5 Tips That Will Lead To The Most Sensual Sex Ever

In the world of pleasure, there are multiple different types of sex -- from dirty and rough to quick and impersonal to sensual and passionate. Some situations call for one -- like drunk sex is typically dirty and rough -- while sometimes your desires call for one in particular.

If you find yourself day-dreaming about a candle-lit room illuminating you and your lover's naked bodies as you slowly kiss every inch of their body, then it seems you are craving something sensual and passionate. Which means this article is exactly what you're looking for and you most likely didn't just stumble upon it.

In order to create a sensual night of love-making for you and your special someone, read this article and discover five easy steps that will lead to having the most sensual sex ever.

  1. Set the Mood Early

    With any situation, especially a romantic and sexually charged one, the vibe and atmosphere are key deciding factors in whether things go as planned or not. With that being said, make sure to set a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere around the house and bedroom, and set it early.

    A very effective way to do this is by setting out candles and use their dancing, soft light instead of any artificial light within the home. If you know your special someone will be arriving home soon, capitalize on the opportunity by setting out the candles before they arrive. Not only will they wet their panties from such a romantic and sensual surprise, but it will set the mood upon the very second they walk through the door -- and it could be exactly what they need after a long day.

    If you and your partner are both already home and things have already been kicked into gear, then take a moment before things really get rolling and dim the lights or light a few candles, put on some sexual, soothing music and maybe both slip into something comfortable. It is better to take a second to set a mood early on before things get real heated, instead of waiting till later and killing one vibe in order to set a romantic one, possibly killing any vibe whatsoever.

    The vibe being set early determines how the rest of the evening will unfold and a romantic vibe is a favorable one to set leading up to sensual sex, just make sure you keep it flowing for the remainder of the night.

  2. Focus on Kissing

    Kissing is extremely sensual. It truly is.

    A lot of people, myself included, find kissing to be a much more symbolic and personal act than having sex. Sex is merely an urge, but kissing is a romantic act.

    For a moment or two, merely lay there kissing one another. Feel the warmth of each other's lips and the touch of yours tongues. Grab and rub one another, but stay away from any erogenous zones so kissing is the sole point of pleasure.

    Start at their neck and slowly begin to cover their body in gentle kisses, traveling to all their sensitive places (neck, side of the belly, below the bellybutton, inside of thighs), showing that your ultimate plan is to pamper and please them in the most sensual and loving way.

    Simply kissing will elicit a sensual and romantic feel, demonstrating that you truly love your partner and being with them, not only the sex.

    There is no need to jump right into things -- they're going to happen either way so you might as well prolong the journey there and enjoy the shit out of it. Kiss your lover as though it were your very first kiss together and then kiss them like it's your day job.

    A solid makeout sesh is sexy; no one can deny that. So, get great at it.

  3. Play Before Foreplay

    Once the mood has been set, and things have evolved into an "all hands on deck" type of situation, try taking things to the next level while also slowing them down with the use of some oil. Whether it be massage oil, lotion or even candle wax, lather your hands up -- or tease your partner by slowing dripping it on their back -- and give them a full body special; with an eventual happy ending, of course.

    You don't need to be an expert on pressure points or erogenous zones on the body, simply rub your hands along your lover's body and I guarantee they'll be lying there, eyes closed with goose bumps and occasionally squirming. Be firm, be gentle; use your finger tips, use your palms; rub deeply, tickle lightly -- mix things up and mix them up in the right spots.

    Make sure to keep the candles lit, the music jammin', and the wine flowing. The combination of all that, on top of the massage, well let's just say they'll be more than ready for that happy ending.

    Continue with your massage, now just get very close and personal. Don't immediately head towards and focus on those "sensitive spots," but merely caress them as you pass by and continue with the massage. Once intentions are clear and desires are clearer, you can begin to gently focus on the money spots and insist that your partner does the same for you.

    Play with each other passionately and really feel one another. If you continue to use any oils or lotions then more power to you and more power to your touches, as well. Caress one another with care and attention and feel the sexual bond created at that very moment. It is vital to keep in mind that sensual sex is about passion and appreciation for one another; lend a helping hand to your partner and find those spots they weren't even aware of, helping them learn more about themselves.

  4. Don't Rush Into Things

    With sensual sex, climax is not always the ultimate goal. Don't worry, it is still essential and highly advised, but it shouldn't be your "go big or go home" scenario. The goal is to not make your partner orgasm as many times as possible, but, instead, feel every aspect -- every tingle and shot of ecstasy both physically and mentally -- of a passionate and meaningful effort to be pleased by one another.

    To help with this, tease one another. Give them exactly what they want, and then take it away. Allow them to feel a mere moment of euphoria, only a glimpse of the potential energy that is waiting to be released from within them in all the right places, and then take it away. The slower, the better.

    Talk to them. Ask them if that feels good, all while knowing from their wide open mouth and closed, yet wandering eyes that it definitely does. Ask them if they want more and give it to them before they even have a chance to answer -- the element of surprise is surely on your side with this one.

    At this point, I assume things are ready for takeoff, and all thrusters have been engaged. Before taking off and leaving nothing but hot and intense, flames in your path, trying heating up the engine slowly for an even more powerful and earth-shaking (or at least bed-shaking) takeoff.

    If you possessed the self-control to tease your partner up to this point, then this is the perfect ending to start you on your way to really finishing. Once again, be gentle and passionate; feel every bit of one another and hold each other close, almost becoming one.

    Once neither of you can wait any longer, and you desperately seek to let loose on another, then, by all means, go for it. Remember to keep things sensual through the positions you choose and words you use. You're not making a porno that involves rough and vigorous sex, but instead, you're making love.

  5. Stay in Bed Together

    When things are said and done -- the fat lady as sung and a flock of pigs has been spotted over the California Coast -- continue to ly in bed with one another.

    It is said that the very last bite of a meal determines whether a person will order it again or not. When it comes to a romantic night of sexual attention like this, I truly believe the same logic can be applied. How things are left said and done, how the vibe is resolved and the trance that once ensued your entire body begins to fade, is crucial to how the night will be ultimately remembered.

    With that being said, you don't want to immediately jump out of bed and go turn on the T.V. or open up your laptop. Lay with one another and cuddle, talk about your lives and anything and everything. Simply, be, with one another.