7 Sure Signs to Kick Him to the Curb

Do you ever question if you should really be dating your boo? Do you love them, or like-like them, but sometimes you wonder if they're the best thing for you? If you ever find yourself sincerely questioning if the guy you're dating is a total tool, you've come to the right place.

I've compiled a list of some of the worst things a guy could do that are telling of his poor character. If your boyf is guilty of these things they are probably not quirky personality traits or minor negatives, they probably mean that there's something fundamentally horrible about him.

So if your S.O. is constantly guilty of a few of these things, than you're probably wasting your time.

  1. He has seriously poor hygine

    Okay sure, it's pretty widely understood that across the board guys tend to be a little stinkier than women. However, there is a huge difference between your man smelling a little gross after the gym and smelling disgusting all the time.

    It's not cute if your guy has no idea how to take care of himself. It's not a cute male personality quirk if he smells like death and never washes his clothes. No part of that is cute.

    This either means one of two things: 1) he literally doesn't care about the way he is perceived at all or 2) he's a man-child and needs a mother figure to clean up after him.

    Either way, this should be a deal breaker. If he doesn't care about his hygiene that probably means his lack of concern extends to his health. Do you really want to bang a guy who can't brush his teeth much less do his laundry? Because let's be honest, if he doesn't care about hygiene that probably means he doesn't care about sexual health either.

    And if you're finding yourself cleaning up after him then he doesn't need a girlfriend, he needs a maid.

  2. He's disrespectful to waitstaff

    Don't get me wrong; I get irritated when I have poor service at a restaurant. I expect stellar service especially if I'm eating at a nice restaurant. However, I never full on bitch out a waiter no matter how shitty they are at their job.

    If your boyf is a total ass when it comes to tiny screw ups or doesn't even tip on fantastic service, then it might be a sign to kick him to the curb. For me personally, this is a huge red flag.

    This just proves that your boyfriend either has anger issues or feels entitled or both. This type of behavior can easily bleed over from just your dining experiences to your everyday life and become directed at you.

    If you find yourself questioning if your S.O. needs to take an anger management class when he discusses the specials with your waiter, then that might be a sign there shouldn't be another dinner date in your future, much less a date at all.

  3. Your friends don't like him (and vice versa)

    Your friends are your chosen family. Even if you can't count on your blood-related family when it comes to having your best interest in mind, you're likely to have that with your gal pals and guy friends.

    With that being said, if they don't like your boyf - for whatever reason, even if it's "just a bad feeling" - I would definitely trust them.

    When you are blinded by young love, your friends usually become more critical of whoever you're dating. They have been through the good and the bad, and all the break ups with you and the last thing they want to see is you get destroyed by some fuq boi.

    So when your friends don't like him, you ought to narrow your critical eye at your S.O. There might be some fatal flaw there that you didn't see before.

  4. He puts down your career or hobbies

    What do you have in this world if you don't have your passion? And by passion I'm not talking about that intense sex you have with this guy, I mean your actual passions: your career, your hobbies, all the stuff you love that doesn't manifest itself in the form of a man.

    So whether you love to paint or practice yoga or collect stamps, and your man puts you down or reduces them to some sort of empty feminine quirk, kick his ass to the curb.

    If he makes fun of you for things that you love then, that means he probably doesn't respect you as a person. He doesn't respect you beyond the role of being his girlfriend and doesn't recognize that you're a person with goals and passion.

    If you feel like you can't gush about progress in your career or hobby for fear of being made fun of - regardless of how lightly, it still stings, guys - then I suggest presenting him with an ultimatum.

  5. He's completely inflexable

    Compromise is the key to solving a lot of relationship problems. If this guy is completely incapable of compromise, then this could be a massive red flag.

    If he is unwilling to maybe compromise on a movie or a date activity, then you might need to examine how often you find yourself compromising and doing something he's into. If you find yourself only doing things you enjoy at the expense of your positive experience but he can't watch one Rom-Com, then this could be a sign that this dude is either hypermasculine, selfish, or both.

    While the ability to compromise is important, you shouldn't have to settle when it comes to the dude you're dating.

  6. He gets Tinder notifications when he's with you

    Firstly, if this guy has slapped the boyfriend/girlfriend label on this relationship and you still catch him getting Tinder notifications, then I'm unsure as to why you're still with this guy.

    However, if you guys are in that limbo of "seeing each other" and it's way past the point of being at least a little serious and he's still talking to girls on Tinder, I encourage you to say "boy bye."

    Unless you both have agreed on a non-monogamous relationship and are satisfied with that arrangement, then neither of you should still be talking to either people.

    If you catch him on Tinder, call that guy out, and leave him in the dust.

  7. He makes you go to him

    Are you finding yourself spending more money at the gas pump then you are on a date? Then maybe it's time to question this guy's commitment.

    Whether you live on opposite sides of town or in neighboring cities, it's ridiculous for you to only go to him. If he puts up some B.S. excuse as to why you always have to go to his or meet him somewhere, then you might want to question his commitment.

    Guys who refuse to go to you are either hiding something or are extremely inconsiderate. Both of which are less than charming qualities, am I right?

So if your boo is totally guilty of one of these dating sins, I encourage you to confront him. There is a good chance he might be completely unaware of his less than satisfactory behavior and make a change. However, if you find that he doesn't make any effort to be better for you or totally defends his B.S. actions then he's made it clear he's not read to date and you should kick that dude to the curb immediately.

Believe me girl, there are plenty of men who are capable of being a good significant other. I don't care how cute he is, if he doesn't treat you right he is not worth your time.