Here are the 5 Reasons Honesty Is Key in Every Relationship

Let's be honest right now, shall we? Being yourself and vulnerable when you first start dating is easier said than done. You try to portray yourself in this picture perfect image, so you don't scare anyone away.

I'm not saying bring a list of your flaws and imperfections to the first date and hand them on over but don't create a nonexistent persona because it will bite you in the ass. There's nothing to lie about if you embrace your flaws, imperfections, mistakes and life's journey.

  1. Web Of Lies

    We all tell white lies now and then but before you know it, you've told so many you need to start documenting them. If you're ashamed of certain past experiences or key components of your life, just refrain from answering questions rather than straight up lie.

    You never graduated college but want to come off as well educated, so you start rambling about the ridiculous classes you took at Harvard Law when in reality you don't even know where that school is located. Don't do that to yourself and create more anxiety at the beginning of a relationship by impersonating someone that you think the other wants to date.

    For all you know you've intimidated them with your lies so they might refrain from telling you the truth or even better, start lying themselves. There's no need to create this massive web of lies you have to keep track of just to impress someone that should be liking you for who you are.

    All of these lies will come back to haunt you one day when the universe decides to call you out on them and trust me it will.

  2. Time Waster

    There's nothing more annoying than wasting your time in the dating scene. We rack our brains trying to figure out if someone is going to pursue us or whether to believe someone's words rather than actions.

    Especially if you meet online, it's necessary to state the obvious of what the hell you're looking for on there. If you know, you're emotionally unavailable to pursue any relationship type of thing then it's important for your potential dates to know what you're trying to get out of their time. Don't lead someone on for your entertainment because time is valuable and karma is a bitch.

    It's better to cut to the chase of what you're looking for or your current situation when it comes to dating just so the other person is in the loop and not putting themselves on hold waiting for you. Everyone deserves the truth and to not have their feelings toyed with just because you want to continue dating seven people at once.

  3. Solid Foundation

    Building a solid foundation is the key point when you start dating someone because things will eventually come out the longer you're together. There's no need to start something that is fresh and new on a bad note just because you're afraid of a little honesty.

    When you're getting to know someone questions are going to be asked, and honest responses should be given. If you're afraid of being judged by them, then chances are you're not meant to be because the person you should end up with should accept you, flaws and all.

    Being yourself from the get go whether you're a secret country music lover or spend all of your money on spontaneous travels, should be embraced instead of hidden despite the nerve-racking feeling it brings.

  4. Avoid Drama

    One of the biggest reasons arguments and break ups happen, have to do with dishonesty and mistrust within a relationship. The majority of it could be avoided if you just stuck to the truth from the very beginning because then you wouldn't have to retract all the lies you've told.

    The second someone realizes you lied about something, especially if it's something petty then everything you've said won't be credible anymore. No one wants to date someone that lives on a throne of lies, where you have to wonder if the words that came out of your mouth have any truth behind it.

    It's up to you to put your best foot forward and create an accurate image of the person you are even if it's not what they want to hear, too damn bad.

  5. Prevent Awkwardness

    All of those people you “didn't” sleep with or the decisions you “never” made will have a funny way of reappearing before you when you least expect it. Be ready to have your excuses or continued.

    Down the road, things will come up and guarantee your partner will remember your lies better than you when they decide to quote you on it. Instead of the awkward, dumbfounded moment just prevent any of that down the road by addressing the uncomfortable truth right away.

    Having awkward moments when dating is inevitable because you're trying to get to know someone and slowly show them who you are as well. Ideally, you will end up being more similar than you thought and there won't as many of those weird moments, but if you do, it shouldn't be someone's fault making it awkward.

    Don't make your partner feel hesitant on believing another word you say and unfortunately ending your whole fling because shit just got too awkward when you got caught in your lies.

    How can you even be confidant in yourself if you can't even keep track of all the lies you've told.

    I know it's scary and overwhelming to put yourself out there with no defense, but it could end up saving you in the long run. It takes more, to be honest than to create meaningless lies to make yourself look better in the moment when you could look good from the get go.