9 People You Shouldn’t Hook Up with in College

College is a time where people discover their passions, their hobbies, who their best friends will be, and more importantly their sex drive. Something about sharing a campus with thousands of stressed out students who are in the best shape of their life really gets the juices flowing. While getting it on with different people every weekend seems to be all in good fun; you should really be more selective about who you decide to do the horizontal tango with. Hooking up with the wrong person can bring a lot of drama into your life or even worse a venereal disease. For the sake of your mental - and physical - health, I've compiled a list of people you should avoid hooking up with while earning your degree.

The R.A.

One of the first people you meet in college will be your Resident Advisor. They will always be there for you if you're having problems with your roommate or with classes. However, they should be the last person you run to when you're looking to get laid.

Positions of power can be attractive, and as far as R.A.s go, they're pretty close to the top. They have the authority to make your life heaven or a living hell, which is precisely why you should keep your relationship with them platonic.

There is nothing worse than an R.A. scorned. If your relationship with them takes a nose dive after getting intimate, you instantly become 10x more likely to get your room searched, or caught with contraband in your dorm.

For the sake of having a half-way decent time living on campus, stick to harmless flirting with your R.A.s.

The Frat Star & The Party Girl

Even if you didn't decide to pledge your freshman year, you're bound to make it to at least a couple fraternity or sorority ragers or at the very least make some friends who are proud brothers and sisters. Greek parties are fun. However, it’s smart to stay away from the people who bring the life to those parties.

The common garden bro or sorority girl are usually pretty harmless; it's the frat stars and the party girls you have to watch out for.

Girls, regardless of how ripped they are, stay away from The Frat Stars. Sure, they're in impeccable shape and are the most charming human beings on the planet, but their grades are likely to be in shambles as well as their liver. These guys hook up with different girls every weekend while using varying levels of protection.

Guys, I know the Party Girls are hot, but they're guilty of the same lifestyle as the Frat Stars. They've got bodies that won't quit, but they're on their 5th year in college, and they're destroying their body with cheap vodka, and god knows what other drugs.

These are the kind of people you run from even though your hormones are telling you to run toward them.

The Girl or Guy Who is Always Sick

When you go off to college, people miraculously stop taking care of themselves. With mono circulating like the common cold, immune systems will be at an all-time low, especially in the dorms during flu season.

However, there's always a couple of people are perpetually sick regardless of what time of year it is.

Avoid these people like, well, avoid them like the plague.

If someone is always sick it's a pretty good indication of the level of hygiene they're capable of. Or in this case, the level of hygiene that they're clearly incapable of.

Only hook up with these kinds of people if you're okay with being perpetually sick too.

The Clinger

While everyone likes a little attention, no one likes someone who's up their ass all day, every day.

Clingers can be a little tricky to spot, especially at parties since it's easy to blame clingy behavior on drinking.

Try your hardest not to hook up with these kinds of people because they're never going to leave you alone. They might even assume that you're going to be their next girlfriend or boyfriend!

If you end up getting caught in a Clinger's trap make sure you give them no false hope, give them hard No's to hanging out and further contact.

Cut them off completely or they'll eat you alive.

People in Relationships

Is your life boring? Do you need a little old-fashioned drama to spice it up? Then you should hook up with someone already in a relationship!

There's no better way to make your life a living hell than to hook-up with someone with a significant other. If you don't destroy their relationship, you'll make it a whole lot more complicated, and earn yourself a new enemy.

And if their partner never finds out, then you're left feeling guilty for contributing to someone's infidelity.

Plus, you'll gain a reputation as the other woman or the guy on the side.

Your Ex

Do I really need to explain this one? They're your ex for a reason are they not? Even if the sex was great or they've lost five pounds post break up and look better than ever, resist the temptation!

Ex-sex isn't as fun as it's portrayed on TV. Sure, it's steamy and passionate, and anger fueled. But in the morning it's awkward as hell. What's that morning after going to be like? Maybe they won't even be there when you wake up, which is somehow much worse than dealing with the post break-up sex awkwardness.

One not so innocent night of fun may reignite an old flame, or it could open a whole other Pandora's box of problems. And instead of hope being the positive thing at the bottom, all you're left with is the bittersweet memory of a night of half-decent angry sex.

Your Friend's Ex

Doing your friend's ex is perhaps the worst thing you can do for a friendship.

No matter how hot they are or how much they're into you, you should abstain from hooking up with them at all costs.

You know all the details of their relationship with your friend. And you definitely know the details of their break-up. You know why they're your friend's ex. Which makes the betrayal much, much worse.

Not only are you likely to destroy a friendship - which are paramount in college, as the friends you make are likely to be your friends for life - you're likely to cause them a whole lot of heartache. Which just isn't fair.

Your Lab Partner

Grades are arguably the most important thing in college. And why would you screw that up by screwing your lab partner?

Anyone who's made it to the college level of academia knows that having a good group on a group project is everything. If you get stuck with a bad group, you might as well kiss your grade goodbye.

A great way to ruin the group chemistry, and your grade, is to start hooking up with someone in your group.

In some classes, you have the same group for the entire semester, which leaves a whole lot of time and a whole lot of assignments for you to screw up on. Even if your lab partner is giving you the "do me" eyes, hold off until finals at the very least.

That way you can still get some and get decent grades.

Your TA and/or your Professor

Remember what I just said about grades. And remember what I said earlier about authority being attractive. A hot T.A. or a sexy professor can be a deadly combination for these exact reasons.

It's more than likely that you'll at least have one hot T.A. or cute, somewhat youthful professor. I've even had professors that are in their mid-twenties! Having a hot professor that has the hots for you isn't completely out of the question.

While you might think that hooking up with your professor or your T.A. is a sure way of securing a decent grade, it can easily backfire on you. They might be tougher on you so that they don't look like they're playing favorites. And if your relationship turns sour, your grades probably will too.

Plus, you can get in a whole lot of trouble. While relationships between Professors and students are usually against the rules, relationships with T.A.s and students in their classes are frowned upon as well.

Don't mix academia with pleasure. While you might want to fufill your professor/student fantasy, there are plenty of people to get it on with who won't put your grades in jeopardy.

College is a massive place, full of a vast expanse of different kinds of people. Why make your life a living hell and hook up with the people that fall into the categories that are listed above? Try to keep it in your pants when it comes to the exes, the professors, and the party animals and you should be Drama -and more importantly- STD free.