7 Non-Basic Tattoos for Women Looking for Something Unique

Basic bitches tend to brand themselves with symbols that other basic girls recognize so that they can band together in the wild. Fuck boys use these marks to identify their next target while other women keep an eye out for these tattoos to know which girls to avoid befriending… What are these marks you ask? They are the most basic of all tattoos: infinity symbols, mandalas, arrows, heartbeat lines, and birds flying away in a line.

These are the marks of a basic hoe.

If you are considering getting a tattoo you should avoid getting any of those symbols inked on your body, or else you will brand yourself as basic for life. So instead of getting "Breathe" tattooed on your wrist like a total peasant, be a bad bitch consider getting one of these non-basic tattoos instead!

  1. Sailor Jerry style

    Sailor Jerry style

    Why get an infinity sign on your inner-wrist when you could a tattoo in a style steeped in history. No one is going to think you're anything close to basic if you're decked out (or have one or two) American Traditional tattoos.

    American traditional tattoos were the kind that sailors covered themselves with. These guys were amongst the most fearless during the 1900's, because back then sailing was no Carnaval Cruise. They got tattoos to mark how many nautical miles they'd sailed and others, such as the classic "Mom" tattoo, as physical reminders of the loved ones they'd left on land. Sailor Jerry was one of the most important pioneers of the style, which is why American Traditional style is often reffered to by his name.

    These tattoos can be simple or very colorful. They're characterized by thick black lines and vintage drawing style. Some tattoos have traditional meaning, such as a sparrow symbolizing having sailed 5000 miles and anchors emblazoned with names to represent those who keep you grounded, you can get almost anything drawn in this style!

  2. Geometry, sacred or otherwise


    Geometric shapes in tattooing are becoming increasingly popular. Sacred geometry is becoming very popular as well. Sacred geometry consists of patterns and symbols that are used in the construction of religious structures, monuments, or art.

    Sacred geometric symbols such as the Flower of Life or Celtic Knots are prevalent in both modern and ancient tattooing. Getting something that mirrors naturally occurring sacred patterns or things of the like don't make you basic, they make you in tune with theology and nature.

    Just stay away from mandalas, at least for the time being until the basic bitches forget about them.

  3. Dainty tattoos…

    Dainty tattoos

    …that aren't hearts or birds or infinity signs.

    Dainty tattoos aren't basic unless you're getting a generic symbol and assigning ridiculous meaning to it.

    Smaller tattoos are a great way to show your individuality if you work in a conservative office or have a low pain tolerance. If you're going to go dainty, pick a symbol that is unique to your life experience, and no that doesn't mean you should get a music note behind your ear.

    Instead of getting a music note if you're a musician or obsessed with music, get a small guitar tattoo or a symbol from your favorite album. Don't take the easy way out! Think deeply about your dainty tat. Take the time to be original and not a basic carbon copy.

  4. Biotanical tattoos

    Biotanical tattoos


    Forget the tribal looking flowers of the early 2000's. Avoid any floral looking pattern that might look like it could be a 40-year-old's tramp stamp.

    If American traditional primroses aren't for you, you might like more hyper realistic flowers.

    Realistic looking roses, flowers, and other plants are a feminine way to express yourself without being a total basic bitch. You can either go with a black-and-grey style or opt for a color version to capture the look of the plant.

    If you're ever in Ukraine, you can actually take a sprig of your favorite plant to BLANK, a tattoo artist out of Kiev, and she'll use it as the stencil for your actual tattoo!

  5. Hyperrealistic portraits

    Hyperrealistic portraits

    Do you want a portrait that isn't the size of your entire arm? Well, lucky for you micro portraits are on the rise!

    Some artists like Dr. Woo and Mr. K specialize in single-needle micro work. Dr. Woo is infamous for tattooing Cara Delevingne's Lion and is responsible for work on several other celebrities.

    If you have a lot of love for your pet, a family member, or a particular animal you can get them inked super small on your body! You don't have to worry about designating an entire appendage to their face with this tattooing style.

    Just make sure you find an artist who knows what they're doing or the tattoo might end up looking faded. It's advised that you don't pull a Cara and get a delicate tattoo on your fingers as hand tattoos wear down really quickly - foot tattoos do the same.

  6. Watercolor style

    watercolor style

    Do you ever wish you could get a watercolor painting on your body? Well, you can!

    The watercolor style of tattooing has become increasingly popular, and some artists have made it their specialty to turn their canvas into a living watercolor painting. These tattoos are characterized by splashes of color which often bleed outside of dark lines. Sometimes artists will even emulate brush strokes and paint splatters as well.

    These kinds of tattoos tend to be very colorful. However, the colors can also be muted if you wish.

    If you want a very vibrant tattoo without being predictable and basic, then you should do some research into watercolor tattoo artists in your area. These tattoos are super unconventional and break the rules of traditional tattooing. So if you're an artistic spirited rule breaker, then this might be the style for you.

  7. Guns, skulls, and knives!

    Gun tattoo

    What better way to avoid looking basic than to avoid cutesy themes altogether than to get something super hardcore tattooed? Your average basic bitch isn't going even to consider getting something as badass as a revolver or a switch blade inked

    Are you a spooky girl? Consider going for something more macabre and get something skeletal inked on your body. There are feminine touches you can add to these darker themes if you're interested in embracing your womanhood: surround any of these symbols with flowers.

    There is something endearing about a woman with a tattoo that embraces the darker side of tattooing. Why get a heart when you could get a broken one? Why get an infinity sign when you could get a skull and embrace the idea of death. Nothing says that you're a keeper like a girl with a badass tat

    Take a trip to the dark side, babe. I promise you won't return as a basic bitch.

Regaurdless of what society thinks is basic tattoos are your choice. Regardless of what society thinks is overdone, you should get a tattoo that makes you happy. However, don't get a tattoo for the sake of fitting in with the basic bitch crowd. Think deeply about what you want. Or don't and get something for the hell of it! I encourage you to consider something other than a mandala on your solar plexus. But it's your choice girl.

But is it really worth it to go through all that pain only to leave the shop with an infinity sign on your inner wrist?