5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful 'Netflix and Chill' For Men

How our generation turned casual hook ups not only into a catchphrase, but even a marketing strategy is well beyond me. Netflix and chill has been around for quite sometime now and the buzz has yet to really settle down.

It is still a go-to move for guys looking to hook up with that cutie they've had their eye on or their most recent match online. Whatever the case, everyone-especially the girls-knows what is up in regards to Netflix and chill.

But that only means one thing: they know exactly what they're getting themselves into when they accept your invitation for "Netflix and chill." They understand the terms and expectations and are frankly cool with it.

Though that doesn't guarantee things will actually happen once she's over and the "Netflix-ing" has begun. There are still many things that you could do to ruin your chance of completing the cycle and eventually "chilling."

Here are five tips to guarantee you a successful Netflix and chill:

  1. Have a Go-To Movie Pre-Selected

    When initially extending the invitation for a possible Netflix and chill, do it with a specific movie, or show, in mind.

    Having a movie picked out ahead of time will benefit you in the long run because it saves your from the awkwardness of scrolling through the movies as you second-guess every one out of fear of her not liking it. I suggest you give her one chance by first asking if she has a certain movie in mind, but we all know every girl's favorite answer is, "I don't know," and I almost guarantee that will be her reply if you turn to her on the couch beside you and ask what movie she'd like to watch.

    Depending on the level of comfort between you two or lack thereof, this awkward indecisiveness could easily kill the mood before it ever really began. That is why planning ahead with a movie already in mind is vital, but not as important as the type of movie you choose.

    When choosing a genre, you want to choose something lighthearted and uplifting, such as a comedy. This creates a playful and happy atmosphere, helping her relax and feel comfortable. You don't want to play anything too sad or too deep, and definitely not something sexual or raunchy. The last thing you want is to put on The Notebook and the both of you end up ugly sobbing.

    Just try to think of a movie that'll have a smile on her face and a slight giggle in her laugh ever so periodically throughout.

  2. Create a Unique Ambiance

    Chances are you aren't the first guy to inviter her over to Netflix and chill, so creating an atmosphere that'll leave her surprised-in a good way-is important to seal the deal.

    There are numerous ways to go about doing this, but first and foremost, make sure you clean your room and/or apartment. No body likes a snob and it is sure to be a turnoff. With that being said, don't be afraid to get a little fancy and light some candles. Girls love candles already and it'll perfectly set the mood for not only a movie night, but also a Netflix and chill type of night.

    Nothing gives off relaxation and sensual vibes more than candles and a movie while you're cuddled up on the couch.

  3. Make Sure She is Comfortable

    The most important item on this list is making sure she is comfortable. If a girl is not comfortable for whatever reason-whether it be with you, an uneven couch or your weird roommate sitting next to you guys in only his boxers-you may only be Netflix-ing for the night.

    No one enjoys feeling uncomfortable, especially not at another person's house where you are expected to partake in sexual matters. Things like that require complete comfort and even aspects of trust. It is important to remain cool, calm and collected the entire time, avoiding sporadic actions or "jokes."

    If things are a tad awkward as the movie slowly begins to develop, create light conversation in regards to the main actors or similar movies. Almost any conversation is better than awkward silence.

    If it is a cold winter night, make sure to have your comfiest blanket on hand. If it is a hot summer evening, make sure to have a fan nearby or the AC unit running ("Ha," said the broke college student). No matter the case, making sure she is comfortable is priority number one.

  4. Don't Jump the Gun

    Do not, I repeat, do NOT, jump the gun and make a move too early.

    While almost every girl knows exactly what a Netflix and chill entails, this does not give you permission to throw yourself on top of her as soon as the opening credits begin to role. It is important to have a second movie in mind just in case she was actually super into the first movie and you could tell the timing was off-although quite rare.

    Let things develop naturally and wait for her to lean on you or take your hand into her lap, as the crucial barrier has now officially been broken and it was her who initiated it, giving you the green light.

    This doesn't mean that now you should throw yourself on top of her, but instead maybe kiss her on the cheek and go back to watching the movie. Depending on her reaction, you'll be able to estimate how much longer you should wait to make your move.

    Waiting for a sure sign to engage is far better than jumping the gun and coming across as desperate.

  5. Help Her UnWINE

    Nothing creates an atmosphere more associated with class and sensuality than some red wine, accompanied by the already-lit candles that you set up ahead of time.

    A bottle of wine, maybe even some popcorn-sounds pretty chillin' to me. Wine will not only help you two loosen up a bit, but also create an impression in her mind that you are unique, and not just a regular sleezball looking for a quick "chill," even if you are.

    Maybe she doesn't like wine, or simply does not want to drink, that's okay. You will still look generous and thoughtful for thinking of it in the first place, but it is crucial that you do not pressure her into drinking whatsoever. This will merely make it seem like you are trying to get her drunk, which is guaranteed to make her uncomfortable and ruin the mood.

    So all in all, keep things light hearted-the movie, the wine, making your move-and I guarantee things will go as planned.