5 Weird Tips for Men to Guarantee More Matches

We are all familiar with that sudden rush of adrenaline we receive as soon as we hear our phone's ring or our computer's chime. It's an ever-so-addicting cycle that leaves us nearly attached to our phones and constantly longing for the attention of others on social media.

But sometimes when our phones go off, it isn't a text or a call, but rather a notification from an app. And for any of you who own an app of this sort, you know that notifications from social dating apps are typically the most exciting--and rewarding--ones.

Sometimes, though, you may not be receiving as many notifications as you'd like; meaning you aren't matching with any girls online. Is it something wrong with your pictures, your bio, your standards? Or maybe you're just ugly, and if so, that's okay. Whether you're looking for a fling, a relationship, or to see how many girls around you think you're cute, you need to get matches to fufill all of these needs.

No matter the case, if you find yourself in this predicament, or merely wish to match with even more girls than you already do, read on to discover five tips for men to maximize their online dating matches.

  1. Expand Your Search Area

    Starting with one of the most obvious ways to enhance your chances of matching with girls online, expanding your search area on the app will do exactly that. Most dating apps offer a minimum and maximum radius in miles (1-100) of how far your profile will reach to others, and vice versa.

    If you find yourself swiping left on the same girls over and over again, with no new profiles, try expanding your search area an extra 10 miles and see what happens. Chances are, a whole new group of girls will be available to potentially match with.

    Once you've exhausted those profiles, add another 10 miles, then another. Keep in mind how far you'd be willing to travel, but remember that some of the most "exciting" and "fun" relationships (especially when distance is a problem) only take place over Snapchat, if you know what I mean.

  2. Update Facebook Info

    Another great way to enhance your matches with girls online is by creating chances to have something in common. Many of these social dating apps run through Facebook and use your Facebook information in order to fill out your dating profile.

    They show things such as your name, age, occupation and interests. In the "Interests" category, it contains a list of pages you've liked or followed on Facebook--naturally making you a fan and interested in the subject. If you and a fellow member on the dating site share similar interests, then those ones will be visible to the both of you, creating a great opportunity for conversation and commonalities.

    With that being said, keep up-to-date and make sure you've liked/followed your latest and greatest interests--whether it be a band, a restaurant, a movie, a company or a sports team--it could make all the difference for a girl who's sitting on the fence about swiping you right or not.

  3. Improve Your Pictures

    On dating apps, your pictures do all the talking. With such little room to talk about yourself in a bio, you have to make sure your pictures are worth a thousand words. Some may disagree, but most people have their minds made up within 5 seconds on which way they are swiping a certain someone based entirely off their main profile picture.

    With that being the case, it is vital that you pick not only a great main profile picture, but other great photos to follow and support it as well. It is encouraged that you have four pictures overall, not one more, not one less. Avoid any blurry or poorly lit photos, as well as mirror pictures (especially mirror pictures) and group photos.

    You should have an attractive headshot that appears very casual and natural, yet emphasizes your best features. Then I suggest you have an athletic photo that portrays your entire body and you being active in a certain way. Whether that means playing a sport, going for a hike or merely taking your dog for a walk, it is important that you demonstrate your abilities and hobbies.

    After the athletic photo, a sophisticated photo will demonstrate that not only do you enjoy being outside and getting dirty, but you know how to clean yourself up and do it quite well. A sophisticated photo relates to a picture where you look ready for a night on the town, ready to meet the woman of your dreams and sweep her off her fight that very night.

    Then, for your fourth and final picture, put one that demonstrates your personality. Play the guitar? Have a picture of you playing your guitar. Love your dog more than your parents? Put a picture of you playing with your dog. Whatever the case may be, make sure the picture is a playful one and portrays you in a positive light.

  4. Expand Your Age Limit

    Along with selecting your minimum and maximum distance between potential matches, you can also select the minimum and maximum age requirement (18-55+) as well. If you find yourself running out of potential matches and you're pretty open minded in regards to an age difference, then crank that meter up to 55+ and see all the new profiles that pour in.

    If you think about it, most women 40+ who are searching for 18-25-year-old men know exactly what they're looking for, and it's usually only one thing. So if you think you're merely looking for that same thing, then don't hesitate on trying to match with some of those older women - cougars are fun.

  5. Quality, not Quantity, In Your Bio

    Some people say to keep your bio simple and short, while others think you should do your best to portray whom you are and what you do in your free time, but the most important thing, essentially, is that you don't leave your profile blank.

    A blank profile automatically makes someone question whether the profile could be fake or not, while a long bio does exactly the opposite. While I don't suggest you write out a whole paragraph explaining your deepest dreams and desires, I do (strongly) suggest that you include a little snippet about yourself.

    It could merely state your hometown, favorite sports team, major in college or favorite animal; it doesn't matter, as long as it symbolizes that one, you are real, and two, you're a good guy. Don't worry about writing too much, if you've followed the other steps above as well, then merely sit back and wait for the notifications on your phone.