5 Signs That Prove He's a Total Keeper

I think that we can all agree that dating is hard and being in a relationship is harder. But making that crucial decision to go from "seeing other people" to "seeing each other" is nerve wracking.

I am a wildly sensitive person, so believe me I know the anxiety of consciously deciding to delete your dating apps in anticipation of things between you and Potential Mr. Perfect escalating to some serious exclusivity. That move of going all in on black puts you in a super vulnerable position because if things don't work out, you're inevitably going to feel crushed.

So when you're sitting there with your finger hovering over the "delete profile button" and you're thinking about if he's worth cutting ties with all the cuties you've swiped right on, pull up this article and think back on your time together. If he's not at least doing one or two things on this list. Then keep your options open for a little while longer, babe.

If not, maybe going all in isn't such a risky bet after all.

  1. He's actually interested in hearing about your day (even the boring parts)

    You know when you can tell when someone is zoning out? Their eyes glaze over, and they start monotonously nodding while checking their phone sometimes blatantly. And when you bring up something from an earlier conversation they have absolutely no idea what you're talking about so you're forced to catch them up Sparknotes style?

    If he is almost never guilty of this (and shows genuine remorse if/when he forgets something important) then he's a total keeper.

    People, in general, have wildly short attention spans, and technology is only enabling them to shrink, so when anyone shows genuine interest in something you're saying it seems like their one in a million. But when a cute guy who willingly wastes his life with you actually listens and can recall details than you really know you have their attention - and probably affection. If you find a boy who actually practices active listening, do not let him go.

    If he not only cares what your passive aggressive co-worker did today but can recall their previous transgressions (and agree with you that they're a total kiss ass) he's definitely worth your time.

  2. His friends not only know who you are but know details

    Being introduced to his friends alone is a sign that he's totally interested in you in the long run. Because why would he want to introduce some girl to his friends who are inevitably going to give him a hard time.

    A sign that they're really into you is if their friends not only know who you are, but know little details like where you work or how the two of you met in the first place. And if they know your name without you having to introduce yourself more than once (or at all) than you can be sure he's a keeper.

    Think about it, if his friends know who you are that means he's talking about you. And if he's talking about you that means he's thinking about you. So you're obviously on his mind as much as he is on yours.

  3. He's a willing mud mask participant

    There is nothing more #CoupleGoals than those cute ass pics off couples in full face masks that habitually circulate the internet.

    Firstly, that's shit is good for your skin and you (as a woman wise to the secrets of skincare) are only trying to spread the wealth by going after him with a Biore strip. If he's hesitant at first but changes his mind and is a repeat customer, then you know he's a keeper.

    This number on the list seems a little silly, but think about it… Guys are hypercritical of themselves - and their masculinity - especially when they're trying to get with a girl. So if he is willing to slather on your Dead Sea Mud mask and look ridiculous in front of you, then he's letting his guard down (plus looking at how gross your Biore strips get is both appealing and appalling to everyone).

    Anytime when your man wants to make something a coupley activity, it's a good sign that he's a keeper. Everything from him spinning at the gym with you to insisting on grociery shopping as a pair, is usually a sign that he's a good egg.

  4. He borderline overshares with you

    It's one thing to talk about your passions and hobbies that you're comfortable with. It's another thing to get deep and talk about things that you're not proud of or bittersweet or tough decisions.

    If he opens up about his insecurities (and I don't mean how he has one little bald patch between his mustache and beard. I mean REAL insecurities) then he's a definite keeper. If he brings up things that are the furthest things from acceptable first date topics, then he's showing that he's invested (or doesn't want to pay for therepy).

    By him opening up about being fat in high school or about his fucked up family relationships or other insecurities or troubles, he's showing that he's not only comfortable around you, but he's invested. He cares about what you think and trusts that you are not going to judge him for what he might share.

    Sure, the's conversations might be fueled by alcohol or a little marijuana, but that doesn't mean he is any less invested in you and the progression of your relationship.

  5. He goes out of his way for you

    This is one of the biggest signs that he is in it to win it. If he is willing to go out of his way for you - in ways a little more taxing than opening the door for you - then he's invested.

    If he is willing to stay up late to see you (not just for sexy time, this applies to quality time) even though he's going to be exhausted during his work day, he's a keeper. If he is willing to drive out of his way to pick you up or help you out with something, he's a keeper.

    If he not only picks up the dinner tab, but is the type to surprise you with flowers or other trinkets because they made him think of you, he's a keeper.

    If he texts you or tags you in something on Facebook because it made him think of you, he's a keeper. Girl, if he does anything because it made him think of you, he's a gosh darn keeper.

    If he is the type to go above and beyond your expectations, even in the little ways, then he's a keeper.

Guys don't just do things like slather foreign mud on their faces and overshare about their deepest insecurities for nothing. This means that they are invested in you and are hoping for some longevity as well. If your guy is doing things like this, then you can be sure you're making a safe bet by deleting your dating apps and waving goodbye to all those guys out there.

And hey, if things don't work out don't feel like you were crazy in crushing and developing feelings. Because if he was doing one of these things, or doing all five, then he probably had feelings too; things didn't work out for some other reason.

Is Mr. Maybe-Possibly-Potentially-Perfect the type to drive to your apartment even though you live on the other side of town, slap on a Biore strip, and talk about your day? Then you shouldn't feel anxious when you take the mental step of going all in by putting an indefinite hold on all your online dating endeavors.