5 Signs She Is Crazy That You Should Never Forget

Each and every one of us is crazy in some sense, but we all know a few people who are crazier than the rest. And by crazy, I don't mean a wild, hoot n' hollerin' good time, I mean a psychotic nut job that makes you worry for your safety.

Every once in a while, crazy can be hard to see, and you don't realize just how crazy someone truly is until it's too late. And in many cases, this refers to your significant other-specifically girlfriends.

I am in no way trying to be sexist here; I'm just thinking back on my 22 years of life and pooling together all the evidence. I'm not sure whether it's a psychological thing, a gender thing or maybe even a survival technique to be clingy that was passed down through their DNA, but either way, it's quite frightening.

It's not that there aren't some crazy ass dudes out there-trust me, there are-but far more often than not, it's the women who are driving men insane and far, far away. Usually, guys will be considered "dicks" or "weirdos," but women are always deemed "crazy," and that's cause they can be!

Getting stuck with a crazy girl can be life-threatening-literally-and no man should ever doubt the level of crazy in a girl before truly investigating for himself. Whether you're looking to get lucky for the night or find a potential partner, it is vital that you acknowledge the sure signs of craziness in a girl before it's too late. If you need help with this in order to continue living a healthy and sane lifestyle, read on and discover a few sure signs to tell if that bitch is crazy.

  1. As Lionel Ritchie said, "I can see it in your eyes."

    Easily one of the most visible and sure signs that a girl is crazy can be seen within her eyes; or should I say, her crazy eyes. We've all seen a pair of crazy eyes-whether you've recognized them or not-and a good majority of you have probably have had crazy eyes yourself. People with crazy eyes easily make the list of people you should never hookup with.

    Crazy eyes can be temporary from simple things like lack of sleep, extreme stress and even a deep, deep pit of hunger in your stomach, but real, legitimate crazy eyes on a real, crazy girl; well, that shit is for life.

    It's hard to describe just exactly what to look for when telling if a girl has crazy eyes because a lot of the times, the levels and types of crazy differ from girl to girl. So while I can't give you a detailed brochure with example pictures and all the works, believe me when I say that you'll simply know and be able to tell.

    You may not be able to tell immediately, but give it a minute or two, study her eyes for a bit and then find yourself thinking, "Damn, this girl is nuts." From that point, you may be able to pick up similarities in other crazy girl's eyes and sooner or later, you'll be swiping left or right after nothing but a few seconds of eye contact.

  2. "I Hate Being Bipolar; it's Awesome."

    One sure sign of crazy within a girl is her constant changing of attitudes and opinions regarding a person, place or thing, specifically their significant other. She loves you; she loves you not; she loves you; she loves you not. You're the best thing that's ever happened to her, and then she wishes she had never met you.

    While being bipolar is an actual disorder and not something to joke about, most of these girls are just crazy in general, but that is also not something to joke about because they'll probably start crying like a baby one second and then turn around to try to kick your ass only moments later.

    Dating a girl who's mood changes more than a remote control held by a 9-year-old kid with ADHD can be maddening, and in turn, cause you to go crazy yourself; which is something you must never let happen to you or any other bro of yours.

  3. "Girls Are Too Much Drama; I Only Hang Out With Guys."

    We all know a girl like this. Matter of fact, at this very moment, I am thinking of a specific girl I know exactly like this…and trust me, she's pretty crazy. Like it is well known that she is crazy.

    Anyways, girls typically get along with girls, and guys with guys. Yes, of course, as we grow up and mature everyone ends up mingling and gender becomes an irrelevant issue when making friends, but think back to elementary school. Most of the time, the boys ran around the playground playing with other boys, and the girls with the girls; it is simply natural due to automatically finding comfort in people and things similar to ourselves.

    But if a girl fails to hold any type of friendly, consensual relationship with other girls of her age, then watch out for her bromigo. Girls are far superior at detecting crazy within each other than males are; I mean the saying does go, "It takes one to recognize one."

    But holding long-lasting relationships demonstrates a sense of social competence and the ability to maintain meaningful conversations and interactions. If someone doesn't possess many same-sex friends, NOT from a lack of socializing or meeting people, then keep your distance. She could still be a viable option for spending the night with, but don't let her trick you into thinking she is girlfriend material. My friend made this mistake once, and he is still paying the price.

  4. "Whatever, They're Just Jealous of Me, Haters."

    I'm not sure what it is with this generation, but almost everyone has gotten the idea stuck in their heads that they are special enough to have some sort of following that they call their "haters." Everyone thinks it's as if people are watching and waiting for their mere day-to-day life decisions and are genuinely interested in their lives. No. You're not a celebrity, you're not "Instagram famous," you're just a narcissistic young-adult who posts far too many selfies.

    From hashtags on Instagram-#cantseethehaters; #hatersgonnahate; #hatersaremymotivators-to describing their new sunglasses as "hater shades," I find it absolutely comical that so many people think they have a special fan base that wants to see them be unsuccessful. You know what, actually, I find it absolutely crazy.

    While this trend stems across both genders quite equally, it is a prime example and a steppingstone to my next sign that a girl is crazy: when they think anyone and everyone are jealous of them.

    If someone is to show any sign of dislike or loathing towards her, then it is solely because they are jealous. Normal girls don't worry about what others think of them-I mean, everyone does in a sense, but normal, sane people just brush off any negativity and get on with their lives. But a crazy chick doesn't let things happen so smoothly; any "shade" thrown in her direction and she's casting a full-on storm right back.

    There will be countless claims of jealousy, followed by absurd exaggerations or lies about the other girl's appearance and character, to only end with her claiming how much better she is than the other girl and that she's just jealous of her fabulousness. Thankfully, this level of craziness is usually pretty easy to spot, so keep your eyes and hears open, and watch out for the "haters."

  5. She Argues Just to Argue

    We all know a person like this-more often than not, a girl like this-but if you don't, well then count yourself lucky and beware. Granted, having arguments with your significant other is honestly healthy for the relationship, but like with everything else in life, there's a limit to it. People with argumentative personalities are the worst.

    When an argument arises because you guys can't decide on where to eat for dinner: crazy. If an argument takes place because you left your shoes in the middle of the hallway: crazy. If an argument breaks out because you forgot your anniversary and instead watched football: not crazy.

    Arguments do, and should, happen between couples; it is simply natural. But if your girl is calling her mom to complain about you almost anytime anything goes wrong, well, then she's crazy, dude. As a couple, you guys are on the same team; arguments should be productive and working towards an end goal with common interests and compromise. But if she's just arguing for the sake of it, then you better hit the road, Jack

But always remember, the only type of crazy your girl should be is crazy in bed.