3 Signs You're Ready To Relationship

Who's ever really ready for a full blown, emotional roller coaster, lovey-dovey relationship anymore? Chances are you want one but have been so resistant because relationships nowadays have such a bad wrap.

That's not entirely fair to Cupid because now, and then a person will come along that's worth the effort, compromise, and love you have to give, you just don't know it yet. If you've reached these three stages in your life be prepared for the Universe to throw you a love bone because you've finally hit the point of loving someone besides yourself for all of the right reasons.

  1. Accepted The Single Life

    You're no longer trying to make out with anyone breathing in your vicinity and impatiently waiting for a late night booty call response. Instead, you enjoy going out because you like being able to spend time with your friends, dance the night away and be social with whoever you end up bumping into.

    Being confident enough to not desperately seek a meaningless hook up every night out sets you aside from the people that take the single life to the next level. You aren't desperate to homie hop from one friend to another for a hookup or short lived relationship. Being single is so much more than constant hookups, binge drinking and irrational behavior just because you don't have someone to keep you in check.

    It's about being content with a night in by yourself without the constant pressure and validations from your friends or hook up buddies to consistently put yourself out there and live your life to the extreme just because someone isn't “tying you down.”

    That's not what being single is all about, it's about weighing your options and meeting different people that you could see growing a future with. About realizing the things you do and do not want in a partner and the type of partner you want to be someday.

    Understanding the things you want out of life and the lifestyle you want to lead so that you can attract someone that will want to be by your side through it all. You should be excited about having a sincere connection with someone instead of the title of boyfriend or girlfriend.

    All of that is societal pressures that don't' have any value or real meaning; that isn't a relationship at all. Being by yourself or with someone should be a choice that you're making because you've found yourself by losing yourself in the single life.

    You should still be a decent human being, continuing to better yourself and reach your full potential before you meet someone that positively adds to your life. Once you take advantage of all of your spare time when being single, crossing off things on your bucket list, getting to know your standards, morals and values it's time to put yourself out there in a serious way.

    Even if you have accepted the single life and continue to be single that only means the person you're supposed to be with is still working on themselves, and it will happen when you least expect it.

  2. Ready To Compromise

    You're so used to your ways and are finally admitting that you need to switch up your routine by thinking out of the box and start doing extraordinary things. Chances are you and your friends are similar enough, and it's hard for them to get you out of your comfort zone.

    If you can imagine adding someone else into the mix of your life and look forward to blending ideas, opinions, and interests then you're ready to bring someone new to be a part of it.

    Life is all about compromising whether you want to or not. You've had to compromise in your family, school, jobs, friendships and once again when you decide to date, someone. When you're single it's easy to enter this selfish euphoria of “ your way or the highway, ” but that isn't realistic.

    You're ready to take on someone's wants and needs if you know that it's not the end of the world if you don't get yours exactly when you want it. Maturity plays a huge role in relationships because you have to learn to love someone else as much as you love yourself, which someone people haven't figured out yet.

  3. Emotionally Available

    There are no other lingering heartaches, and all of your petty crushes have subsided. You've opened a fresh chapter and finally, have all of your emotions in order.

    So many people get into relationships to escape a heartbreak and dealing with other personal issues that seem too hard to go through alone. Well, newsflash, no one can really take away the pain or whatever emotions you need to get through, but instead, they put a band-aid over whatever you're avoiding.

    That is no way to be in a relationship if you regularly depend on someone for emotional stability. Instead, you should be consistent with your feelings, thoughts, emotions to show someone you want them in your life not need them.

    If you need to be in a relationship to feel something, then chances are you shouldn't be in one in the first place. You should want to add someone to your life as a bonus, not need them for as a sad approach to happiness.

    Once you've established a stable emotional support system whether it be family members, friends, or even yourself you're ready to add someone else's personality, love, and emotions into yours.

    Everyone has a past and experiences that may bring up emotional times but make sure you've worked through them instead of dragging your potential partner into your chaos.

    All in all, you'll know you're ready when the time comes. When you've met a person that makes you realize you've been ready all along you were just missing that final piece.