9 Reasons You Need to Get A Sex Pillow Right Now

If you're looking for a new addition to the bedroom in order to spice up your sex life, look no further.

It's not an overly complicated sex toy to use, instead it is a simple and overlooked essential that everyone can use with ease -- a sex pillow. Sex pillows are a type of sex furniture that allows you to gain the best experience possible from sex by providing more comfort and ease for all sex positions through elevation. They can come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common shapes of sex pillow are a wedge or ramp style, and are usually very firm. Some even feature handles and toy-holders (we'll get more into that later) for different ways to use the pillow.

If you've never used a sex pillow before, you're missing out on a whole new level of sex with your partner that can make the most basic of positions feel incredible. Here are some benfits to using a sex pillow and why you need one in your collection now.

  1. Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

    If you're an older couple, or just suffer from bad joints and are prone to muscle pain, sex can sometimes be strenous on your body, and that can make the act less enjoyable for both you, and your partner. With a sex pillow, you'll be amazed at how relieving it can be for your aches and pains, most notably lower-back support. The extra boost and elevation from the pillow will take off some of the pressure from trying to get your body in the right arrangement for whatever sex postion you're trying to achieve. If you're on top and your hands, arms, and elbows get weak easily, you can place a pillow or two on the sides of your partner's head so that you can rest your elbows on them, which will place your weight on the pillows. It also lets you raise your hips without feeling any discomfort.

  2. Better Reach

    Lying flat on your back or not having that extra support makes it harder for your partner to hit you in all the right places. Sometimes their reach is not at its full potential, but you can unlock that potential by using a sex pillow. Once again, elevation is key.

    To get to the right spot, you or your partner can use the sex pillow to meet your needs. By lying, for example, with your torso on the bed and your hips/butt up on the pillow, you open yourself up to a better position to have extra space for thrusting.

  3. Deeper Penetration

    Similar to reason #2, getting a deeper penetration can be optimal to attaining an orgasm or amazing pleasure. Adjusting yourself to a comfortable, raised position on the pillow will allow your partner to enter you in a way you might've never felt before. Using the pillow in the same way you would for better reach will also allow you to get deeper. This can be especially helpful to those who may not be the greatest in size but still want their partner to feel like they are.

  4. Changes the Way Positions Feel

    The number one reason for using a sex pillow is to get the most out of whatever sex position you choose to do. It's popular with users because of how it changes the way your favorite and most basic positions feel when you use the sex pillow. For instance, missionary can be completely transformed when using a sex pillow because it increases clitoris stimulation and gets your partner to penetrate you deeper and in a fuller range. Or place it under your butt and fling your legs over your partner's shoulders for a better lift, which will make it easier for them to find your G-spot

    Doggy-style is also a position that becomes enhanced with a sex pillow -- just place it underneath you giving you a lift and making it easier on you to be on your hands and knees. You could also lie flat on your stomach and place the pillow beneath your belly with your legs closer together to elevate your butt, and have your partner lie on top of you. This will cause you not to have to put so much work into maintaining the position and just focus on the deep thrusts you will now be able to get from your partner that comes with this new snug angle, and you'll definitely feel it in your stomach. It's guaranteed to take you to O-town.

  5. Makes Harder to do Positions Easier

    Have you ever wanted to try something different and somewhat difficult in the bedroom but ended up making a total fool of yourself trying to attempt that crazy sex position? Well, it wouldn't have been so hard if you had a sex pillow.

    As we've covered, using a sex pillow gives your partner higher elevation and allows them a place to rest their bodies on so that it makes positions easier, and better felt. But adding it can also let you explore different ways to use the pillow and make positions you've never imagined. And the hardest, or most difficult to align your bodies for, sex positions will be done easier with the use of one. For example, side positions can be tough to get into if you and your partner are very different in sizes. You can use the pillow on the smaller one of you two and prop yourself up to even out the difference and bring your bodies closer. Handles are also a plus, and pillows with that make for more support.

    So if you're trying to save yourself from being someone's next unfortunate sex story, use a sex pillow next time you want to attempt a more difficult position.

  6. Neck Relief During Oral

    We all know that oral sex can become tiring and sometimes pain you in places like your neck. Incorporating a sex pillow into your oral sex routine will help tremendously with this.

    One way to use it is by sliding the pillow under your hips to, again, raise your pelvis and make it easier to reach for your partner to put their mouth on, and you won't be in an awkward bridge position that can sometimes strain your back. You can also put it under your partner's neck in a 69 position so that they can reach your genitals better and they won't have to put that pressure on their necks to reach it. Putting it under your neck if you're receiving will let you get a better view of your partner, too, while they're going down on you.

  7. Hold-Off Technique (Destimulation)

    One of the worst things that can happen during sex is finishing too early.To avoid that mishap between you and your partner, use the sex pillow under his back, hips, or pelvis while you are on top. Find the angle that works best and use that to give him a bit of destimulation so that he can last longer.

  8. Solo Use

    The best part about having a sex pillow is that you don't need somebody to use it with. For those days where you feel like taking time to yourself, a sex pillow is a perfect addition to your collection to make yourself feel good. As mentioned before, there are sex pillows that come equipped with special slots and pockets to place your favorite toys in. They're firm enough to hold onto and will make your "me time" more fun and different.