you find that your natural body odor has gone a bit sour look to your diet for answers. If you're eating an excess of meat, sugar, and fat it's likely that you're going to start to smell pretty gross - and you're probably not going to taste very good either if you know what I mean.

    Make sure you're eating your fruits and veggies if you actually want to smell nice without the help of Hugo Boss.

  19. "Can I go down on you for like an hour?"

    Do I really need to elaborate?

    You should be offering to go down on your girl. Period. End of story.

    Half-assed cunnilingus shouldn't always be offered in return as sexual repayment for a stellar blow-job. Guys, you're better than this. You shouldn't only be reciprocating oral sex; you should be offering it without any expectation of getting some fellatio in return.

    Next time you're getting freaky with your lady go down on her before she takes the oral initiative.

  20. Voluminous hair

    When a guy has a full head of hair a girl can be sure of two things: he has good genes, and she's going to have something to hold onto later (and if he has a good butt she might have some options!).

    Take care of your hair. Don't settle for that 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner hybrid bullshit. Spend the extra 4 seconds in the shower and use both shampoo and conditioner.

    Invest in some pomade. Try not to spend 45 minutes on your hair but do try to make it look like you tried because bed head shouldn't make it beyond the bathroom.

    Girls will notice the extra effort you put into your appearance, and you will instantly look like you actually have your life together (even if you don't).

  21. Volunteering

    Altruism is sexy as hell.

    Not only will you have every girl within a 10-mile radius swooning when you mention how you volunteer at the children's hospital once a month, but you'll actually feel like a decent person after you get done with your unpaid shift.

    Volunteering is more than a win-win. It's a win-win-win. You'll have girls drooling over your charitable ass, you'll feel like a productive member of society, and you'll be giving back to the community.

  22. Showing a lot of passion about something oddly specific

    As I mentioned earlier, millennials often engage in a passive competition of who can be the most apathetic. Apathy isn't cute. Passion is.

    And by passion I don't necessarily mean the kind that is described in ludicrous detail in romance novels (though that kind of passion is good too!), I mean passion for something like a job, a cause, or an artform.

    Girls love it when guys show unbridled excitement when their favorite band comes out with a new song or when their favorite comic book character makes it to the big screen. Women find it really attractive when guys let down their suave facade and can fan-girl over something just as hard as they probably fangirled over *NSYNC in the '90s.

    Don't be afraid to show how excited you are about that project at work or about that new art exhibit. Don't be afraid to be something other than apathetic.

  23. Work ethic

    This point definitely ties into what I mentioned about passion.

    When guys have a strong work ethic, girls definitely take notice. A strong work ethic shows that you're invested in your own personal success and the success of others. You prove that you're not a lazy bum that expects a trophy for participation.

    Girls also find this attractive because it shows that you can be a provider if needed and that you're going to be her financial equal in a relationship.

    Regardless of your career, showing that you're set on success in anything you do is very sexy.