A complete timeline of Justin Bieber's salacious dating history

As far as dating histories go, Justin Bieber perhaps has one of the most complicated for how young he is.

While some associate Bieber with only Selena Gomez, they haven't even begun to scratch the surface of Justin's extensive laundry list of ex-girlfriends and past flings.

The 23-year-old has potentially been with Victoria's Secret models, infamous pop-stars, Kardashians, Jenners, and the daughters of Hollywood elite.

If even half of the rumors that are listed below are true, then Bieber clearly has a way with the ladies as he's managed to get with some of the most recognized names in pop-culture.

In order to keep track of the star's dating history that he's managed to accumulate since he rose to fame in 2009, I made a timeline of all his known potential flings, girlfriends, and his confirmed relationships.

In the eight years since he became one of the biggest stars on the planet, here are all the women Bieber has potentially and officially made less lonely.


  • Caitlin Beadles

    (Dated in 2009)

    Before Bieber rose to fame, he dated his best friend's sister, Beadles. They met at church after he moved to the US in 2009. However, once the singer started touring, he became too busy for their relationship to continue.

    It's widely believed that his first single, "Never Let You Go," was based on his brief relationship with Beadles.

  • Post-"Baby"

  • Jessica Jarrell

    (Possibly dated in 2010)

    After the release of "Baby," Bieber rocketed to a whole new level of fame. The singer embarked on a tour accompanied by fellow singer Jessica Jarrell.

    After being seen holding hands, Biebs insisted the two were best friends. However, when people watch this recording of the two fo them singing Bieber's song "Overboard" on the My World tour, they start to question how platonic the relationship really was.

  • Selena Gomez

    (Dated from 2010-2014)

    For five years, Justin and Selena were a fixture as far as Hollywood couples went. The relationship was rocky, which Gomez attributed to Bieber's bad behavior and flirtation with other girls. However, while they were together they truly seemed like they were in love.

    The big initial split happened in November 2012, but they seemed to be back together in April of the following year.

    They split up again after Bieber's DUI. During this time Gomez entered rehab.

    In 2016, Gomez did end up getting into some Instagram drama with Bieber after a post where he pleaded with his over zealous fan base to chill out, which lead many to believe Gomez's wounds have not yet fully healed (more on this drama later down the timeline).

    People theorize that even though the two have been broken up since 2015, they will eventually rekindle their romance as many believe that first love is true love.

    (let's be real, they probably lost their virginities to one another. That makes for a powerful connection.)

  • Post-Selena Rebounds

  • Miranda Kerr

    (Potential fling: 2012)

    It is widely believed that the split was caused by Bieber's potential fling with model Miranda Kerr. While fans don't like to think of Justin as a potential cheater, seeing Kerr might have been the reason why his relationship with Selena went south in the first place.

    During this time she was still married to then husband Orlando Bloom, and Biebs was still involved with Selena.

    Both have denied the rumors.

  • Tati Neeves

    (Fling: 2013)

    You can't chronicle Bieber's dating history without mentioning this ridiculous instance.

    Neeves, a Brazilian model, sent a video to a friend of her in a hotel room with a sleeping Justin Bieber. This video quickly went viral after which the model said that she slept with him and was left satisfied after the encounter. She even used the words "well-endowed" to describe him.

    The model made the most of her 15-minutes-of-mega-fame by going into detail about her encounter with Bieber by disclosing all the dirty details. She said that he was an amazing lover, and even said that she "did have the strength" to keep up with the singer's sexual stamina.

    She claimed to have just sent the video to a friend to prove that she'd actually slept with the singer and claims to be furious she shared the video online. However, she didn't mind the spotlight that came with the drama.

  • Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke

    (Potential fling: 2013) While there isn't much meat to this rumor, the two were briefly linked after being seen clubbing together in London.

    But again, this is a comprehensive list so of course she's included.

  • Yvonna Ventura

    (Fling: 2014)

    While these two were never officially dating, they were photographed getting quite cuddly together.

    After the final break up with Gomez, Ventura was the first known rebound after his lengthy involvement with the "Fetish" singer.

  • The model phase

  • Barbara Palvin

    (Potential fling: (2013-2014) These two were spotted together seeing a Broadway play in early 2013. They were photographed together semi-often though they denied dating rumors.

    After not beings even with one another for months, the two were seen again in 2014… However, the two steadfastly denied that they were dating and insisted the two were just friends.

  • Shanina Shaik

    (Potential fling: 2014) Again, Biebs was quick to deny dating rumors while these two were photographed looking awfuly cozy.

  • Chantel Jefferies

    (Potential fling: 2014 & 2016)

    These two were linked, but again relationship never confirmed, in 2014.

    The rumors started flying - understandably so - after Jeffries was photographed in the passenger's seat of the rented, yellow Lambo the night of his DUI.

    The two may have rekindled their romance again in 2016 when the model posted a photo of a naked Biebs with the caption: "I love you Justin"

    However, the photo proved to be photoshopped.

  • Adriana Lima

    (Potential fling: 2014)

    These two were spotted getting cozy in Cannes, during the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

    The Model had just split from her husband at the time and was potentially looking for a younger man to rebound with.

    Sources say that the two would not stop talking to one another and appeared to be having a lot of fun. It's believed that the two hooked up that weekend.

    Spoiler: This was not the last time Biebs cozied up to a cougar.

  • Kendall Jenner

    (Potential fling: 2014)

    After being photographed in close physical proximity at Coachella, the rumors started to fly that these two were an item.

    However, both Biebs and Jenner insist that their relationship is merely platonic.

  • Pre-Instagram Drama

  • Madison Beer

    (Potential fling: 2015)

    Beer was signed to Bieber's record label in 2012, but it was rumored that they hooked up in 2015.

    Obviously, the two denied the rumors. But in photos, the two looked like more than friends.

    In my opinion, if this story is true it's the weirdest (and grossest) one. If this is true, Beer basically hooked up with her boss, which can be a serious HR concern if you think about it.

    However, both singers still work closely together and are still very good friends.

  • Jayde Pierce

    (Potentially dating: 2015)

    These two were rumored to be dating in May of 2015 when they were spotted on vacation together. When Biebs was photographed naked in his hotel room, he was not alone. The singer and the British YouTube star were photographed on vacation together.

    They'd frequently been photographed together leading up to their vay-cay to Bora Bora. She is considered by some to be the subject of Bieber's "Love Yourself".

    Bieber also posted photos of the two of them on what seems like the beach. While this relationship was clearly short lived, Justin and Jayde do sound pretty cute together. Imagine the couple names…

  • Ashley Moore

    (Potential fling: 2015)

    Bieber took to Instagram to post a few sexy photos of this model. One of the photos considered to be the most telling of their fling was one of Moore posing in her underwear with the caption: "Ash I see u in ur #Calvin's"

    While Bieber, who'd been photographed for Calvin Klein in the past, might have been boosting the brand there was definitely some chemistry there.

    A year later the two were photographed kissing, which proves there was something - regardless of how casual and brief - between the two.

  • Kourtney Kardashian

    (Dated in 2015)

    Apparently one Kardashian-Jenner wasn't enough.

    These two were spotted out a lot toward the end of 2015. There was no denying that they had something going on.

    Kardashian had just split up with Scott Disick and was clearly looking for some fun. The two were spotted at various clubs during December.

    Between Kardashian and Lima, there seems to be a pattern emerging that might hint that Biebs has a thing for much older women.

  • Hailey Baldwin

    (Dated in 2016)

    These two made it official in January of 2016, making this relationship the first confirmed by Bieber since Selena.

    They were spotted out several times, and the model even joined Bieber on a family vay-cay to Anguilla. They even posted photos of them kissing during New years.

    But by February, Baldwin confirmed that the two were no longer exclusive. And Bieber has since com forward saying that they are just friends.

  • Nicola Peltz

    (Dated in 2016)

    Thes two met at an album release in Toronto and were spotted out on several dates since. They'd been dating shortly before the relationship apparently died out.

  • Post-Instagram Drama

  • Sofia Richie

    (Dated in 2016)

    Bieber made his relationship with the daughter of infamous Lionel Richie public in August of 2016. The model and the singer posted photos of one another on their social media accounts and took trips to Japan and Mexico together.

    This relationship prompted Bieber to plead with his fiercely devoted fans to stop harassing Richie. This lead to Gomez commenting on his Instagram post saying that if he couldn't handle what was being said about his relationship, he shouldn't be putting it out there on the internet. This comment ended up igniting some serious drama.

    these two dated until September, when Bieber broke off the relationship.

  • Hailee Steinfeld

    (Potentially dated in 2017)

    While Bieber has not confirmed this and Steinfeld has denied rumors saying that they've been friends forever, people think that these two are dating.

    Bieber was photographed mid facetime call, and it was rumored the two met up after the Met Gala on their own…

    Suspicious? I think so. Romantic? Definitely.

  • While we have no idea who Bieber is currently dating or if he will ever get back with Selena again, we can at least be confident that he has a way with the ladies.

    If this is his dating history after eight years, I cannot imagine what this infamous seral dater is going to get himself into in another eight. We might find ourselves doing a part two soon if what Tati Neeves said about his sexual appetite is indeed true.