11 Hardcore yet Artistic Tattoos for Men

Want to get some ink, but don't know what to get? Here are some seriously hardcore, masculine tattoo ideas that will make you even more of a badass than you already are.

  1. Weapons


    Image credit: instagram.com/_dr_woo_/

    There are few better ways to show that you're a badass than to get a weapon permanently emblazoned on your body

    Guns, bombs, and especially daggers have always been apart of tattooing tradition. They are strong symbols of strength and actually allow you to give off the vibe that you're not to be trifled with.

    Plus, you can incorporate meaningful symbols into the design of your weapon of choice. For instance, the gun pictured contains a lot of intricate line work and symbols which truly make it look like a work of art.

  2. Religous imagery


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    Religous symbols have been the go-to for many people seeking some fresh ink and actually were one of the reasons tattooing was developed in tribal culture in the first place.

    Religous tattoos vary from something simple like a basic or Celtic style cross or can get really wild and detailed. These tattoos show that you not only have a high pain tolerance but not afraid of committing to your faith by getting something related to your religion tattooed.

  3. Koi fish


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    Koi tattoos are popular among people who have some sort of Asian heritage. These fish usually symbolizes overcoming obstacles and adversity as these fish are known for being strong enough to swim against currents.

    There is an old Japanese story that details how Koi were determined to reach the top of a waterfall, so it persevered and accomplished its goal. The Chinese also have their own version of this tale.

    Today people get Koi fish tattooed on them as a symbol of luck, bravery, and perseverance.

  4. American traditional

    american traditional

    Image credit: instagram.com/richhadley/

    This style of tattooing originated in America. The people who got tattoos were usually considered unsavory people. However, they were very popular among sailors.

    Sailors would get these tattoos as mementos for those they were leaving on land or to symbolize how far they'd traveled nautically.

    Some pioneers of this style include Sailor Jerry (you might be familiar with the name if you are familiar with rum) and Captian Don Leslie.

  5. Palm tattoos


    Image credit: instagram.com/walkerx/

    Do you want everyone to know that you have a wildly high pain tolerance?

    Then get a palm tat.

    Getting your palms tattoos is one of the most painful places to get tattooed. The healing process is even more tedious as everyone is constantly using their hands.

    These tattoos are also known to fade out, so you might find yourself getting your palm touched up often or redone completely (maybe even with a different design) in a few years.

    But there will be no question as to if you're hardcore if you get your palms tatted.

  6. Geometric dot work

    geometric dot work

    Image credit: instagram.com/graceneutral/

    These tattoos look amazing on the body. The combination of geometric shapes and dot work is a gorgeous one. For one of these tattoos to look good, you better find a good artist. It takes some serious work to make sure that the dots are lined up perfectly to make the pattern look crisp.

    I think that these can be some of the most simple looking, yet wildly complex, pieces you can choose to get.

  7. Stick 'n poke style

    stick 'n poke style

    Image credit: instagram.com/european.son.420/

    Stick 'n pokes have been really making a come back. And I don't just mean traditional stick n' pokes either.

    A lot of artists are embracing the short, funny, phrases and simple drawings that people usually get stick 'n poked by their buddies at a punk show.

    You don't have to go a seedy house show to get one of these done anymore either! A lot of tattoo artists have been doing more and more of these kinds of tats. They're simple, look great, have humor, and will make you look ruggedly handsome.

  8. Head tattoos


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    Palms just aren't enough for you? Get your head tattooed. You heard me.

    Get. a. head. piece.

    If you think about it, head tattoos are the easiest to cover up. Just throw on a hat or grow your hair out!

    I like these a lot because you have a little secret tattoo that might become a seasonal site depending on when you choose to shave your head or not.

    If you want to have a neat little secret underneath your hairline, or if you want to decorate your bald head, go for a head tat.

  9. Neck bangers


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    If you work in a creative space and can afford to have tattoos that would be visible regardless of how business formal you dress, a neck banger is the way to go.

    Neck tattoos are a great way to frame your face, add more visible tattoos, or decorate your throat (if you're up to it).

    The throat is one of the most sensitive places on your body period. However, you have to admit that any dude with a throat tat isn't going to look like an "nice guy". They're going to look pretty damn hardcore.

  10. Flowers aren't just for girls


    Image credit: instagram.com/highvoltagefat/

    Don't forget that roses have thorns, my friend.

    One of my favorite things to see on guys are flowers. Roses in particular are a total favorite.

    Flowers do not have to be feminine! They can make beautiful knee cap pieces or sleeves.

    If you're worried about maintaining masculinity go for the classic dagger-through-a-rose tattoo.

  11. Full back tats

    back tattoos

    Image credit: instagram.com/the_yvesdropper/

    If you're going to be in an office for the foreseeable future but want to get a big piece of art without touching your arms, I suggest going for your back.

    These will take a few sessions for it to all come together, but full back pieces are usually the most complex and detailed pieces. Why? Because the artist has so much real estate to work with on your body. If you get a sleeve, your ideas have to be allocated to how big your arm is. However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a back.

    So if you want a big, detailed, complex piece get one on your back. Or you can always do your back in sections with several large pieces coming together to cover your entire back.