5 Reasons to Participate in No Boyfriend November

For some reason, us girls go straight into panic mode Halloween night the second the clock strikes midnight. It is now officially November which entails cozy, cuddly, sweater weather where you're supposed to have this perfect boyfriend to spend the holidays with and make everyone jealous with couple pictures.

You are not entitled to a mediocre rest of your year just because you aren't in a lovey dovey overrated relationship. Take this time to enjoy the single life because there are only so many years left until your obligations skyrocket with a hubby and children, yearning for your young, carefree days.

Then you'll be daydreaming of all of your single holiday years where you traveled, ate, laughed and sang with your best friends avoiding any obligations.

Do not fear the single life but freaking embrace it because chances are you'll be having a way better month than those fighting, stressed out and over the top couples with unrealistic hopes and expectations.

I'm not saying immidieately break off any relationship you currently have but if for one second you feel like you're wasting your time, STOP and enjoy all of the perks of being a free woman. Let's call it a little break, shall we?

  1. No Drama

    The biggest worry you should have this month is finding the right pair of stretchy leggings to wear so you can stuff yourself with homemade goodness. You have your whole life to partake in holiday drama so why not relish in all of your own personal dilemma's like the ending of your favorite shows and deciding what to put on your Christmas list.

    You should be saving all of your energy and breath for the Thanksgiving feast and leftovers, not bickering about nonsense because the end of the year stress is starting to creep in. For some reason, everyone transforms into this emotional nut the moment November starts because it's a reminder that another year has passed and weird feelings start surfacing and you naturally take it out on the people you're closest too.

    Instead of being the traditional, dysfunctional couple that you once shunned take this time to reflect on what the hell you really want. Being in a relationship is not a happiness requirement during the holidays.

    Surround yourself with people that you're sincerely grateful for and do things you've been putting off now that you have some downtime. Or do absolutely nothing at all if that's what you want because you have no one to please but yourself.

  2. No Shaving

    Since guys find it funny to take this month off of shaving and being clean cut why the hell should be we miss out on this opportunity?

    This is your month to embrace your hairiness and inconvenience of always trying to be silky smooth when it's never reciprocated. Take this time to get in touch with your inner wild beast and throw all of the unnecessary stress of staying on top of all of your grooming.

    Obviously, you will have to keep some sort of hygiene if you want to date, but even then you should be able to take a month break from primping, plumping, and plucking to give your entire being a chance to recharge.

    You have the freedom to get as hairy as you want without any razor burns and hey, even save some money on those overpriced razors.

  3. No Obligations

    You barely want to make an appearance at your own family's chaotic extravaganza, so why force yourself to fake the funk with somebody else's?

    It doesn't matter if you have the sanest family on this planet, holidays spark an insane moment in every household whether Uncle John passed out on the front lawn again or Monopoly has sent everyone in an irreversible rage.

    Go home by yourself or start making your own traditions to reflect on the individual you're becoming and want to be instead of being somebody's girlfriend all weekend long. Avoid all of the uncomfortable future relationship talks and horrid naked baby pictures that are always whipped out during dessert. Honestly, why would you even want to burden yourself with a winter fling.

    Get spoiled by granny's cookies or spend the money you would on the outrageously expensive gift for your partner, on your freaking self because you deserve it.

  4. No Pressure

    Instead of focusing all of your energy on creating the perfect moment thn having a mental breakdown when one thing goes unplanned you can save those sleepless nights for another year. Avoid all of the extreme planning of making sure your family behaves, impressing his, perfect pictures with witty captions and the intense buildup that will explode into December as well.

    Get rid of any added pressure you're putting yourself through because it only causes you stress and anxiety when holidays are for relaxing and pleasure with the people who bring out the best in you.

  5. No Expectations

    All of those worrisome checklists can go straight into the paper shredder because you don't need to please anyone but yourself this month. No reason to compromise on your favorite movies, desserts, and plans because you have to do absolutely everything with your bf just because it's a little chilly outside.

    If you picture your Thanksgiving holiday with you wrapped up in your fuzziest blanket like a burrito while shoveling raw cookie dough down your throat then so be it. There's no reason to get all worked up over unrealistic expectations of having the perfect fall pictures, turkey, gifts and moments when really you want to take this time to be single like a pringle with no responsibilities.

    Personally, I think it's important to enjoy the most emotional and heartwarming months selfishly, and then you can resume any relationship-ish type of thing you got going on after the New Year. Chances are you'll feel differently after your time apart, and you may even have some resolutions not involving them at all.

    Appreciate the single life, even during the holiday months because you will be reminiscing about the good old days that you're currently living in, so why not take this moment for what it is? Pure bliss.