7 Pickup Lines that Actually Work On Dating Sites

Your phone vibrates as you sip from your drink at the bar. You take it out and see that you have a new match on JustDate; she's cute and only a few miles away, seems like a done deal.

You go to message her but then find yourself staring at your phone without any idea on what to say. You want to seem funny, but not rude or overtop. You want to be polite and a gentleman, but let her know you're only looking for a hookup. Just "hey" won't get you a response, and "hey beautiful" isn't original whatsoever.

Sending the first message is always the hardest part, we all know that, but that's why I've constructed this article listing some of the best pickup lines for dating sites. While most of them cater to the sexual side of things, isn't that what most of these dating apps are for anyways? If you can't impress her with a little humor, that's a total deal breaker.

Read on to discover seven of the best pickup lines for dating sites that will get you a favorable response almost every time.

  1. "As long as I have a face, you'll always have a place to sit."

    Straight to the sexual point with a hint of promise of going down on her, not only is this pickup line bold and one that will put a smile on her face, it's almost chivalrous. Not only does this pickup line demonstrate the kind gentleman that you want her to think you are--by offering her a place to sit--but it also gives her insight to the dirty, sexual deviant that you actually are.

    It is a comical and sexual line that is sure to loosen the mood immediately. Whether it actually works or not probably relies on a bit of follow-up work in the following conversation, but I guarantee it will get you a reply and a few brownie points in her book...or in her pants.

  2. "On a scale of 1-10, you are a 9, and I am the 1 you need."

    This line is great because while it compliments her nicely, it also backhands her in the slightest by not associating her with a total 10. While that is not the goal with this pickup line, it so happens to happen, and can lead to her working for your approval.

    Why I like this pickup line and why it is on the list, though, boils down the fact that you are praising her and acknowledging that while she is great, she could be even greater with you by her side...or on her bedside.

    Chances are, you aren't a 1. So no shame in saying that part of the line, that's not technically what it is saying anyways. So if you find yourself matched with an absolute babe--who definitely thinks of herself as a 10--tryout this line and see how it goes.

  3. "Want to come over and make bad decisions that feel so good?"

    It's a bit witty, requires merely a "yes" or "no" answer and gets them thinking about the possibilities ahead. They have to stop and think about these "bad decisions" that you're referring to, and then about how they "feel so good."

    Leading with a "yes or no" question makes things simpler on her and yourself. She doesn't need to fumble for a reason why she's busy on Saturday night or she doesn't need to reply with a witty, sexual gesture, merely a yes or no will do it.

  4. "You, with all those curves! Me, without any breaks!"

    If you're lucky, a few of your matches are going to be thick as a bowl of oatmeal. They may have curves in all the right places, and just their pictures alone have your mouth watering. If that's the case, then this has to be your line.

    Not only does it acknowledge their bodacious body, but the second part tells her, "Watch out cause I want you and I'm coming in hot." She can either choose to prepare for you to take the turns at high speeds, or she can merely close off the road.

    Either way, it's a funny line that set things off in the right mood and will definitely get you a reply.

  5. "If I were a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds?"

    Now this one is easily in my top three favorite pickup lines. It's witty, it's hilarious and it gets to the point immediately. Relating to fruit, it makes everything seem less cynical and will be received in a positive, playful light, rather than a dirty and disgusted one.

    The line is great because your "seeds" being in her mouth is already part of the equation. Her only answers can be to spit or swallow, if she plays along, that is. Some girls will probably say your seeds won't go anywhere near their mouth, while others may just claim to not like watermelon. Whatever the case, this line is a great one and I highly recommend it.

  6. "Sorry it took me so long to message you, I was at Safeway trying to figure out what you'll want for breakfast."

    This is it; my favorite pickup line for dating sites. I don't like it because it works every time or is foolproof, but merely because of its creativity and the reaction it gets from girls.

    It's very funny, it's very creative and witty, and it almost portrays oneself in a positive light as a considerate person. Chances are she'll know you weren't actually at Safeway getting her breakfast, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    Using this line sets you up beautifully because you're guaranteed to make her laugh, she'll definitely think about the whole situation of being at your place the morning after, and all you have to do is wait for her to reply with something just as witty and, hopefully, sexual.

  7. "I have a dog."

    Ah, and we've finally reached the number one pickup line for dating sites. The power of man's best friend is astounding; whether your own pet at home helps with your depression, you have a service dog to help you get around, or you need a wingman and a reason to bring that girl back to your place and eventually get laid.

    This line is far more convincing than you may think. I have a buddy at school who rescued a dog at the beginning of the year. For the next five to six months, his go-to line was, "I just rescued a dog, want to come to my place and see her?" or something along those lines. But it worked, time and time again.

    Girls (and just about everybody) absolutely adore dogs, and owning one demonstrates maturation and the ability to care for not only yourself, but another living thing as well. Whatever the reason girls are more likely to sleep with you due to having a dog is beyond me, but I'm about to start borrowing my buddy's dog for my dates.