Summer Sex: 9 Ways to Stay Cool

As things are heating up outside things may start getting hotter tenfold in the bedroom. You might find yourself drenched during sex instead of comfortably breaking a sweat. Though it's unbearably hot outside, you shouldn't have to put off your lovemaking in fear of suffering heatstroke inside. It's important to make some temperature changes to keep your sex life from withering during the dog days of summer. Here're a few ways to have summer sex free from heat exhaustion.

  1. Gather your Biggest Fans

    If your AC just isn't doing it for you or is completely ineffective all together, invest in some table fans if you don't already have a couple. Position them at all corners of the room and angle them toward your bed, creating a refreshing vortex of cool air above your sheets.

    Fool around on top of the blankets so that the cold air hits the sweat on your bodies and cools you down, which is precisely what sweat is for. Plus, you have your own wind machine for super sexy hair flips. Go head, make a music video.

  2. Iice, Ice Baby

    What better way to cool down than to raid your freezer? Make the journey to your fridge and fill a glass with ice cubes. Run the ice over your body and your partners for goose-bump inducing sensation. Pro tip: Put an ice cube in your mouth and give your significant other an icy kiss, better yet give them chills by giving them cold kisses all over.

    This will heighten your senses by creating the intense contrast between hot and cold. You can also achieve a similar distinction by drinking chilled wine or champagne, which are romantic beverages on their own.

    If you find yourself with a craving for something sweeter, make yourself an ice cream sundae to bring to bed. You can cool down your kisses by eating ice cream as well as get a little messy with the toppings.

    You can get the same effects with anything in your fridge: Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, frozen fruit, the list goes on! There's plenty of room to get creative.

  3. Choose Your Time Wisely

    When it starts getting into the triple digits, you find yourself shifting your outdoor activities to the cooler ends of the day. You should be doing the same with sex! When it gets to be sweltering hot in the afternoon, you should be making some serious effort to get up earlier enough to have some morning sex. If you're not an early bird, you might want to stay up a little later and get it on after the sun has been down for a couple of hours.

  4. Get Minty Fresh

    If you can't seem to cool down buying some massage oil or lotion with a minty ingredient might do the trick. Lotion with mint or menthol in it will induce a tingly sensation which will help you stay cool.

    Better yet, buy some minty lip balm or gloss and make your kisses tingle too.

  5. Change Your Sheets

    Now that it's summer you should be putting those flannel sheets away and swapping them out for a much more breathable option. Satin sheets aren't only much cooler than most fabrics; they're so smooth they feel almost euphoric against your skin.

    If you can't swing for satin than make sure your sheets are made of cotton. Cotton breathes better than a lot of fabrics so you won't feel like you're suffocating in wool while you're getting it on.

  6. Get in the Shower

    Cold showers aren't usually associated with sex, rather the opposite, but in this case, they can be pretty erotic. Dip below your preferred water temperature while you're in the shower with your partner. Use it as an opportunity to stay close and keep each other warm.

    Shower sex can be nearly impossible for some couples if there's a height difference, or if they're clumsy enough to where slipping and falling is more than a life threatening possibility. In this case, take a bath. Fill your tub with cool water and splash around with your partner.

    The best part about bathing or showering together is using washing each other as an excuse to get handsy, so don't be afraid to lather each other up.

  7. Go downstairs

    No, by that I don't mean oral sex… but hey, that doesn't mean you shouldn’t go down. Heat rises, so if your bedroom is on the top floor, make the journey downstairs. Changing locations can be fun, plus you're more likely to be cooler on the bottom floor

  8. Get it on, on the floor

    Do you have tile or laminate? Run a Swiffer over your floors and take it to the ground! Tile floors don't trap as much heat as your sheets or your carpet. The cool surface against your skin will feel great while you make some friction of your own.

    If your floors are gross, take it to the counter. Screw around in the kitchen while you're making breakfast. Or maybe skip the cold shower and hop up on the bathroom counter. Countertops are made out of similarly cool material, granite or otherwise, and will keep you just as cool as your dirty floors.

  9. Take it Outside

    This option is for the more adventurous couples out there. If your house is trapping too much heat then why not connect with nature and do it outdoors? Find a somewhat secluded spot outside, think your backyard, your porch, or balcony. In the early morning or the evening, when it's cool, go outside with a blanket or a yoga mat and lay it down - and then really lay it down if you know what I mean.

    Sex outside is not only adventurous and romantic, but the fresh air will feel much more invigorating than stale circulated air in your stuffy bedroom. Just don't get caught or you might end up with some pretty embarassing sex stories.

  10. Deal Wit it

    This is the only option for those who can't get up early for morning sex, for those whose AC and fans were destroyed. This is for people whose ice has melted, for those who live in upstairs apartments, for agoraphobics who are scared to go outside.

    This is for people who only have carpet in their home, for those whose counters aren't spacious, for those who hate mint and have no running water.

    If you're one of these people, you're just going to have to deal with it. Embrace the sweat and sticky heat that you've created between you and your partner. Relish in the penetrating heat and try not to get heatstroke while doing it in 100+ degree weather.