3 Reasons Why Men Who Make Sex Noises Get Laid More

It is no secret that girls make a lot of noise during sex. Every guy has a past lover who is a total screamer. Sometimes us ladies go a bit overboard and earn us a noise complaint from the neighborhood but if we stay quiet the room usually stays silent apart from the squeaking of a mattress.

Sure, the thought of the guy waking the neighbors never crosses our mind, but to be honest, that's a little unfortunate. Let me let you in on a little secret… Girls like it when guys make sex noises. And we like it a lot.

A lot of guys stay quiet in bed for a few reasons: One being porn is a bad example. Since porn is usually made for a male audience, everything centers on the girl - which is probably why female porn stars are almost obnoxiously loud.

Or guys are worried about accidentally letting a weird noise slip and feeling embarrassed for the rest of the foreseeable future. But let's be real, if the majority of girls let completely loose vocally then you should too. Moaning is natural and it has scientifically proven benefits. Not only will it be freeing, but increasing your vocals in bed will get you laid more. Here are a few reasons why girls will keep coming back for more if you make more sex noises.

  1. Better communication

    Good sex is all about knowing what your partner wants and satisfying those needs.

    Naturally, the first suggestion I'd have for you would be to master your dirty talking skills. As far as I'm concerned, dirty talk might as well be considered a sex noise. You don't need to worry about sounding stupid or intelligent as the less coherent you become, the more she's confident she's doing something right. Believe me; girls love it when you sound like you're completely lost in the sauce.

    And if she's a dirty talker, the least you can do is respond! There is nothing more awkward than not getting a response to saying something like "You like that huh?" Because if you don't respond, guess what she thinks? That you don't like it! For the love of god, tell her you like it.

    But sometimes outright asking if something feels good or what they want can through the mood off and feel really unsexy. And if you're worried about stringing together sentences without sounding like an idiot you might feel hesitant to dirty talk. So instead of using your words, use some noises instead!

    Making noises can let your partner know where you're at nonverbally. Instead of telling her to keep going, moan. Instead of telling her that you're super into her, allow yourself to make grunting noises. Instead of telling her that she looks hot as hell, let out a breathy "fuck."

    When guys are quiet girls have no idea if you're actually enjoying yourself and might feel completely discouraged or like she's doing something wrong. So if things start to get quiet, start dirty talking and make some noises. I swear it adds to the sexy energy in the room and make her even more turned on.

  2. Awkward silence is… well, it's awkward

    Nothing will get you ghosted quicker than making sex awkward and weird. Sure, on a date you are allowed a little bit of awkwardness. In bed? You are allowed very little room for awkward error.

    You shouldn't worry about sounding stupid because you'll look even dumber if you stay completely quiet. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a silent room save for the creak of a squeaky mattress or an old bed frame. Nothing worse, I tell you. Nothing. So fill the silence. Work in a couple of phrases, like "you're so hot" or "holy shit," in between audible heavy breathing and don't afraid to make some noises.

    When you kiss her, make the same kind of pleasure noises that you would usually make when eating an ice cream cone or - I don't know - a steak or something (I dunno, I mean that's MAN food right?). And when you kiss her… elsewhere, make sure you're making noises because she'll be able to literally feel them reverberating through her body.

    I mean it when I say that you will be infinitely more likely to bang this girl again if you actually make some sex noises. If you do let yourself make noise and you make a weird noise don't' worry because it happens to everyone, laughing at it can relieve some stress and be an intimate moment, and she'll be more likely to think you're weird if you're silent throughout.

  3. It's just downright sexy

    When you're watching porn how often do you watch it on silent? Wouldn't you rather plug your headphones in and enjoy the whole experience? Well, don't leave your girl on mute when you're gettin' down!

    Even when you're watching porn, and the girl is going a little overboard with the moaning, you still think it's damn sexy, don't you? You'd probably be way less into the clip if the girl were completely silent, am I right? Well, just because the guys in porn - which is mainly directed toward a male audience - are overwhelmingly quiet doesn't mean that's the gold standard for you!.

    You should make an effort to make some noise for her sake, especially if she says something to you about it. If she's dirty talking, dirty-talk back. If she's moaning, you should be moaning too. If she's acting like a porn star for you, you should be acting like a porn star for her! It's only fair.

So, instead of leaving your girl on mute, make some noise! You'll be better at communicating, which will make sex better. You'll be less awkward, which will make sex infinitely better. And you'll be too sexy to resist. Girls like doing things as a couple, so wake the neighbors together.