5 Reasons You Should Be A Serial Dater

There are no strict set of rules when it comes to the dating life that you're obliged to. Yes, there are many derogative terms for serial daters, but it's really no one's damn business what you do with your love life. If you're sick and tired of your nonexistence sad excuse of dating, then make something happen instead of waiting around!

I am in no means promoting cheating or any sort of affair once you are in a committed relationship, but if you're casually dating, there's no harm in keeping your options open.

There are so many prerequisites before you enter a relationship because there are two people's lives involved that have to be intertwined and formed to become one. Timing, physical and emotional connections and past experiences make up a portion of the chaos that comes with starting a new relationship.

Take all of these opportunities to have a date with a swipe of your finger and use it to your advantage. Go out and meet a variety of people because you will have a bigger chance of meeting your soulmate and finding the connection you're dearly searching for.

  1. Law Of Attraction

    Even if you're taken that doesn't mean you won't be physically attracted to another human being in your lifetime, you just can't act on it. It's human nature to feel attracted to and chemistry with other people and if you're single why not test out the waters.

    If you have dates lined up throughout the week, you will take the pressure off of the only one you've had the past year to see what kind of people you're really attracted to.

    Attraction isn't based solely on physical appearances but people's pheromones, humor, and personality. You may find that the 'type' you once had was too shallow and you'd much rather have individual characteristics with a significant other than a six pack or double D's.

  2. Power Of Choice

    Dating, in general, creates a lot of anxiety and can quickly make you feel vulnerable when you put yourself out there. Instead of needed that validation the instant one date ends, make sure you keep some dignity and power because you're in demand.

    Refrain from waiting by the phone for some sign they were interested and continue to date and keep your options open because you could like someone, even more, when you just give them a chance!

    There is no reason you should be limited to just one person when you are supposed to be "searching" for someone to spend the rest of your life with. Time is a tickin', and you only have so many free days until you end up settling because you're pressured to get married and start a family.

    Determining what qualities and characteristics you want in a partner come from experience, so stop waiting around and make moves on multiple people until you feel the search is over.

  3. Open-minded

    The more people you meet and "date" the more you'll realize how incredibly fascinating and different people are due to their life experiences.

    It's important to go into dates with an open mind and receptive, discussing anything because everyone has their unique style of dating. People are beginning to become more comfortable with non-monogomy and open realtionships.

    The older you become, the more people you will meet that have been through many walks of life. Appreciate and learn from each dating experience because you never know what one date could lead to.

  4. Improves Dating Skills

    No one really knows what they're doing when they go out on dates. One can only imagine it will run smoothly, but you can't predetermine what the hell your date is going to do or say throughout the damn thing.

    That is the exciting and nerve-racking part of putting yourself out there because you may be shut down with your immature humor or realize you probably shouldn't talk about your dead grandma on the first date.

    Dating is all about trial and error so take the good with the bad and continue to work on all your dating imperfections one experience at a time.

  5. Build Confidence

    The more dates you go on, the less frantic you'll become when you spontaneously get a message to meet up for coffee from the hottie you've been chatting up.

    The amount of courage it takes to follow through with a date is quite impressive, so if you manage to muster up enough for one, why stop there?

    It's almost like a domino effect because the second you put yourself out there, the world becomes an even bigger place that you must explore further. There are so many people in the world with so many different perspectives and interesting takes on dating so take the time to enjoy them all.

    Before you know it, you'll be a master dater and have so much confidence in yourself and the person you're looking to incorporate in your life, a connection will be faster to spot.

    The world is your oyster so take it for what it's worth and put yourself out there time and time again to get the results you want. Forget about any societal pressures and following a make- belief dating code to make yourself look good to people that don't matter. Take matters into your hands and get to know a variety of people because you never know who you could be missing out on while you're waiting to be pursued. Go out and pursue any dating options that the universe presents to you because love is so much more than physical attraction and rules, love happens when you least expect it. The chance is yours to take so don't let me down and fill your upcoming weeks with too many dates for you to keep track of!