7 Reasons Pokemon Go is a Fantastic Dating App

Pokémon isn't only allowing us all to live out our childhood dream of trying to be the very best like no one ever was. Surprisingly enough, the app has proven to be a more than adequate dating app. With everyone leaving the comfort of their gaming consoles, people who'd otherwise be inside gaming are out wandering around trying to catch those elusive Pikachus. Plus, who wouldn't want to avoid making a profile possibly littered with red flags? Your gym affiliation and level is all you need to attract your own Nurse Joy to your Brock.

This app isn't only potentially revolutionizing the way we'll continue to game in the future, but it's affecting how we date now! These are a couple of reasons why playing Pokémon Go is one of the best ways to get a date.

You're Forced to go Outside

With Pokémon Go, there's no excuse for you to go outside and get fresh air. Since the game is on your phone and forces you to be mobile otherwise, you can't make any progress. You have no other choice than to leave your gamer cave and go out into the world.

Now that you have a nerdy and nostalgic reason to go outside you're instantly becoming more social, which makes you more likely to meet more people!Including cute and Poké-obsessed ones!

It's Free (if You Want it to be!)

If you're ballin' on a budget, going out to a bar might not be the ideal flirting scenario for you. Dating services can be pricey too. However, with Pokémon Go as long as you use your lures and incense sparingly and are constantly hitting up Pokéstops, you're golden.

You don't have to worry about buying drinks for two at a bar or paying your way at a fancy restaurant to impress your prospective partner! I mean it's polite to pay for the lure on the first date, but you can easily forego spending a dollar if you've recently leveled up.

Plus, asking a girl out to play Pokémon is a dream come true. There's no pressure to get dressed up or walk in heels; all you need to worry about is your phone battery and how many Pokéballs you have stowed away.

You'll definitely score points for creativity because let's be honest Netflix-and-Chill is definitely sub par to Pokémon Go-and-Stroll. Plus they'll be impressed with your mad Pokémon catching skills.

All the Pokémon Go Events and Clubs

There are almost as many events being organized around this popular game as there are Pokémon themselves. People are organizing groups in college towns, creating Facebook pages for the local faction of their team, and even putting together bar crawls where you wear your team color out to the pubs!

This app is meant to be social, and people continue building off of it. The Pokémon Go community keeps growing with these user-created groups and events as well as the app GoChat. GoChat is a chat platform for locally based trainers to share tips and ideas.

So, why not join a Facebook group or two? Or download GoChat (available for iOS and Android). And be sure to keep an eye out for more bar crawls and events of the like. This way you can get in touch with trainers around you, especially the ones of the opposite sex.

Pokeématch is a Thing

Inspired by the mobile game, PoéMatch is a Pokémon Go themed dating app. With its Tinder-esc swiping feature, you can swipe right (or left) on trainers in your area.

You can even filter your matches by the three teams, ya know, just in case you're really bent on dating a member of Team Valor.

Why not download Pokématch and see if you meet your soul mate whilst out catching Pokeémon? This might actually take first place for the nerdiest dating app to date, but who said that was a bad thing?

You Have an Excuse to Hang Out With Your Friends… and Their Cute Friends

The best part about this app is that while the user-organized events are fun, you don't need to go to a Poké-bar crawl to socialize and meet people. Maybe bars just aren't your scene or you aren't a hardcore trainer and don't feel like joining a group. That's fine, you can still flirt!

Pokeémon Go gives you an excuse to hang out with your friends; more importantly, it gives you an excuse to hang out with that cute girl that's a friend of a friend.

Text a group of friends -and cute acquaintances- and propose a Poké-hunting party. Or message a couple of people to get dinner and wander around an area of town heavily populated with Pokéstops.

Or maybe shoot a message to the one cutie you've had your eye on for a while and make it a casual date! The possibilities are endless

Pokéstops are Just as Social as Bars and Parties

If you've logged any hours in game, you're bound to have noticed how friendly the Pokémon Go community is. Especially when it comes to Pokéstops. What else could someone possibly be doing on their phone at a lured stop? Texting or something? I mean come on, that'd just be a waste.

Hanging around Pokéstops or areas where Pokémon are likely to spawn are great places to strike up conversations with fellow trainers. Here's where you let your game shine.

Make a couple bad Poké-puns and ask that Team Mystic girl out! Ask that hot guy on Team Valor about his current Pokémon collection and suggest a Poké-hunting date. They're bound to say yes, especially to a fellow trainer.

And most importantly…

You Already have Something in Common

First dates can be pretty awkward with all those 'What's your favorite [insert literally anything here]?' questions. But with already having the love for little battling monsters in common you can forego those awkward conversation savers for at least a little while!

No need to ask what her favorite color is when you can discuss why Snorlax is the best Pokémon ever, or hold a spirited debate over which Eveelution is the best. You can swap tips on how to catch stubborn monsters with high CP on the first try and revel in the nostalgia together.

This way you don't have to get nervous and sweaty about what happens when there's a lull in conversation because there's bound to be a Rattata or a Pidgey nearby. And you don't have to worry about having nothing to talk about since you both share the Poké-passion.

If you start talking to a cutie at a Pokéstop, you should definitely ask them to dinner or at least for fro-yo and Poké-hunting. Because you already have something in common your chances of getting their number or them agreeing to a date go up infinitely! They already feel more comfortable and connected to you because of your shared interest, which is a great start to a relationship if you ask me.

Pokémon Go has been credited with everything from revolutionizing the way we game, to helping those with depression, to now being one of the best dating sites to date. Don't hesitate to talk to fellow trainers while you're out trying to rack up some Magikarp candy for that 400 candy evolution. And definitely don't hesitate to do some flirting! Download the app! Who knows? If You're lucky, you'll find your Ash to your Serena. Or maybe you'll find your Nurse Joy to your Brock or your Officer Jenny to your Brock… You get the picture.