Is My Boyfriend Cheating? Here's How to Tell

Do you have the feeling that your man is cheating? Do you think there might be another woman… or worse… other women? Decoding the actions of an average man is hard enough without the suspicion he's being unfaithful. Before you kick him to the curb you need to be sure he's cheating, but how? Read on to discober a few signs that he might mean he's cheating.

  • He rocks the short-shorts and Sperrys combo

    First of all, why did you date a man who dresses like he's about to hop on his daddy's yacht? Second of all, why did you expect him to be faithful in the first place?

    If there is one thing, college should have taught you it's that anyone who looks like they're the president of Alpha Sigma Chai Tea Latte, is a bonafide fuq boi. And do you know what fuq bois do? Fuck girls who usually aren't their girlfriends.

    You probably don't even need to confront him to be sure that he's cheating on you. I recommend ditching this guy and find a man who doesn't even own a pair of salmon-colored short-shorts.

  • He turns his phone on airplane mode

    If he switches his phone to airplane mode when you're hanging out, odds are he's shady af. This prevents texts or calls from rolling in. So if he has a side-chick(s) who likes to blow up his phone, he can prevent you from seeing the messages come in.

    There is, however, a difference between switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode verses Airplane mode. If he's switching his phone to Do Not Disturb odds are he's actually polite. Group message notifications are a curse when you're trying to get romantic with your lady, so silencing the notifications is an easy fix.

    The main thing that makes Do Not Disturb not so shady is that you can still see the notifications coming in on your phone. Airplane mode keeps them from coming in all together.

  • His phone password has suddenly changed… and now it's a secret

    Changing his phone password doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating … it might be because his bros are too nosey, maybe he felt prone to Russian hackers, or maybe he isi> texting some other girl.

    When your man changes his phone password, it's not something to worry about, unless he doesn't give you the new password. Did he delete your thumb from Touch Id? That's a major sign he has something to hide.

    Ask him what his new password is and if he suddenly doesn't want you to have it, question him further. Maybe even ask him to open his phone to prove he isn't doing anything shady.

  • "Oh don't worry about her... we're just friends"

    We've all seen the memes, but only some of us have been victims of the girl he told you not to worry about.

    Now don't get it twisted, men and women can, in fact, be just friends. I have plenty of platonic guy friends just as my guy friends have plenty of platonic lady friends… but there are times you should be suspicious about the girl he told you not to worry about.

    Odds are if she's really hot, you might not have to worry about her. It's the girls who are lower than you on the hotness scale you really have to worry about. These are the girls your man dares to bring around you because he thinks she flies under the radar. These are the girls who think they're sneaky enough to get past you.

    Don't let them get away with it. If he starts spending too much time with this girl he told you not to worry about, if she's a 5 and you're a 10, if she's around you a little too much then, he might be cheating.

  • Dominos stays blowing up his phone

    Liking pizza is one thing… using Domino's good name to cover up cheating is another. Yes, I too have had many an affair with Dominos (how can you say no to those lava cakes?) and yes I am guilty of calling them late into the night for some drunk munchies. But if your man is calling Dominos all too often or too late in the night - or better yet has missed calls from Dominos - you should be suspicious.

    There has been an increase in men naming their side-chicks contact something innocuous in their phone, like Dominos. While your boyfriend saving his favorite pizza place's number in his phone might seem innocent, don't write it off until you give it a call. If they answer with something that would make any HR representative have a heart attack, it's time to confront your man.

  • He's got a lot of firty texts from his bro "Greg"

    Unless, he's got a disgustingly sappy friendship with his good buddy he might not be texting his bro suggestive text messages…

    Similar to how guys will change their side-chicks name in their phone to their favorite take-out place, they'll change a girls name to a male name or a name nearly identical with their buddy's contact info.

    This is easily one of the shadiest ways men have come up with to text other girls in front of their lady, but also the most ridiculous. This strategy is somewhat easy to notice, but hard to catch since if you accuse him, he can use his bromance as his defense. But if he has changed the name to a guy you've never met you can totally accuse him of making up a buddy that doesn't exist.

    Or you know… he very well might be cheating with his bro Greg…

  • His Snapmap location is allegedly always wrong

    Thanks to Snapchat we have a whole new way to stalk our friends… and our significant others.

    Unlike Find My Friends, you have to opt out of Snapmaps which means a lot of people have it turned on. Not only is it kinda creepy, but it's also scarily accurate.

    If your man tries to play it off like his location services are messed up he's lying to you, girl. Snapmap is accurate down to the address, just because it's through Snapchat doesn't mean it isn't as accurate as Apple's built-in app.

  • He gets defensive for no reason

    Has your man ever gotten super defensive when you innocently ask him about his day? Does he freak out when you ask how his night out with the boys was?

    If he acts like this for no reason, it's pretty likely that he has something to be defensive about. Don't let him make you feel like a crazy girlfriend for simply inquiring about his day.

    When guys start acting like this, he's either doing one of two things: desperately trying to conceal the fact that he's going to propose or he's cheating on you. And if you guys haven't been dating long enough for a proposal to be a possibility, he could be stepping out on you.

    Regardless, he's hiding something. That something could be anything from a new puppy to another girl, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

  • He stopps initiating sex

    This is probably one of the biggest red flags your man could wave.

    Men are naturally more sexual than women across the board. If your hyper-sexual boyfriend has suddenly stopped initiating sex, then you definitely have a problem.

    This doesn't mean that he's settling into the relationship, this means he's getting his needs met somewhere else… likely by someone else.

    You need to urgently discuss with your man if this he's stopped trying to have sex with you. If it's not another girl, it could be that you need to spice it up. If you want to keep your relationship healthy figure this sex problem out ASAP.

  • When you do have sex, he's got some new moves

    If you are having a difficult time with your sex life, where on earth did he get those new moves from?

    While it might be nice to think that he's been reading those Cosmo Sex Tips just for you, he probably learned a little something from doing it with someone else.

    Decent sex - while not everything - is key to a good relationship. Any changes to your sex life with your partner are an indication of a change in your relationship. If sex becomes infrequent or extremely different - almost like you're having sex with someone else - then you should sit your partner down and talk about sexual needs.

    Having a serious talk about sex could either help you both change whatever's wrong with your relationship or it could lead to a confession from the cheater.

    If you start to notices changes in your sex life, make a mental note, and attack the problem head-on.

  • His gym habits have changed

    Let's be real unless you and your bae are a "fit couple" your man should not necessarily be getting more in shape while in a relationship.

    Yes, people like to get healthy. Yes, right now fitness is trending hard on social media. Yes, it's not a crime to get healthy. But it could be a crime if he's getting healthy for someone else…

    Your body goes through a cycle when you're single to when you're dating to when you break up. After a breakup, you go through a period where you let your body go to shit. When you've accepted that you're single you're likely on top of your fitness; after all, you're sexy, single and ready to mingle. When you're in a relationship, you're probably going to put on a few pounds from eating junk food with bae. The only reason he should be getting shredded at the gym is if you as a couple decided to be healthy or if it's right after New Years and he hasn't given up on his resolution yet.

    If your man is hitting the gym more than a few times a week, you should be concerned. If he's working on changing his appearance, he might be changing it for someone else. This could be a sign that he's fallen out of the relationship mindset and into a more single mindset.

    While this isn't the reddest of flags, it's something to watch out for especially when coupled with another sign on this list.

  • He starts being incresingly more (or less) affectionate

    Any big changes in the amount of physical and verbal affection he pays you could mean he's cheating.

    If he suddenly starts being more and more affectionate, that might mean that he's trying to make up for the time he's spending with other women. Heavily laying on the charming compliments is his way of keeping you in the dark about what he's doing behind your back.

    On the other hand, if he starts starving you of affection that might mean that most of his affection is going to someone else. If he doesn't want to cuddle or doesn't compliment you as much as he used to, ask him about it. It could be the relationship growing mature, or it could be a result of him getting bored and finding someone else to love on.

  • I love you?

    Another sign that something might be wrong with your relationship is his willingness - or lack thereof - to say "I love you."

    If you haven't reached that "I love you" stage yet and he suddenly said it after you had accused him of cheating, then you might want to question the sincerity of that "I love you." Him saying that might be a way of throwing you off his trail if he's cheating especially because it would be difficult for you to question his feelings to his face.

    However, if you've already reached the "I love you" stage and he's become less ardent about saying that he loves you, you might want to worry. If you find yourself always having to say it first only to get a half-assed reply, this could be a sign he's stepping out.

  • He starts spending more time at work or out with the boys.

    Has your man suddenly taken a special interest in a project at work? Is he suddenly an advocate that Saturdays are truly for the boys? Sure, he might be trying to get ahead at work or bond with his bros, but if this starts to become a habit you might want to be suspisious…

    These are excuses for not being home that are very difficult to argue with. If everytime you ask to hang out he uses one of these two excuses, start asking him the hard questions.

  • Your gut tells you he's cheating

    When all is said and done, if your gut tells you something wrong there is something wrong. Don't ignore your instincts for fear of becoming a "crazy girlfriend," listen to your gut, girl!.

    Maybe he's not cheating, but there could be something else you both need to work on. Listen to your intuition and don't just let yourself get played.

    Confront him.