Sex Soundtrack: 17 Hip Hop Bangers to Bang To

What’s better than sex? Sex to good music. Having the perfect soundtrack to your lovemaking is extremely important for setting the mood, it’s the lyrical equivalent of lighting a bunch of scented candles and scattering flower petals over the comforter. Additionally, a good beat might make it easier for the rhythmically challenged to keep a steady tempo. So here’s a list of Hip Hop tracks that make a perfect soundtrack for fornication. You can get the playlist instantly on Spotify here.

  1. "Too Close" - Next

    This song about public boners is surprisingly really sexy. Use this song as an opportunity to put on a little striptease - complete with lip syncing - for your significant other. Feel free to get goofy; your lover will appreciate the humor in this song; if you’re not okay with laughing while you’re having sex, then you’re doing it wrong.

  2. "Pony" – Ginuwine

    Made popular by Magic Mike, “Pony” is another good song to kick off any steamy sex session. Its beat is perfect for getting your grind on. Again, a great song to take your clothes off to. So brush up on your moves and invest in a pair of tear away slacks.

  3. "Earned it" - The Weeknd

    Whether or not you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, I think we can all agree that the movie soundtrack is phenomenal – not to mention incredibly sexy. The lyrics in this song definitely will contribute to the romantic atmosphere. The string section helps the song manage to build up to a pretty intense climax, which will definitely help set the mood. And if you’re looking for some more music to add to your playlist, The Weeknd’s entire discography is sexy, so you can’t go wrong.

  4. "Kiss it Better" – Rhianna

    You can’t go wrong with Rhianna either. She has several sexy songs to pick from but the guitar riff in the back of this song definitely adds a little bit of edge. This is a track that’s perfect for makeup sex, it’s slow, sensual, and passionate. Even if you don’t have anything to kiss better, this song still belongs on any sex playlist.

  5. "Rocket" – Beyonce

    Where do I even start with this song? “Rocket” has a smooth and sexy chorus, it ebbs and flows, it has peaks and valleys – it sounds like sex. This is definitely a song that emulates what it feels like to make love. Besides, it’s Beyonce. It has to be a winner.

  6. "Future Sex/Love Sound" - Justin Timberlake

    Bless Justin Timberlake. He’s responsible for so many sexy songs just like this one. However, I think this track might be one of his most sensual. I’m not quite sure what the title means exactly, but it’s a sexy song, so I don’t know if it matters. Besides, that isn’t what you’re going to be thinking about when this is on in the background anyway.

  7. "Crazy in Love (Remix)" – Beyonce

    Here’s another winner from the Fifty Shades soundtrack. “Crazy in Love” was a favorite before this remix came out. However, this take on the popular song gives it a whole new meaning. This husky-voiced version is much more intense. It’s a bit darker and a whole lot sexier, especially because of the more breathless parts toward the end of the song.

  8. "Child's Play (Feat. Chance the Rapper)" - SZA, Chance the Rapper

    This smooth and sexy song doesn’t particularly have much to do with sex. However, the quiet female vocals coupled with the beat create a lazy yet sexy vibe. Perfect for morning sex or a sleepy late night session. This song is sexy without being overtly sexual.

  9. "Coffee (F**king)" - Miguel, Wale

    Speaking of fucking in the morning, what better combination than coffee and sex. This song is another one that builds to a peak with intense, layered vocals, making it a sex playlist favorite. If you’re into wordplay this song is for you; it’s full of dirty breakfast metaphors, which makes it the perfect song if you want to start off your morning with a little lovin’.

  10. "Think about you" - G-Easy, Quin

    What better way to let your lover know that they’ve been on your brain all day than putting this song on and loving them down. This track is more on the mellow side with light female vocals coupled with G-Easy’s more robust rhymes. “Think About You” sounds like water in the way that the music is flowy, and the beat reminds me of water droplets. Kinda sexy if you think about it. (If you really want to get in the mood, watch the video. There is nothing hotter than G-Easy)

  11. "Take Care" - Drake, Rhianna

    Drake and Rhianna teamed up to create this emotional yet sensual track. With lyrics which express the inner workings of an intimate and caring relationship paired with a bass heavy beat this track is both tender and sexy. This song is perfect to put on in the background when you are getting steamy with someone you have Drake level feelings for.

  12. "Let's get it on" - Marvin Gaye

    Well, what’s a get it on playlist without Marvin Gaye? More specifically, what’s a get it on playlist without “Let's get it on”? It’s a classic that’s bound to set the mood. At the very least this is a perfect song to serenade your lover with. Let them know exactly what you want, be straight forward. Alternately, “Sexual Healing” is just as effective and ballad worthy.

  13. "Adorn" – Miguel

    Similarly to Marvin, Miguel is clearly a staple when it comes to sexy time music. (The video is pretty hot too) This is another track that’ll let your lover know just how you feel. The lyrics will definitely let them know that you’ve got some serious feelings. If this song isn’t your favorite, you’re bound to find another banger to bang to in any one of Miguel’s albums.

  14. "Crew Love" – Drake, The Weeknd

    The Weeknd alone is a sexual songster on his own, now add Drake to the mix and you’ve got a panty dropper. Even though this track is about groupies and Drake’s crew, it still manages to be a sexy song. This is off the same album as “Take Care”, which seems to be a pretty sexy album overall. This just proves you can’t go wrong with either Drake or The Weeknd.

  15. "Do what it do" - Jamie Foxx

    In case you’ve forgotten, Yes, Jamie Foxx can sing. And pretty damn well. Unlike, some of the other songs on this playlist Jamie wastes no time with metaphors. This is the perfect song for when you don’t have time for flowery imagery; this is for when you just want to -well- do what it do and do it now.

  16. "Love Song" - 1 - The Internet

    I have absolutely no idea what this song is about. But it’s really, really sexy. The lyrics are slow and sensual, but I have no idea what she’s saying, and that’s okay with me. This song just sounds like a dream.

  17. "The Neighbors Know My Name" – Trey Songz

    How can you not have a track like this on in the background whilst banging? Set the tone for sex so good that you’ll be screaming so loud that you’ll be waking up the people who live down the street. Maybe they’ll be so mad they’ll come over and bang on the door Mr. and Ms. Smith style. I mean that should be your goal.