All You Need To Know About Sexting With Emojis

Sexting is no doubt one of the best ways to spice up your sex life and keep things fun, especially for long-distance partners who can't always see one another to do the things they want to their partner. But that doesn't mean sexting is restricted to long-distance couples only, in fact, researchers say couples should sext more because it's good for your relationship and increases sexual satisfaction.

Sexting also happens in dating apps, but if you're on any dating app then you know that can go horribly wrong. Out of the many do's and don'ts of online dating to real life, one of the things you should not do online when messaging someone is to be creepy and even worse -- bad at sexting. If it comes down to it and you've established a connection where sexting is both welcome and wanted, don't find yourself completely lost when the other person uses emojis.

If you truly want to be a sexting pro and send cheeky, risqué sexts to your partner -- use emojis! If you're thinking to yourself "How the hell can I use emojis to talk about sex?" Trust me, friend, there are may-a-ways to do so. Lucky for you, I'm going to help you out by sharing some of those ways, but if you're creative enough, the possibilities are endless.

  1. How To Reply to A Nude Selfie

    The best kind of sext to receive is one where you're going about your day and all of a sudden, your phone vibrates and it's a nude of your partner, or if not your partner, someone you're seeing and likely having sex with. Receiving nudes should feel like a blessing, and you should let the person know you see it as such. They'll likely be more inclined to reward you for your reaction further, and if they know it's welcomed and appreciated.

    Instead of opting for a traditional "heart eyes" emoji, you can switch it up with a "drooling face" emoji.


    Using this emoji is pretty self-explanatory, and will let the person know how you feel about their body and what kinds of things you want to do to them -- all in one emoji! Let them know you're drooling over them and reply with this emoji.

    If you want to add multiple emojis to the drooling face or heart eyes, the fire emoji is always a good go-to.

    What better way to tell someone they're super hot than using a literal ball of heat? Using this emoji will keep 'em sending more.

    Another emoji to add alongside your fire and drooling emojis is the infamous tongue emoji.

    Everyone knows what this one means. It could be that you literally want to lick that person's body, perform oral sex, or in this case, the person's nudes are mouthwatering. Either way you use it, it'll be effective.

    Lastly, a good way to let someone know they've got you fantasizing about them is using the water droplet emoji.

    Another commonly used emoji in the sexting world, the water droplet emoji is used for precisely what you think it means. When someone is so sexy they get you wet.

    A combination of any of these emojis, or use of one on their own, will definitely get you points with someone who sends you a nude and makes for fun conversation when sexting.

  2. Referring To Your Body Parts

    It's quite amazing how people have interpreted food emojis to be synonymous with our genitals.

    For example, I'm sure everyone knows that the peach emoji symbolizes a booty.


    When you're referring to someone's ass, or you want to talk about your own, using a peach emoji is a cute way of saying such. Also, you can add other emojis alongside the peach to give hints of what you want to do or how you feel about the booty. For example, using the waving hand emoji with the peach is what you should use if you want to let someone know you're trying to, in the words of Akon, smack that.

    Another emoji we all know and love to use is the infamous eggplant emoji.

    The eggplant has become the symbol for sexting and, of course, for a man's penis. While there are various ways you can use the eggplant emoji, there are also multiple emojis to symbolize a dick. This one just happens to look most like one. Instead of using the eggplant, you could use:

    An ear of corn,

    A banana,

    A carrot,

    A cucumber,

    or A baguette.

    With these many substitutions for the eggplant emoji, you could easily find one that better suits the person you're sexting's actual penis if you don't got yourself an eggplant emoji type of man.

    If you think no emoji represents a vagina -- you're wrong.

    People have, without a doubt, came up with more than a couple of emojis to symbolize a woman's vagina. Just as much as their many aliases for the vagina, there is just as much emojis to match those names. Most notoriously used is the taco emoji,

    because it is the closest thing that looks like one, with two "flaps" and juicy meat on the inside, and is even defined as being a nickname for the vagina on UrbanDictionary.

    Another emoji to use when referring to the female genitalia could be the classic cat face emoji.

    This needs no explanation since after all, everyone knows that cat is just another name for pussy.

    Another way to use an emoji to talk about female genitalia is the honeypot emoji,

    that is under the same name as a commonly used nickname for the vagina. It's great to use if you want your partner to know how sweet theirs is.

    Vaginas and flowers have throughout time been compared to one another, and luckily there is an emoji to do just that when sexting. The tulip emoji,

    is the best possible option to use when it comes to flower emojis. For the apparent reason being that it looks like it has two lips, and the center resembles the vulva.

    Adding to the never-ending emoji-use of talking about a vagina are the praying hands.

    Combining two hands can look a lot like the vagina. Plus, not only is it a symbol for it, but you can express how thankful you are for, and how glorious their vagina is at the same time. That's sure to get you to score.

    Now Apple, if you're reading this, we need better emojis to use for boobs. That's the one body part that lacks the most variations, although I'm sure if you're creative enough you could come up with something. As much as we all love boobs, they're underrepresented in the emoji-sexting world. Here are a couple of ones to use, though.

    As the nickname for boobs goes, using melon emojis is a self-explanatory way of referring to the breasts of your partner.

    Add a second one just to make sure they catch your drift, and because most people don't only have one boob, of course.

    The other emoji to use is the chestnut emoji,

    which is a good representation of boobs just by its name alone (chest. nut. get it?).

    As you can see, there are a number of ways to to use emojis for your most intimate parts to spice up the conversation and keep it fun. If you don't want to be basic and boring by using all the traditional emojis for any of the genitalia as mentioned above, there's guaranteed to be another one to choose from.

  3. Using Hand Emojis To Signal What You Want To Do With Yours

    One of the great things that have been added to the emoji keyboard is the numerous hand gestures and symbols. This allows for sexting freaks and everyday texting alike to communicate with someone what their hands are doing. Or would like to do to them.

    Like I mentioned before, the waving hand emoji symbolizes slapping, so use that alongside any one of the extensive list of emojis that represents a body part of your choosing to show you plan on using a heavy hand.

    The classic hand signal for sex we all learned in elementary school, the pointing finger in a hole,


    is the most obvious emoji combination you could use. When someone reads your text, they'll know exactly what you want.

    Another use of the pointing finger emoji is to use more than one to show fingering motions.

    Or you can include other finger emojis to show the different kinds of fingering you'll be doing.

    If you want to suggest a handjob, you can use the fist emoji next to the eggplant, or banana, or whatever penis-food emoji you want.

    If you're really feeling frisky, and you and the person you're sexting are into that kind of stuff, you could use emojis to show fisting.

    It'll most definitely be unexpected and might spark interest in your partner, and prompt them to reply with something equally as freaky.

    Use this, along with any other emoji combos you create with your imagination, as a sure fire way of getting you some.

  4. Combining Emojis

    Truthfully, this list could be longer than what it is, but with the literally endless amount of combinations you can make with emojis to talk about sex, we'll keep it short and sweet.

    First off, let's start with something fun and light-hearted, but also potentially steamy. If you want to set up a Netflix and Chill sesh with your boo, use this combination of popcorn, a TV, and a snowflake.


    When the conversation turns dirty, and you want to say without actually typing words that you're ready for a blowjob, there's an emoji combo for that too.

    And in case you're not into the whole eggplant and water-droplets emoji thing, you can simply use a repetition of the open mouth face, which symbolizes bobbing head and movement.

    Either way, the person will know what you mean.

    Another way to show fingering and more so, where you want to, is by using the honeypot and pointed finger emojis.

    There's not much need for words when using this emoji since it's pretty simple to get -- you want your finger in their honeypot.

    Sexting wouldn't be sexting if you didn't include any emojis to symbolize grabbing tits.

    To do this, just simply place a hugging face emoji with its open arms in between two melon emojis, or chestnuts depending on your preference, to show the groping you plan to do.

  5. These are in no way the only way to use emojis when sexting, but it's a good start. From here, you can go on to explore even more combinations and meanings, or make up some of your own. Finding a match online or dating alone is hard, but sexting doesn't have to be --especially sexting with emojis. Using them can be fun and create excitement through text, but if used wrong, it can do the exact opposite. Keep that in mind and happy sexting!