Here's How to Take Tantalizing (and Replay-Worthy) Snapchat Nudes

Snapchat has quickly become the top way people exchange nudes. Why send a nude the boring way? Forget plain ol' sexting and follow these tips for taking sexy Snapchat nudes!

  1. How much do you trust them?

    Regardless of whether you're sending a text that may last forever or a snap with a five-second expiration date, you need to evaluate how much you trust the recipient of your nudes.

    Now more than ever, people are very aware that once something is on the internet (or enters into the all-mighty Cloud), it is out there forever. While Snapchat feels like the only app that can facilitate magical disappearing nudes, remember that everything digital is forever.

    It seems like every day some celebrity has their nudes leaked or that an ex is blackmailing one of your friends with their nudes. In an era where nothing is sacred, how do you make sure your nips remain unseen by all?

    It comes down to trust. Sure, Snapchat will tell you if someone screenshots your pics, but some apps offer digital ways around this safeguard. And I mean you could always take a picture of your phone screen with something else!

    If you have any doubt in your mind about how trustworthy this person might be, you should either reconsider sending them nudes or at least keep your face out of the pics.

    You and your genitals are too precious to be sent to a scumbag who might show them to all their scummy friends. Practice some self-love by only sending your nudes to someone who respects you a whole lot.

  2. Digital foreplay is a must.

    Like good sex, make sure there's build up.

    Start off with a message or an innocuous fully clothed snap featuring some naughty text. This will set the tone for both you and your sexting partner. Or motivate them through their work day with a somewhat sexy photo while they're on the job. They won't be able to do anything about that photo at the moment and will make them think about you all day long.

    Once you get some sexy correspondence sent from them, continue to build the tension.

    Think of your sexual snap sesh as a digital striptease at first. Don't let them see everything. Keep some parts of your body hidden with some clever camera angles or by using some of the strategies I mention later on in this post.

    Don't go (literally) balls out at first, make sure you build some sexual tension. Because when you finally have a chance to break it, it'll be that much more satisfying.

  3. Don't be afraid of filters (even the funny ones)

    Let's be honest; everyone looks 10x cuter with the dog filter. Why? I have no idea. Will I keep using it? Of course.

    When you're sending nudes, Snapchat filters can both make you feel a little sexier and more confident. When in doubt throw on a filter before you take your nude!

    I usually insist that if you aren't laughing. You aren't doing it right.

    Sex is not strictly serious. If you think about it, the idea of sending nudes is even more rediculous than rolling around naked with someone.

    Some of the Snapchat filters are much funnier than they are sexy. Sure, some of them make you look infinitely cuter and animated. However, there are plenty of hilarious ones. Why leave them out of sexting? I highly recommend making your partner laugh - while simultaneously - turning them on by using one of the funnier filters when you send nudes.

  4. Say something!

    As cute as you are naked, your snaps might get a little boring with the absence of text. You should talk dirty digitally!

    Instead of just sending a picture of your boobs in your favorite push up bra, why not add something like "Want me to take this off?"

    Send a picture of your bulge in gray sweatpants accompanied by a line of text saying how badly you want to put that… somewhere.

    Snap a pic of your peach in your favorite Victoria's Secret cheekies with a cheesy pickup line.

    The possibilities are endless!

    People love talking dirty for a reason. Words can be just as sexy as nudes, so why not combine them to achieve ultimate sexiness?

  5. Personalized stickers

    Now using this feature may not seem like it could apply to Snapchat sexting, you'd be wrong!

    This is a perfect way to make your partner laugh while you're sending sexy snaps. Use a personalized sticker of their face to censor yourself. Use a sticker that harkens back to an inside joke between the two of you.

    This way you can also have the perfectly shaped censor for any part of your body. Or you can cover your face with these stickers if you don't feel entirely confident in the person on the receiving end.

  6. Make a 10 second long Porno.

    The best part about Snapchat is that you don't have to limit yourself to picture! Take a sexy video!

    Put on a song that's sex soundrack worthy and writhe around while aiming your camera at your sexy self. Or take a video of you doing some naughty things to yourself while saying something even dirtier.

    Give them a quick glimpse at what's hiding under your shirt or what's in your pants. Or bare all.

    What's nice about the new video feature is that Snapchat won't cut you off if your video is over 10 seconds long. This makes ranting over Snapchat infinitely easier, but it can also make sexting a little more effortless as well. It's a perfect balance between Skype sex and nudes.

    But if you want to build that tension you can always cut your video off at 10 seconds, which will leave your partner feigning for more.

  7. Motion track your naughty bits

    Thanks to another newer feature from our favorite ghosts at Snapchat Inc. you can motion track stickers in videos!

    Let's say you're still building that tension I mentioned earlier, why not strip all the way down but motion track some emojis over your nips?

    A personal favorite of mine is using the "no one under 18" emoji to cover up parts that would definitely be considered NC-17. This way you can still tease your lover, which will build tension until the next time you see each other or until they can get alone with their phone.

    You can also censor your face if your trust is still shakey. This way you can still bare all without worrying about them sneakily screenshotting your face. So if that photo ends up on the internet, no one can be 100% sure that body belongs to you.

    You can also motion track personalized stickers! So if your goal is to make them laugh while you're making them horny, I'm sure you can think of some creative ways to use personalized stickers to your advantage.

  8. Send them a sexy link

    Using the feature that allows you to swipe up and go to a link helps keep your partner on their toes! This keeps your snapping from getting boring.

    You can attach any link, however I think Rick Rolling them is definitely a stellar choice. If you want to do something a little sexier and a little less trolly, you should link to some porn.

    Show your partner what you're looking at at that moment. You should also attach sexual gifs or pictures and tell your partner that you want to try that particular position or sex act with them!

    Attach a link to the sex toy you just bought, or to erotica your just read, the possibilities are endless.

    Using the link feature to your advantage will help build tension and build a connection with your partner all while leaving no evidence behind.

  9. Double check your recipient!!!

    This is easily the most important step to sexting like a pro… Make sure you're sending nudes to the right person!!!

    Everyone's worst nightmare is sending a dirty pic to the wrong person. Everyone has friends that have already seen them completely naked. Hopefully, if you accidentally send something to someone else it's one of these people. But everyone has a long list of people that they should under no circumstances ever send their nudes to.

    Don't let adrenaline get in your way. Regardless of how eager you are to send your message and get back to touching yourself make sure to double, triple, quadruple check who you're sending your sexy snaps to.