9 Legitimate Ways Male Sex Toys Can Help You Unlock Your Sexual Panther

Buying a male sex toy might be something you are terrified of doing. Well, you should try to over-cum that fear. Why? Because using sex toys during masturbation can lead to getting much better in bed! Plus, sex toys open you up to much more pleasure and possibility than you could ever imagine.

Here are nine reasons why you should forget that stigma, buy yourself a male sex toy, and go to town on yourself.

  1. Stamina, stamina, staminaaaaa

    Are you the kind of guy who has a difficult time lasting long in bed? You can't solve this problem with your hand alone.

    Sure, that can help a little bit… but your hand is going to feel nothing like a mouth or a vagina. If you are trying to up your stamina the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in a Fleshlight.

    Depending on how much you need to condition yourself, you can make the fleshlight feel more and more realistic. You can even buy a warmer that will heat the sleeve up to around body temperature. When you pour the lube in, you can make it feel like a real human woman.

    If you masturbate on a semi-regular basis, you will be more used to the feeling of pleasure. Do you know how it feels terrific to masturbate after a few weeks of not reaching down there? By masturbating more often, you will feel less sudden pleasure when you eventually get the real thing

    One of the biggest complaints women - and actually most of the population - have about sex is that it doesn't last long enough. According to this USA Today article, the average sexual encounter lasts around 7.3 minutes, with 43% of sex acts lasting around 2 minutes before ejaculation. By practicing on a sex toy like the Fleshlight you may be able to increase how long you last in bed. Think of it as conditioning: The more you condition yourself to run farther and longer, the farther and longer you can run. Believe it or not, rubbing one out can help you get better, harder, faster, and stronger

    In addition to masturbating, pelvic floor exercises will help you last longer and control your orgasms (and may even intensify them!). If you do these on a daily basis, you will have a little more control.

    When it comes down to it, a lot of what causes early ejaculation is mental. By masturbating with a sleeve of some sort, you may be able to push past that mental barrier as well.

  2. Masturbaton is healthy

    There are so many benefits to masturbation it's a little wild, especially when you think of how back in the day you were told you'd go blind if you diddled yourself.

    There have been studies that show that you can actually reduce your risk of cancer by masturbating often. You are basically cleaning out your pipe(s) by flushing out bacteria that collects in the urogenital tract. If you masturbate on the regular, you are somewhere around a third less likely to get prostate cancer.

    In addition to making you last longer, masturbating helps you stay harder. By masturbating, you are naturally working out your pelvic floor which helps you maintain your muscle tone down there as you age. Frequent masturbation can also contribute to preventing ED later in life.

    You know when you work out, and you're in a great mood after? Masturbating releases the same kind of endorphins (as does sex). You can expect to feel a little bit of a boost in your mood when you masturbate! Additionally, when you masturbate your body releases a hormone that helps regulate your immune system. So masturbating can literally make you less susceptible to illness.

    My favorite health benefit to masturbating is that if you can't fall asleep, you can easily fix that by rubbing one out. You will experience a similar exhaustion to what you feel right after sex, which can help put you right to bed if you're having trouble sleeping.

    My second favorite health benefit is that, because you release endorphins and hormones during masturbation, you can cure a headache by rubbing one out.

    By introducing a sex toy, you're only going to have a better masturbation experience and probably want to do it a little more often. Which, as I proved above, can only help improve your health.

  3. Girls like guys who are confidant... esepcially in their sexuality

    Some of the biggest assumptions people make about guys who buy sex toys are that they're either lonely, creepy, gay or any combination of the three.

    However, for a woman to buy sex toys, it makes them more attractive. Men assume that those women are increasingly sexual and know their way around the bedroom. If a man owns sex toys, it should lead to the assumption that they are a sexual maven and have plenty of sexual experience.

    Any reasonable woman won't think poorly of you if they find your Fleshlight under the bed. Instead, their first instinct should be to ask to introduce it into sex.

    If you are confident in your decision to buy a sex toy and maintain a nonchalant attitude about that decision, you will come off as sexy. Women are more fluid and open minded to sexuality than you might think. If you encounter a woman who is seriously close minded on the subject, just explain to her that it wouldn't be weird if she had a sex toy collection, so it shouldn't be odd for you to have one either.

    If they still treat you differently, don't reward them with sex. Keep on masturbating until you find someone less close minded.

    If a woman sees that you are confident in your sexuality and are in touch with your sexual side, they will be even more attracted to you when they find that cock ring you tried to hide in your nightstand.

  4. Understanding your body is key for good sex

    Aside from the physical health benefits that you can gain from masturbating on the regular, you can actually gain some serious mental benefits that can help you get better in bed.

    By masturbating - especially with toys - you can better understand how your body responds to certain stimulation. And by your body, I'm not just talking about your genitals. Your entire body can be an erogenous zone. By masturbating, you can uncover hot spots on your body that don't necessarily reside in your boxers.

    You might find that you respond to hot/cold sensation or that vibration around your legs and thighs brings you standing to attention. And you may not have ever figured these things out about your body if you hadn't invested in a sex toy or two (or three).

    Understanding what turns you on will only help you have better sex. Have you noticed the way women orgasm - or at the very least how they do -and/or pretend to- in porn? They usually orgasm like it's so good that the god damn world is crashing down around them. That feeling is not exclusive to women. If you do a little self-exploration, you might find yourself having earth shattering orgasms as well (which women think are sexy by the way).

  5. Vibrators aren't just for the ladies

    While vibrators are almost exclusively marketed toward women, that doesn't mean that only women can enjoy them. You can feel some smooth vibrations yourself if you do some shopping in the male sex toy section of a sex shop or online store.

    These vibrating toys really deliver. They can make your masturbation experiences more intense as well as your experiences with a partner. I recommend investing in the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand, or something of the like. Not only is it powerful, but it is versatile. You can get a multitude of both male and unisex attachments that fit over the vibrating head. I highly recommend adding this to your collection because you'll love it and any lady friend that might come around will love it too - possibly even more.

    If you're hooking up with a girl and you just so happen to have a vibrator at your place, I can promise that you might have more than a one-night-stand on your hands. Having a sex toy that vibrates - whether it be an external vibrator or a wearable like a cock ring - makes sex much more pleasurable both you and for your female partner. Men usually don't have a difficult time reaching an orgasm but having something that introduces vibrating sensation to your sexual encounter will make it more likely for your female partner to have a "big O" as well.

  6. Learn to breathe

    One of the chief things taught by clinical sexologists is breathing. Breathing during sex is just as important as breathing properly with weight lifting.

    Learn to breathe as your pleasure heightens. Your heart rate will pick up, but you need to make sure that you don't stop regulating your breathing. Breathing deeply and properly can help heighten orgasms and help you last longer.

    While you might be one of those people who is into choking, you don't want to pass out while you're in bed because you got a little too lost in the sauce.

  7. Girls think sex toys are hot

    Girls love everything from handcuffs to cock rings. Why? Because girls - believe it or not - are freaky. Like really freaky.

    The term lady in the streets and freak in the sheets applies to most of the female population. Girls like sex. Correction: girls like good sex. And good sex usually doesn't involve some guy jack hammering for 30 seconds to completion.

    As I mentioned before, girls like a guy who's confident sexually. Why? Because it makes them feel more comfortable letting their freak flag fly in bed. So as soon as you whip out the sex toys, you might be surprised at how overwhelmingly positive the reaction is. Some girls are obviously a little shy and much less sexual, however, with a little coaxing they'll come out of their shell.

    Owning sex toys will make you look like you're a freak that knows what they're doing in bed, which is refreshing from a female perspective. The last thing they want is another boring type of lover, believe me they've had plenty of thsoe.

    So don't be too shy and hide those toys somewhere a woman would never find them! "Hide" them away somewhere like a bedside table or anywhere near your condom stache. Let your lady find them on her own, and she can be in control of whether or not your toys get brought out to play.

  8. Rediscover your butt (if you're down with that)

    Sex toys aren't just made for your dick.

    If you are open minded enough to open your legs a little bit and experiment with your butt, then there are plenty of sex toys for you.

    And before you ask, I'll answer: No, liking stuff in your butt doesn't make you gay in the least bit. Being gay has everything to do with who you want to have sex with, not what sensations in what places turn you on.

    If you do decide to venture back there, you might unlock a completely different set of sensations to enjoy. Benefits of playing with your prostate include reduced risk of prostate cancer and more intense orgasms.

    Again, this might be something you want to think about trying (even as a straight guy).

  9. Make sex with partners more exciting

    Sex toys are fun to play with. That's why they're called toys, duh. But do you know what makes toys even more fun? Play dates.

    When you have a partner to fool around with, having some toys to play with makes your experience much more fun and intense. By introducing toys into your sex life, as well as masturbation, you're only going to increase the amount of pleasure you and your partner are capable of feeling. Because let's be honest, the worst sex move you could pull is being boring in bed.

    Ever wanted to have a threesome with two girls? Use a Fleshlight! Does your partner want to have a threesome with two guys? Order a dildo! Do you both want to feel some sensual vibrations? Throw a Hitachi into the mix, or a vibrating cock ring or another vibrating toy.

    Are you in the mood to get your 50 shades on? Put that Amazon Prime 2 Day Shipping to use and order some kinky gear!

    I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again, if you are game to introduce sex toys into the mix your lady friends are going to be increasingly attracted to you. You will come off as a sexually experienced fox of a man. Your percieved and actual sexual prowess will go through the roof.