5 Tips to Spice Up Your 'Netflix & Chill' Session

We've all heard of it and we've (nearly) all done it-the famous Netflix and chill. Whether you're new to the game, or you're a seasoned veteran who's been at it so long that you've nearly lost love for the sport, there's always ways to make that great night even greater.

Most Netflix and chills involve the same things: a couch/bed, some Netflix and some chillin'. If you're confused on how to Netflix and Chill, right there are the three main ingredients, and that is all that people have come to expect out of the experience.

But what if your own recipe for a Netflix and chill had more than three ingredients? And what if your special ingredients brought out the best in the three main ingredients? Sounds pretty enticing to me.

It's not hard have a sucessfull "Netflix and Chill" sesh, but don't fall in line and become a typical night of "Netflix and chill," stand out from the rest and create an unexpected and unforgettable night. Down below are five solid tips to spice up your Netflix and chill:

  1. Ambiance

    Nothing can set the mood between you and your date quite like the mood of the room itself. As soon as your Netflix and chill buddy walks through your door, they should feel an urge to cuddle up and get prepared for the "chill" aspect of the night.

    The best way to do this is by lighting candles throughout the room. Few things possess the sensual feelings that are emitted through the candles' flames. Seeing the firelight dance upon your partner is a sure way to heat things up as you begin the early stages of your night and are already thinking about skipping a few.

    This can even be done during the daytime, and will surprise and excite them even more. Do your best job to block out any sunlight from surrounding windows or doors and spread a few candles about the room. Night or day, a candle-lit room is a sure way to set the mood and make sure sparks end up flying that night.

  2. The Type of Snack is Important

    I think it's pretty safe to say that every one loves food. It's all over social media, we pay hundreds of dollars sometimes just for a single meal, and well, it helps ensure we survive! Now I also think it's pretty safe to say that everyone loves a great movie or TV. Series as well, plus or minus a few here and there. So I am almost positive when I say that everyone loves a great snack/meal while watching a great movie/TV Series.

    Immediately I will say that you should forgo the popcorn. Any body and every body has had popcorn with a movie, especially when they were 8-years-old and with their parents. But now they are an adult (hopefully) and all alone with you, looking for a pleasing time.

    Think smarter and opt for food with sensual and romantic meaning. Something sweet and that can be eaten with your hands without causing a mess. The number one answer in my book is chocolate covered strawberries (it's not hard to make your own!).

    They're delicious, they're easy, they're bite-sized and to be honest, they're pretty sexy as well. A sure-fire snack like chocolate covered strawberries awakens that sweet tooth everyone secretly has and can create many other types of cravings as well, if ya know what I mean.

  3. Wine is Fine, But Whiskey's Quicker

    Granted you are at least 21 years of age (or know someone who can help you out-which I must clarify I am not condoning) a nice bottle of wine or some craft beer is a great way to lighten things up and unwind.

    If this isn't your first time Netflix and chilling with a specific person and there is a clear understanding between the two of you, the alcohol is a less risky option because you both already know where the night is headed. But if this is your first time with a person, the last thing you want the to think is that you are trying to get them drunk.

    Don't immediately start pounding out of the bottle as you and your friends usually do on Wine Wednesday, but instead take two nice wine glasses and fill them maybe a third of the way full. This way, you aren't offering them enough to become drunk upon finishing it and you are presenting them with the option to continue drinking or not.

    Chances are, they'll continue drinking and your night of Netflix and chilling will be in thanks to chilled wine. Either way, you're guaranteed to stand out among the rest for even offering such an option, and that will earn you some brownie points in their book...or their pants.

  4. Music

    Seems pretty weird to have music on while you're watching Netflix, huh? And that's because it would be; don't do that. What I do suggest doing though is having some light music playing in the background as your guest shows up; it'll create a welcoming and friendly environment that they'll quickly relax into.

    The type of music you play is very important as well. You want to make sure it is relaxing and not too loud or abrupt, but also catchy and easy to "move" along to. Once things begin heating up between the two of you and the Netflix phase has clearly come and gone, turn off the TV and have your music ready for playing again.

    Music can be used as a great transition from merely watching Netflix to finally chilling. You want your partner feeling important and comfortable when they arrive and playing music is a sure way to do that, but I personally feel it is far more important later in the evening when you don't feel like sitting still anymore or keeping your hands to yourself.

  5. Take It To The Bath Tub

    The ultimate Netflix and chill move. If you want to look like a King among men or a Queen among mistresses, take it to the bathtub.

    The candles, the chocolate covered strawberries, the wine, the music, the Netflix-take it all to the bathtub and have yourself a ball. Make sure to have this all set up before your partner arrives so you can direct them to the room and watch their face light up in awe and ecstasy.

    If this seems a little over the top, then only use the candles and the bathtub or the snacks and the bathtub. Either way, the bathtub is your biggest card and playing it almost guarantees a jackpot. Going out of your way to spice up your date will make for an unforgettable night and one that will surely gain you popularity amongst the playing field.

    Whatever you do, though, make sure you put down some towels for all the water that will be thrown from the tub, wink wink.