5 Tips That Will Better Your Intimate Relationship

In a world increasingly full of one-night-stands and mobile dating apps that make such nights easier than ever, it is vital that actual relationships are stronger than ever.

In the social world of dating, long gone are the days of men being the silent and hard type -- most women are in search of a guy who isn't afraid to speak about his feelings or listen to hers. In turn, most people looking for love are ultimately after an intimate and loving relationship. One that involves deep and meaningful conversations, followed by a night of cuddling one another.

It is these relationships, the intimate ones, that last the test of time and truly end with "happily ever after." If that is exactly what you're looking for, then look no further.

This article can serve for both current relationships and potential relationships, either where the intimacy has begun to fade, or it merely needs a little extra. No matter your case, if you follow the tips talked about in this article, you will find yourself in the most intimate relationship of your life -- I guarantee it.

  1. Disclose More to Feel Closer

    All relationships are a process of discovery with one another. Discovery of new emotions, new places, and new adventures, and most importantly, the discovery of each other.

    The beginning of a new relationship is full of entertaining stories and exciting, personal details, creating a constant sense of discovery and intimacy with your new lover. From sweet childhood memories to embarrassing stories of your first time drinking, there's nothing short to tell one another about. In order to create an intimate and trusting relationship, it is very important that you tell your lover about these little details and stories.

    And even more so that you ask your lover about their little details and stories.

    Doing so creates a sense of intimacy between the two of you that is crucial to a lasting and loving relationship. After a while, though, it may seem like your lover may know everything about your childhood and past experiences and vice versa.

    That is when disclosing information between one another is more important than ever; express the chain of emotions you feel throughout the day or odd things that may have happened on your way to work. Giving your partner insight into the littlest details of your life will strengthen your intimacy and love for another, no matter how long, or little, you guys have been together.

    People and situations are always changing, so it is crucial that you and your partner remain up-to-date on the details and adventures of each other's lives. There is nothing more intimate than truly knowing your loved one and giving them support and guidance during major moments in their life.

  2. Do Something Together

    Nothing builds intimacy and makes you and your partner feel closer than ever like doing something new together. Whether it be a cooking class, throwing a holiday party, or taking a nice vacation together, it is important that you create occasions where you feel as a collective "us," instead of individuals.

    The overall goal here is to focus on producing something together, as a team. Relying on one another and working to each other's strengths and weaknesses can create an intimate bond that draws you two even closer.

    Do something nice for friends and family, or choose to own a pet, as long as the two of you find yourselves in sync and working towards the same goal. It is crucial to remember at all times that you guys are on the same team.

    All relationships entail the occasional disagreement and arguments when planning or undergoing a task, and far too often do couples end up pitted against one another as enemies, or opponents. It is in these moments that you must remember why you chose to do this together and that you are both on the same team, wanting the same thing. And many times, that "want" is ultimate happiness between the two of you.

  3. Appreciate The Little Things

    Not only should you and your lover ultimately be on the same team, but you should also be their biggest fan.

    Being your lover's biggest fan entails supporting them through anything, and praising them for their efforts -- no matter the outcome. This can include a big exam they studied really hard for, a crazy-busy night at work in which they were totally swamped, or even just that extra good-morning-kiss they gave that left you smiling long after you left for work.

    When it comes to displaying intimacy for your lover, it is all about the little things. Tell your lover that you appreciate it when they do the dishes right after eating, or when they clean the bathroom mirror of splatters. Little, daily acts like that go unnoticed and unappreciated far too often, and soon they won't even bother doing them because they think you won't notice the difference.

    And believe me, I'm the one in my relationship who refills the soap dispensers when they're running low or cuts a near-empty bag of chips in half so it's easier to reach inside next time. These are little things that can easily go unnoticed, but last week when my girlfriend came to me and said how she noticed them and that I'm really great at doing the "behind-the-scenes type work," well, it meant a lot to me and made every little thing I'd ever done worth it.

    It demonstrated that not only was she noticing my tiny efforts every day, but she also truly appreciated them. She took the time to notice changes that she didn't make herself, realize that I took personal time to help around HER house, and gave praise that ultimately led us to an intimate afternoon in the bedroom.

    It shouldn't take a grand gesture or act to deserve a bit of thanks or appreciation, because, in the end, it's the tiny, little acts every single day that ultimately build into a lifelong grand gesture of intimacy -- as long as those tiny acts go appreciated, that is.

  4. Have Regular, Meaningful Conversations

    In all relationships of life, especially those with loved ones, it is crucial that the lines of communication remain open, and open at all times.

    It is important that you take time to discuss crucial issues that not only affect you both, but may just affect only one of you. Always remember to honor your loved one's feelings and allow them to share the most intimate parts of themselves.

    Not every conversation has to be about the meaning of life or their deepest, darkest fears, but make sure it is well-known that they may bring such topics up whenever they'd like. Express to them your interest in hearing about their late-night thoughts from in bed when they can't sleep, or from when they take an extra long shower just to ponder their existence (we know we all do it.)

    Listen to their dreams and aspirations for the future, their fears and concerns about the road ahead, and their every-day, run-of-the-mill thoughts when stuck in traffic. It is important that you do not make your loved one feel judged, as they will feel vulnerable when they open up to you, but it is even more important that you allow yourself to open up as well and feel vulnerable with them.

    Having deep and meaningful conversations like this gives light to new levels of intimacy and love between two people. Few things are more intimate than truly expressing your thoughts and beliefs about the world, as well as fears and concerns. Allow your lover to open up whenever needed by providing them with unwavering support and an open-mind of your own.

    Listen to the beautiful things that give your lover's life meaning, and the terrible things that live in their nightmares -- having regular, meaningful conversations like this will create a level of intimacy the two of you have never experienced before.

  5. Celebrate Each Other

    Every, single, day, you should find yourself expressing a loving thought or compliment towards your lover.

    Whether it be a comment on their appearance or a remark about how great you slept last night because you were so comfy while cuddling them, it is extremely intimate to show signs of affection for your lover on a daily basis.

    Celebrating each other, especially the little things, nourishes your relationship and allows you to grow more intimate by remembering what it is you treasure about one another. Let your partner know about much you appreciate them and be generous with compliments and expressions of intimacy.