How To Get Away With Fucking In Public

Everyone wants to be able to say they've had sex in public. It's a great way of gaining a one up on everybody during a game of "Never Have I Ever," and is an exhilarating experience. But the trick to successfully having sex in public is to be careful, cautious, and courteous. Eliminate your chances of being seen, or worse, getting caught by authorities, by following these tips and suggestions on how and where to fuck in public.

  1. Be Careful

    Carefully choosing your location is the number one key to successfully fucking in public. As you probably already know, you should choose somewhere discreet and practically abandoned. You wouldn't want to go anywhere where cars are likely to be driving by at every minute, or people are walking through either. The best locations, instead, are ones where little to no people pass through. To give you some ideas of where you should take your partner to get down and dirty in public, here are some examples of perfect places to get your freak on.

    If you're choosing to fuck in a parking lot, you'd think an empty one would be the best option, right? Well, wrong. That's a total give-away, and you're more likely to get caught -- especially if it's night. Instead, you should try to find a somewhat busy parking lot at dusk, nearing nighttime, and park in a far-away corner, the top floor of a parking garage, or in one of the empty spaces of the lot where there are no other cars parked. Fucking in a car is way easier if you have your windows tinted, and I strongly suggest you don't do it if your windows are not. Also concerning car windows, leave yours cracked the slightest bit to avoid steam generating in your car and causing a Titanic handprint moment, which is also a giveaway. If you're not into the idea of fucking in a parking lot, or you've done it already, another great place to have sex in the car is in your own neighborhood! Just have your partner pick you up, preferably late at night when your neighbors aren't out in the yard, drive around your block and find a spot to park and fuck! It's way easier than having to deal with a busy parking lot, and from experience, is much better and more intimate.

    Believe it or not, it's possible to have sex in a park.

    The best kind of park to fuck at isn't your local, neighborhood public park, though, unless it's at night when everyone's gone. But if you're trying to fuck during the day, I highly suggest going to an elementary school and using their park. Now obviously you'd go on the weekend when no one is there, but an even better time to go is during a holiday break, just to be sure no custodians or staff are lurking around on a Saturday. To some, this may seem like an immoral act, but hey, fucking in public alone is immoral. But what you want to do, since the school gates are likely closed, and you can't get in through the front (and you shouldn't since it'd be kind of noticeable), is to go around the back-end of the school, or wherever the park is located, and hop the fence. I'd even go as far as to make a date out of this with your partner because nothing says romance like trespassing right? You could play around in the park and shoot some hoops on the basketball courts, then play with each other. The best place to do this is on the jungle gym, preferably behind a box of some sort, usually located by the slide, or somewhere where there is something to cover you.

    Another great place to fuck in public are fitting rooms.

    If you live in an area where the mall isn't too busy, you're lucky. If you do though, not to worry, it's still possible. The best tip I can give you when trying to have sex in a fitting room is to, like with most places, look for one that is secluded. I'd go into a bigger store like JCPenny that has two floors and no employee guarding the entrance of their fitting rooms, and go to the second floor. Go into a department that isn't too busy, like the kids' section or men's dress wear, and pick a room. Of course, bring in an item to "try on" just in case, and have your partner come into the fitting room shortly after you have. To make things extra steamy, pick a room with a mirror in it to watch yourselves. I'd say to pick a weekday to try this, but it still can happen during a weekend when people like to shop.

    A classic place to fuck in public -- the movies.

    Everyone should try it at least once in their lives, and take movie dates to the next level. First off, you want to pick a movie to see that you know nobody will be in, and at a reasonable time too, like matinee screenings. Fucking in empty movie theater showings is pretty common though, to the point where some theaters know that's what you're trying to do, so be careful. But if you're going to dare to do it, you should probably sit closer to the front and near the screen, perhaps even on the floor.

  2. Be Cautious

    Along with trying to find a spot to fuck in that won't be too obvious, you should be cautious of getting caught. After all, having sex in public is illegal, and you could be charged with a misdemeanor, depending on your state's laws regarding public sex. The act of possibly being seen having sex could be a turn -on for some people, or the adrenaline of the action itself is a turn-on. But if you know you're being watched or that people can see you, worry about not getting seen by the wrong person. Whether they're a cop or not, some people see public sex as rauncy and taboo and don't like to see it happen in front of them. In which case, they'll be prompted to call the police or stop you mid-act screaming at you about how "nasty and vulgar" you are. Although that could be pretty funny, and a great story to tell, later on, it's better not to risk fines or jail time.

    It's better to be safe, then sorry.

  3. Be Courteous

    Again, the goal of having sex in public is not to be seen (unless you're into that). Don't expose yourself to people willingly, and not care where you're doing your business. Be courteous to the public, and choose more secluded areas. Also, if you make a mess, clean it up. No one wants to sit on a bench that's been stained with, uh, cum. Especially if you chose to fuck in an elementary school park -- save the kids some horror and clean up after yourselves if need be. Also, if you're fucking in somewhere, like say a fitting room or public restroom, don't be gross and make extremely unnecessary loud noises. The sex may be good, but remember, you're in public, and the quieter, the better. Plus, the task of knowing you have to stay quiet is a turn-on for some people as well. The fact that you have to make public sex as discreet as possible while being out in the open is the fun part of it all. Don't ruin that by being obnoxiously loud or choosing to be seen by people who may not be great at minding their business or don't want to see that.

    Have fun, but be aware of your surroundings.