11 Weird Signs You Should Date Your Best Friend

Having a best friend can be tricky when you can't tell if that electricity in the air is between the two of you. It's one thing to have a hot best friend, but it's another to think that there may be a possibility for something beyond a platonic relationship. You find yourself wondering if you're really thinking with your head or if you're letting your raging hormones cloud your judgment. To aid you in your decision making, I've compiled a list of signs that you might want to consider redefining your friendship.

  1. You have a ton of stuff in common

    I mean you're best friends, you're bound to have something in common. Even if you two are seemingly polar opposites at first glance, dig a little deeper, and you'll find that you have plenty shared views.

    This is a good base to build off of! You get along well enough, and you have plenty of things to talk about. Aren't those qualities found in a half decent significant other?

    Plus, you already know each other's favorite and least favorite things, so you know what topics to bring up if you go out on a date in the future.

  2. You both know and have adjusted to the other's bad habits

    Since you're best friends, you're bound to have allowed your worst self to shine through, at least a little bit. Which is great because you know you're comfortable enough around them to let them see your messy room and your dirty kitchen. And you know they leave wet towels on the bed and never put the cap on their toothbrush.

    If these things still bother you by now, you probably feel comfortable to tell them how gross the are or at least know what to prepare for when entering their apartment.

  3. You've already thought about dating them

    If you're reading this article and taking it to heart, you are lying to yourself if you haven't already thought about the possibility of dating them. This is bound to have crossed your mind at least for a millisecond while you were drunk at a party with them.

    Or better yet, you've straight up talked about what it'd be like, jokingly of course. If you've had this conversation, but felt a little dishonest telling them that you'd probably kill each other then you might have a little crush.

    And you've probably already wondered what they're like in bed. If you find yourself getting a little flustered -and jealous- when they're describing their sexual conquests, you've probably started inserting yourself into those stories.

    But if you want no part of that steamy narrative, then a relationship with them probably won't work out. Let them stay where they belong in the non-sexy friendzone.

  4. You have the 'first date' info covered

    One of the best parts about dating your best friend is that you probably know all the basic information about them. You already know their answers to most questions listed as security question options, and you can take home the crown on the Newly Wed game.

    The first date with this person will only be a little awkward because it won't feels like a first date. All silences are comfortable, you don't feel pressured to order expensive wine to impress, and you won't have to give a live reading of your 'about me' section on Facebook.

  5. Your family loves them

    If this person is your best friend, they've likely already met your family or at the very least guest starred during a Facetime session. And your parents probably love them, which is another reason why you both are so close.

    You don't have to worry about bringing your best friend home if they end up making the change to boy/girlfriend, mostly because they've already been there. They're on a first-name basis with your parents, and they know where everything is in the kitchen. Your parents know that they're an upstanding individual and will happily approve of your relationship.

  6. They know all your secrets, and you know theirs

    Your best friend is someone you've been completely honest with. You've never lied to them unless you were trying to surprise them with something. You tell them everything, things that you wouldn't even disclose to former best friends.

    You've told them everything from your worst fear to the actual amount of Oreos you ate last night. You don't feel like you need to keep anything from them because you know they're a vault. Besides, they wouldn't dare let anything slip since you have too much dirt on them anyway.

  7. You have fun doing literally anything aslong as they're with you

    When you're with this person it doesn't matter what you're doing; you're bound to have fun with them. They make every situation infinitely better. Parties are much more fun when they're on your arm; they made struggling through that calculus class you had together worth it, and you'd rather be sitting on your couch drinking beer with them when you're with your other friends.

    Time flies when you're around them, and the fun you have together knows no limits. You feel like you're on top of the world when you're with your best friend, so why not do everything as a team?

  8. They go out of their way to make you feel special

    What if you're not sure they might feel romantic feelings toward you? A sure sign that there might be something there is them going out of their way to make you feel awesome. If this person is bringing you care packages while you're sick and binge-watching Netflix with your congested self, they might just like you too.

    This is the person that you can always turn to when you're down. If you feel like you can call them whilst ugly crying and tell them what's wrong then maybe it's time to take your friendship to a less platonic level.

  9. You don't feel desperate for a S.O.

    You haven't touched Tinder in weeks, and you still haven't called that guy back that gave you his number a week ago. If you don't feel like you need to date around or the least bit desperate for a significant other, it might be because that person is already in your life.

    The reason you're saying 'no' to any dating opportunities might be because that role already feels filled. If your best friend is taking care of you emotionally (or sexually -wink, wink-) to where your need for a boy/girlfriend feels satisfied then you might be crossing into dating territory without knowing it. If you don't feel like you need to look for a significant other, then you should probably lock down your best friend as your S.O. And make it official already.

  10. You've never tried to set them up

    In a true, completely platonic friendship one will usually be the other's wingman or woman more than occasionally. This means setting them up to close with hot people at parties and getting them to go out on dates with your other friends. If you've never done this, or have felt a tinge of jealousy or regret when you have then you probably have feelings for them.

    It's one thing to think no one is good enough for your best friend, but it's another thing to think that no one is good enough for them except you. If you can't bare to step into the wingman/woman role for them, then you might want to do yourself a favor and be honest about your feelings.

  11. You can't live without them

    It's simple. If you straight up can't live without them and if you couldn't deal with them splitting their attention between you and another person then you might want to date. It is scary to put your feelings out on the line especially when your friendship with your best friend is on the line, but if there's a slight chance things will work out you should go for it.

    Sure, if feelings aren't reciprocated things might be awkward at first. But if this relationship does work it's likely to be a warm, loving, long-lasting one! It's worth putting your feelings out on the line because you don't want to lose them to someone else and eternally live in the best friend zone.