5 Unexpected Ways To Stay Sexy In The Winter

Ladies, ladies I know how hard it is to look presentable when you decide to go out in the cold, if heaven forbids you even choose to go out at all. Unless you have friends who want to party in your apartment or a boyfriend who is content with at-home dates, you're going to have to venture outside at some point during the winter months. Just because the sun is hiding out for a few months doesn't mean you have to too.

Instead of focusing on the nonrevealing winter clothes available concentrate on the accessories and makeup that will enhance your features instead of showing off your goodies.

I know it's hard to rock the cutest outfits when it's freezing out but don't fret your pretty little head; you have options!

Dress for the weather to the best of your abilities before you feel like a complete nun but don't try as hard as wearing the same outfits you would in 80-degree weather. There are many more attractive attributes to reveal without the use of skimpy clothing, trust me on this.

Don't let the coldness and rain fool you into thinking your love clock has timed out just because cuddle season has begun.

Look sexy and feel sexy and you will be racking in the fella's year round!

  1. LipStick

    Your lip color can be one of the most essential accessories known because it's one of the first things people notice when they're talking to you.

    Yes, you can go bare lips, but hopefully, they're not chapped and cracked because no one is daydreaming of kissing that. Obviously, it's a little hard to have juicy, plump lips when the air is crisp and dry but stays on top of it!

    Make sure to moisturize on the daily and lather your lips with vaseline or any other reliable chapstick.

    Make a statement by rocking different colored lipsticks during times you go out. Not saying break the bank with the most expensive ones but get yourself a couple of options to work with that are more in the darker colored shades to spice up your look.

    There are so many stores, brands, and websites that sell affordable, flattering lipsticks so go pick some out! Technically buying lipsticks is way cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe to rock every weekend. To prepare for that brisk winter wind, I suggest buying liquid lipstick that dries matte to prevent your hair from getting stuck in your lipstick.

    Go up to a makeup counter in the mall and get some professional help if you don't even know where to begin. I guarantee you they will find you numerous flattering colors that will have you buying the whole store.

    Let's just count this as revamping your closet but for your face.

  2. Hair

    I know it seems like a total waste of time to do your hair even if it gets ruined the second you step out the door. That is why hairspray and hats were invented.

    Buy yourself a bigger beanie and the second you get to your destination take it off, and your hair should still be intact. Hairspray your entire head before going out if that means your curls will be semi-noticeable, at least it will have volume!

    There are so many options out there that will help maintain the beast as long as you try and don't get discouraged with occasional frizziness.

    Do not throw your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail and then complain about the lack of romantic gestures. You should still be rocking that hair on your head even if the weather isn't ideal.

    If you simply can not bear the thought of wearing your hair down then research easy updo's that won't make you look like a total bed head.

  3. Makeup

    I understand that you know longer have that golden bronze glow you did in August but guess what? There is a thing called foundation and bronzer that helps you maintain some realistic darker color.

    The good thing about makeup is that you are in charge of enhancing your best features whether it's blushing the shit out of your cheekbones or adding ten layers of mascara to your beautiful lashes.

    Work with what your mamma gave you and find your most attractive features and get to work!

    I am in no way encouraging you to be a fake-tan orange looking Snookie that's considered half clown, but to put a little more effort in.

    One of my favorites would be the smokey eye if this wasn't already a part of your night look.

  4. Jewelry

    There have been so many statements and looks made by one single piece of jewelry. Whether it's earrings or a bold necklace, guarantee you could be wearing the most restricting outfit but still rock it with the right jewelry.

    Earrings are perfect for the updo's or braid hairstyles that are usually worn in the winter. Even if your hair gets a little messy no, one will notice because your earrings will be on point!

    This is your time to break out all of the cute jewelry you've been harboring because it was way too hot to put another thing on your body. .

  5. Shave

    I know this is the perfect time to let your natural hairiness peak but try to maintain some hygiene will ya? If you completely avoid shaving altogether, you obviously won't be prepared for any new flings that are heading your way.

    Not saying you have to keep up as much as you did in the summer when you were exposed on the daily but you should still be prepared.

    It's all about the mindset, and even if you're not showing your potential hairy spots off when you go out, it doesn't mean a potential hookup won't be feeling it that night. '"

    Let's take advantage of all of the ways we can change and spice up our looks within a few steps. Go out with your high winter booties and your head even higher. Your sexiness deserves to be recognized in rain or shine, so don't get lazy on me now!