3 Reasons You Should Never Homie Hop

Let's just start out by defining what a homie hopper is, shall we? Homie Hopper; someone who “hops” around in a circle of friends by taking turns dating everyone.

This phrase is nothing to be proud of and if you've been labeled an official "homie hopper" you might want to hop yourself onto the next plane out of here.

If you're currently debating on whether you should homie hop, I strongly urge you to seek elsewhere because you're only asking for trouble. Especially if you have a group of mutual friends, which is considered a double whammy because you're putting your potential love interests and friendships at risk.

You should create a fine line between friendships and your dating life as to not confuse the concepts of companions and sexual partners.

I totally understand if you're trying to get back at your ex as some vengeance, and this happens to be a part of your cruel revenge scheme, but you're only making a fool of yourself. Nothing good comes out of dating people within the same clique unless you enjoy being the laughing stock of any get-together.

Hate to break it to you but will be considered all of these things if you freely homie hop your way around town, so beware.

  1. Desperation Nation

    If things didn't work out with your most recent partner, do you really think moving on to one of their best friends will be any different? Odds are they are very similar since they are in the same group and all. Obviously, the faster you hop, the more desperate you will look, mistakingly crossing the line between friendship and rebound.

    Just because a mutual friend consoles you during your breakup doesn't necessarily mean that they are trying to pursue you in any way. Don't take the initiative in your emotional state to start something with another friend, especially if they're closer to your ex than you. There's no reason to break up a friendship just because you have a broken heart.

    Take it for what it is, go through the emotional breakup roller coaster and stop seeking comfort from their friend's bedroom.

    There are so many other people in this world that you can date, so refrain from circulating your feelings and intimacy in the same wolf pack because it will end up biting you in the ass. Instead of rubbing in the new relationship with their friend, move on and get yourself, someone, they won't even know.

    If you're willing to go for the next person closest to your ex, you're coming off obsessive and desperate, the furthest attractive qualities one can possess. Let's not throw all of your self-esteem out the window just because things didn't work out with one person.

    Avoid the awkward encounters of trying to make the new relationship work in the group, and save your ex some dignity, as well as yourself. .

  2. Slim Shady

    It doesn't matter if you're a complete catch, you're messing with fire the second you decide to pursue your ex's friend. Odds are you aren't going to last either, and before you know it you will just be considered everyone's ex, giving you no other choice but to search for other friends.

    Finding new friends is a lot harder than searching for a potential love interest, trust me. If everyone in the group knows your personal business, especially sexually, count on being compared and discussed everytime your past and current get together.

    Some people are all about being Eskimo brothers or sisters, but that is complete bullshit because feelings don't just go away when you want them to. That would be ideal, but chances are you or your ex still have some feelings that you're trying to hide.

    Jumping into another relationship, especially with a mutual friend, can create more drama than expected because your ex may think you were always interested. There's nothing worse than the betrayal of a best friend and an ex, so avoid any assumptions by cutting yourself off at dating one person in the group.

    You don't want to be considered shady because word travels fast and no one wants to date someone who's been with everyone.

  3. Friendship Ruiner

    Go for absolutely anyone else than the people surrounding your ex because chances are they have been their confidant about you on more than one occasion.

    Odds are they know much more about you than you'd think because friends talk about the good, bad and sexy time encounters revealing personal information you'd hope to disclose at your preference.

    Don't shit where you eat and by that I mean don't make your group dynamic any more uncomfortable than it already is by dating someone your ex is good friends with. If you can leave the relationship in the past and continue having a semi-normal circle of friends, then take it for what it's worth because you're pretty damn lucky.

    Usually, friendships go to shit real fast once there is a breakup because sides are taken, and the entirety of the group inevitably gets split up.

    There just so happens to be the slight chance where your irreconcilable differences harm everyone else, and you can continue a civil relationship with your ex, even though you seem them more than you'd like. Your ex's friends should be off-limits for this reason.

    Homie hopping is a poor reflection on your ex's judgements, making them embarrassed to have dated someone sleazy, as well as a worse reflection on the standards and maturity you have when dating in the same group.

    Don't result to dating the person that's willing to date their friend's ex, revealing the lack of empathy they have towards the breakup.