7 Online Dating Cliches and What They Really Mean

Whether you are new to online dating or have five different accounts across three different dating services, there are certain cliches that seem to be on everyone and anyone's profile.

Now the key to creating a successful and enticing online dating profile is being fresh and unique, as well as interesting, of course.

But as I find myself swiping left after left, I am puzzled by the amount of world travelers and adventure seekers within 50 miles of my current location. I was unaware there was a comedy club nearby because apparently all of these girls are fluent in sarcasm, and I had no idea girls not only love partying and drinking excessively, but ALSO staying in with wine and watching a movie. I never would have guessed in a million years!

But you know, as they say: you are unique...just like everyone else.

Below are seven cliche statements that you are guaranteed to encounter on profiles while using an online dating service and what they essentially mean.

  1. "I Love to Travel"

    I hate to say it, but putting this on your dating profile effectively screams "basic."

    Everyone and their mom love to travel. Those who clarify this on their dating profile wish to seem adventurous and diverse, but in reality they merely sound like the previous 20 profiles I just encountered.

    More often than not, those who tend to state that they love to travel on their profile haven't actually traveled all that much. Maybe they studied abroad in Europe last semester or recently visited friends across the country or took a cruise to Mexico this summer; does this really qualify them as much of a traveler?

  2. "Must Be 6ft or Taller"

    It's hilarious because it is usually the short and chubby girls who put this on their profile the most.

    I understand that everyone has a "type," but setting ground rules from the beginning like that just makes you come off as a bitch. Imagine a guy stating on his profile, "Must be 135 pounds or less." There would be an uproar! This is red flag.

    When I see the 6-foot conundrum on a girl's profile, it immediately signifies to me that she merely has a checklist that a guy must live up to; she isn't interested in getting to know my personality or interests or anything, she just wants someone who will help her check off all her boxes regarding a mate.

    And more importantly, it signifies that she's shallow.

  3. "I love to go on adventures"

    Okay, cool, so they don't just sit at home on the couch all day, good to know.

    But what does this even mean, anyhow? Do they like going hiking and on cross-country road trips? Or do they like drunkenly walking eight blocks at 12am to get pizza and walking 10 minutes into a forest to get high? Maybe all of the above, I'm not sure.

    Whenever I come across this statement on someone's profile, I can never find the pictures-or personality-to back it up. Sure, they like adventures, but what is an adventure to them and have you been on any? Maybe merely 5% of all profiles claiming to love adventures actually involve a profile picture outdoors or being adventurous-and that almost guarantees a right swipe from me.

    People believe this statement portrays them as fun and exciting, or maybe even adventurous, but it has become far too common on people's dating profiles and screams a lack of creativity.

  4. "I can't believe I'm doing this, but..."

    This opening line is a user-favorite across online dating platforms but definitely not a fan favorite.

    What this statement essentially says is, "I look down upon people using online dating and can't believe I've stooped this low myself." They are trying to portray themselves in a positive light by clarifying that they've always stuck to the old fashioned way of meeting people and have never resorted to online dating, yet here they are, on an online dating site.

    People don't care if this is your first rodeo, but bringing attention to it under such light is very unbecoming and portrays an attitude of reluctance and superiority.

  5. "I love going out to party and staying in to cuddle and watch a movie"

    Okaaaaay...good for you, you know how to exist with a proper balance in life. Everyone loves to claim they're unique cause they don't need to party 24/7 and actually enjoy normal, relaxing nights at home.

    But no, sweetheart, you aren't the only "introvert" who needs a night in every once in a while to recollect yourself. You aren't the only one who enjoys a good movie and popcorn and passing out on the couch in your pajamas. And you definitely aren't the only one who put that on your dating profile, I promise.

  6. "I'm sarcastic 90% of the time so don't be offended"

    This statement. For some reason I can't stand this statement and for some reason I see it time and time again in one form or another across hundreds of dating profiles.

    What this essentially reveals is that you are kind of a bitch, and you constantly belittle or degrade those around you. Maybe the sarcasm isn't directed at others, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would enjoy any conversation that is 90% sarcastic remarks.

    Maybe they think they are witty and funny, or maybe they are too afraid to take life seriously, whatever the case, they kind of come off as a nut case. No one wants to have a serious relationship with someone who can't take life seriously.

    I'm not saying sarcasm is bad or immature, but there is a time and a place for everything, and 90% of the time is definitely too much for sarcasm.

  7. "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best"

    Lady, handle yourself. We are all grown adults dealing with our own trials and tragedies in life, just trying to get by and make the most out of our experiences; we aren't looking to take on someone else's baggage.

    I don't know why this phrase has become so common among the younger women nowadays, I guess a lot of them are just at their worst right now and need to clarify, I don't know. But either way, seeing this on a dating profile is an immediate dating turn off.

    It basically screams, "I have a lot of problems which I can't deal with on my own." I mean, what makes them think their "best" is all that great anyways? Hell, maybe I can't even deal with your best either, sure as hell aren't going to deal with your worst.