13 Subtly Sexy Things That Make You Attractive to Men

When women think about how they can make themselves more attractive to men they usually think of how they can improve two features: their boobs and their butt.

While men are undoubtedly attracted to these things, there are subtle things we ladies do that - that doesn't necessarily involve a Bombshell Bra - that turn men on.

Here are a few subtle things women do that drive men wild.

  1. Being comfortable without Makeup

    While contouring is essentially witchcraft, no man is going to fully appreciate that cut crease or how you overline your lips to Kylie Jenner perfection. What a man can really appreciate is a girl with confidence.

    For some reason men don't understand that it takes balls to rock some of the daring makeup looks us women turn out on a weekly basis, but what they can appreciate is a woman who is extremely comfortable as she is out of a full face of makeup as she is when she's contoured to the gods.

    Guys love it when a woman can walk around with little to no makeup on and still have all the gusto she has at the club. It's attractive to men when you can throw your hair back, skip the foundation, and still feel like a boss bitch.

  2. Making eyecontact with him while speaking to someone else in a group

    This is one of my favorite flirting techniques. When you're in a conversation with a group of people that includes that special guy, look over at him when you're talking to someone else in the group. Even if that glance is milliseconds long, he will notices.

    That second that you neglect to make eye contact with the rest of the group, lets him know who you're really interested in.

    Do this when you want to flirt with that guy you've been fantasizing about for weeks, do this to your FWB to signify that you're thinking about him (possibly in a state of undress), or do this to your long-term boyf to show how you still are obsessed with him.

  3. Being passionate

    There is nothing like a woman with drive. Passion for something is a quality women find extremely attractive in men and as it turns out they're attracted to the same quality in women!

    When a woman shows some serious fire for her career while working on a project, or even over her favorite sports team, guys take notice. Drive and passion are sexy as hell. When you're feeling passionate about your interests, show it! Guys will love it.

  4. Swearing

    What is sexier than a woman being cute and ladylike? When she's the complete opposite. There is something so raw and authentic about when a woman who otherwise can keep her composure, lets down her inhibitions and throws around a few choice four-letter words.

    Since women tend to try to assume the societal expectation of being perfect, this is attractive because men get to see a human side of you. And from what I heard, a guy likes a woman who can swear like a sailor.

  5. When he catches you looking at him from across the room

    Again this is something very flirty that you can do to show interest in a new or an old flame.

    When he catches you looking at him from across the room, he'll know that you're thinking about him and he'll feel important to you. Additionally, it's just a cutesy thing to do.

  6. Wearing men's clothes

    What's sexier than a nice button down on a man? When it's on a woman.

    There's a reason that you can buy everything from boyfriend cut jeans to shirts - because women look better in men's clothes than men do! There is something sexy about when a woman occasionally shops in the men's section, or better yet when she shops in her boyfriend's closet.

    Looking comfy and cozy while still looking feminine is extremely attractive to men. Plus if you're wearing his clothes it'll definitely make him think about what you looked like in his shirt immediately after sex.

    Plus, when you wear his clothes out it's like you're letting everyone know that you have a boyfriend. It's like you're branding yourself as his woman and you're taking ownership of him - and his comfiest t-shirts.

  7. Having similar taste in something

    It's exhilarating when you and a guy have something in common. It makes you feel connected on a different level. When people say that opposites attract, they're full of it! It's like the Law of Attraction: like attracts like.

    Yes, it's important that you have your unique interests that are completely separate. However, you should know anytime you talk to a man, and you have a particular interest in common you've scored some serious points with him.

  8. Fiddling with thier hair

    Men love it when you play with your hair. Longer hair is something that is traditionally feminine - though man buns are in style. One of the reasons men find it so attractive is because it's adorable and girly.

    Plus when you're out on a date playing with your hair is a sign that you might be a little nervous. Guys like when they can make you visibly nervous around them; it shows that you're interested in them.

  9. Athleticism

    Who doesn't like a girl who'll get down and dirty? Athleticism in women is something that in the past has been extremely undervalued.

    Have you ever heard the infamous Topanga quote from Boy Meets World: "I don't sweat, I glisten"? Well, screw that. Don't be a girl who glistens, be a girl who isn't afraid to sweat.

    Being athletic is not only a sign that you are interested in your hygiene, but it shows that you're fun and have a hardcore element to you. Men like when a girl is a little bit of (or a total) badass. And I mean think about it… what another activity other than cardio involves getting hot and sweaty?

    So don't be afraid to get sweaty at the gym in front of your crush, he'll be turned on, don't worry.

  10. Willingness to do something adventureous

    The willingness to try new things and do stuff that's out of the ordinary is also desirable to men. It shows that you're interested and aren't content with the ordinary.

    Plus, it shows that you're open-minded and are willing to push him to achieve things he might be apprehensive about.

  11. Being unashamadly yourself

    While everyone has insecurities, it's a huge turn off to be wildly insecure. Men want a woman who is sure of herself. And why shouldn't you be?

    Don't measure yourself against trivial standards. If you are content with who you are as a person, not only will your life be much easier than if you spent time judging yourself, you wouldn't be afraid to put yourself out there! It's noticeable when you know who you are and you're happy with that person. So love yourself, and it won't take long for men to start trying to love on you.