7 Unexpected Reasons People Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Love Missionary Sex

When you ask somebody what their favorite sex position is, most don't want to come across as too too vanilla by admitting that missionary is their preferred position. But really, missionary sex is underrated compared to all other staple favorites like doggy-style or cowgirl. If we're being real here, missionary is probably the best go-to and the best for everything when it comes to sex.

Here are a few reasons why missionary sex deserves to be rated #1 in sex positions.

  1. Both you and your partner look amazing at this angle

    During missionary, you get a good, clear view of your partner and see them for all the sweaty, hot mess that they are during sex. This could be a reason people don't like missionary, but I think it makes for an intimate, yet flattering view of yourself and your partner. For starters, men have never looked better than when they're on top of you, thrusting into you and breaking a sweat.

    Almost every woman can agree that for some reason, looking at your man in the missionary position sheds a light on them that hits just right -- with their arms holding onto you to balance themselves, showing off their forearms, and the sweat and the expressions on his face make him look sexier. Along with his abdomen crunching, all while making you want more just from the sight of him.

    This much is also true for the ladies. It's just about the best postiion possible to get a fantastic view of your tits, your face, andn overall everything (except your ass sadly). In other positions, your boobs can uncomfortably flop everywhere or sag or just look not their best -- but in missionary, they're in their prime angle. Laying on your back, and depending at what angle you are, gives them that full and perky look with a slight bounce that your partner is sure to love. Also, as mentioned before, you get a straight-on view of the person's face, and this can work in your favor, since facial expressions are one of the biggest things men look at during sex. Also, your stomach, although it shouldn't matter how it looks (and if he cares about a tummy you should let that man go), will look its flattest versus when in other positions, and you never have to worry about double-chin since your partner is looking down at you.

    Feeling confident in your appearance can help you feel sexy, and for both men and women, this is important. The angle at which we look at our partners during missionary makes for the best view, and men and women can feel and perform their best knowing they look damn good.

  2. Focus on YOU

    A big reason women love missionary is that they get to lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

    However, that's not to say they all lie down like starfish and let their partner do all the work. But being in the missionary helps with focusing on their pleasure because women don't have to worry about

    1. What they look like The last thing that should be on your mind when having sex is worrying about what you look like, but as mentioned previously, women look just about ethereal in the missionary, and they know it. This takes off some of the pressure we sometimes feel to be not only great in bed, but also look great. And if you've ever had sex before in your life -- you know that's almost never the case. Sex is a sweaty mess that makes us all look less than perfect, and women all over the world are already subject to beauty standards, they don't need to worry about that when they're trying to reach an orgasm.

    Luckily, missionary helps in that department because no bits and pieces are flopping around and your stomach isn't hanging out while trying to look sexy in a less-than-sexy feeling position. You get just to enjoy everything.

    2. Rhythm, movement, and pace Since much of the work, but not always all, is being done by your partner up on top, you're left with not much responsibility on your part when it comes to keeping things going. The person on top is in control, and they get to be the one who sets the pace and rhythm.

  3. Skin Contact

    Nothing feels better and sends chills up your spine than skin on skin contact.

    In other positions, the intimacy of skin contact is lessened or nonexistent. Sometimes it's harder to touch your partner's skin in some positions versus others. With missionary, that problem doesn't happen.

    The closeness it provides allows you to share sweet, yet intimate touches of the skin with your partner that enhance the experience overall and make missionary better. You can wrap your legs around your partner's torso, run your hands over their back and maybe scratch them up a bit by digging your fingers into their skin, if they get close enough, you can press your chest against your partner's and have them whisper in your ear. If you're into choking, you're at a perfect angle for your partner to wrap their hands gently (or not) around your neck -- the possibilities are endless.

  4. Intimacy

    You hear this about missionary a lot because it's true, it's the most intimate position of them all. It allows for almost everything to be done -- skin contact, eye-gazing, closeness, whispers, etc. Couples love this position for when they want to feel close to each other or make the sex more romantic. One trick to do this would be to lock eyes with your partner just before you, or both of you, are about to reach your climax and don't look away. Gazing into your partner's eyes during an orgasm can be one of the most intense feelings you'll ever experience, and makes for the sex to be an unforgettable escapade. Being in the missionary position also allows you to kiss your partner a lot. Some people love making out while having sex, and there's no better position to do this in than in missionary.

  5. Pleasure Yourself While Getting Penetrated at the Same Time

    One of the more beautiful aspects of the missionary position is being able to touch yourself or have your partner touch you, at the same time. If you didn't already know by now, most women don't cum or reach an orgasm through penetration alone. No matter how many times you thrust into her, it most likely won't do the trick alone.

    While your partner is on top of you getting it in, you can easily reach down and stimulate your clitoris, or they can do it for you since this position makes it easy for either party to reach down there. You can also use a vibrator down there in between you and your partner to take this so-called "boring" position to an exciting new level, and just see for yourself how good it'll feel. If that doesn't sound like enough fun, you can also get your partner to touch your nipples and stimulate that area, as well. So while you're handling your business down there with your hands or a couple's vibrator, your partner can touch your nipples or even suck on your breasts all while being penetrated.

    This way, if missionary alone is not doing it for you to reach an orgasm, you can amp it up a bit by providing yourself with that sensation from direct clitoral or nipple stimulation.

  6. Achieve One of the Best Feeling Orgasms

    Studies show that the ultimate way to reach an orgasm is through stimulation of the vaginal walls -- especially the front walls. This works best with positions that are front-entry versus rear, for example, and missionary is one of the top positions to achieve an orgasm for this reason. More specifically, you can get your best feeling orgasm in the missionary through something called the CAT, or the Coital Alignment Technique. This technique works by having the person on top enter you at an angle, and slightly more propped up so that their chest is at your shoulder, while their pelvic base or bone is rubbing up against your clitoris. This technique not only helps in the clitoral stimulation department, but because you are at that angle, which an optimal ratio for vaginal wall stimulation to reach an orgasm is 30 to 45 degrees, it will assist in connecting with your walls, and those two stimulated together will make for an epic orgasm.

  7. Alter Missionary Position to Get More Pleasure In Different Ways

    Although missionary is good on its own in the traditional way, you can add different techniques and position yourself in various ways to make missionary even more exciting. All you have to do is get creative.

    Everyone knows that the basics allow you to build on top of them -- which is exactly what you can do with the missionary position. As I've said before, it's the perfect position to attain a deeper level of intimacy with your partner, get deep inside you and gives you the opportunity even to pleasure yourself at the same time.

    Now, if you want to spice up the missionary position by changing up a few things to guarantee your partner an orgasm, you can do that. For example, one simple way of changing up this position is through the "Up and Over" technique. Have your partner lift their hips by plaing a pillow under their butt when laying down, and hold your legs up in a folded position so that they are at an angle and this will let your partner get deeper in.

    Play around and see what feels the best for both of you, or one of you, and position yourself if you're on top at a different level, and have your partner on the bottom do different things with their legs or hips and find a technique that works.