3 Signs You've Hit The Dating JackPot

Since dating can happen with a download of an app and a swipe of a finger, it's almost too easy to have a line of dates planned out for the week. Those dates could send you running for the hills and you can continue you're life as a serial dater, or you could sincerely feel a connection with someone. Not too sure which one is scarier because either way you have to be upfront with your feelings.

You need to either change up your dating habits or seriously consider pursuing someone even though no one “relationships” anymore. I don't know about you, but there are very few and far between people in the world that you will sincerely connect with so consider yourself lucky and lock them down!

  1. Actively Listens

    Not many people give a shit about what you say whether it's a good book you just finished or your unrealistic goals and aspirations. If someone takes the time out of their day to actively listen to your rants and encourages you to keep talking your head off, you've found a winner.

    Many people are too caught up with themselves and love the sound of their voice, so they don't pay any attention to what comes out of your mouth. They don't have to be attentive to every ridiculous comment and drama you want to spew at them, but they appreciate you for all of your craziness and listen anyways.

    There's something so comforting about having a confidant that sincerely tries to understand the points you're trying to make and responds in a concerning fashion. Knowing your partner is in your corner and willing to listen to the same antics on the daily just shows how invested they are.

    I don't know about you, but I am blown away by someone who remembers a minor detail in one of my stories way back when because it just shows that someone gives a damn. It's not that hard to listen to someone, but it's so hard to come by nowadays because people are so damn self-involved.

  2. Puts In Effort

    There is this huge fear of rejection in today's dating scene to where everyone hides behind their phone screens sending meaningless snaps, texts and messages hinting that they might be interested in spending time with you.

    Enough of that bullshit, if someone is going out of their way to text, call or confront you to lock down plans then you know they're in it for a longer haul than someone copying and pasting that to everyone on their phone.

    If someone wants to see you and spend time with you, they will make sure it happens; that is what differentiates the half ass daters and the ones that sincerely want to pursue you. Many people have too high of egos to make the first move or be vulnerable enough to go out on a limb and secure plans with you, but that's the type of person you should want to date anyways.

    Someone that takes the time and effort out of their day, week and month to see you, talk to you and catch up even if it's not for as long as you both had hoped. People have crazy schedules nowadays, and it's hard to balance everything, but if you're someone's priority, then they will automatically make time.

    You won't have to beg them to make the time; they will willingly sacrifice their spare time and be happy to do so. Excuses are for the chumps that are avoiding any pursuing, date the person that follows through with their messages and makes the damn effort every time!

  3. Undeniable (Sexual) Chemistry

    Chemistry is chemistry, you either have it, or you don't. You could go out with someone that hits everything on your list and is exactly your type but feel absolutely nothing. There is just something about the person where you just want to be in their vicinity even if you're both zoning out in your weird ways, the energy you feel when you're together is indescribable.

    Inevitably this leads to a stronger sexual connection, and we all know there's nothing better than connecting on many different levels. If you find someone that you can get real with during the day and naughty with at night, then you've found yourself a keeper.

    There's nothing like dating someone that you get along with, without even trying. It takes a lot for people just to get you, especially the older you get and more set in your ways you become. If someone picks up what you're putting down, take them for the keeping and be grateful someone gets you so well in this crazy world.

    If this article struck a nerve and you can picture someone you're currently dating, have dated or wanted to pursue I dare you just to go for it! Make a move and voice how you really feel about them because chances are they feel the same exact way.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to exclusively spend time with someone that you connect with on so many levels, take it from someone who's dated around, and there's not much out there. Yes, you may connect on a level or two but if someone just happens to succeed in all of these categories you've found a winner.

    Many people hit this jackpot with no realization of it until it's too late and they're off into the dating world disappointed with their lack of connections. Don't be a fool and take these things for granted, appreciate the basic yet necessary parts of dating someone.