Love and Zodiac: How Likely the Signs Are to Cheat

Being cheated on sucks. Even if you have never experienced the horror of finding you partner in bed with someone else or cheating via phone, you can at least start to imagine how terrible it feels to be emotionally wrecked by a person you trust. So whether you are just starting to see someone new or if you are unsure how your partner might act if tempted, you should take a peak. Even if you feel like you're a perfect match, for some of the sings there is always room for cheating. I examined the qualities of the signs and listed each one as an unlikely, plausible, or likely cheater.

  • Cancer: Unlikely Cheater

    Cancers are faithful to a fault. They are not just loyal to their lovers but to their friends as well. Because of these qualities, Cancers are extremely likely to be walked all over. After going unappreciated for long periods of time could eventually lead to disloyal behavior.

    The only way that a member of this sign would ever resort to cheating is if they are unhappy in a relationship, want out, but want to avoid the confrontation of breaking up. So treat your Cancerian with all the love and attention they show you, and you'll have a faithful partner.

  • Aries: Could Plausably Cheat

    Aries are competitive lovers. They're loyal until they begin to feel neglected. However, unlike a Cancer they won't cheat as a means of avoiding the confrontation of a breakup, they will cheat to stir the pot.

    They love attention. And if they're not getting what they need from you, they are certainly going to get it somewhere else and rub it in your face. They like when people are in competition over them and fantasize about a totally Edward/Jacob scenario where two people fight for their affection.

    If you keep your attention on your Aries, you should be in the clear.

  • Gemini: Likely Cheater

    I have said this once, and I'll say it again, Gemini's are shady AF.

    There're a couple of reasons why a member of this sign might cheat. One of which has to do with their split personality. Gemini's easily can compartmentalize their feelings because they basically are two people wrapped up into one, which makes it easy for them to put their love for one person aside to focus on their next sex-capade. They're so often pulled in two directions, don't be surprised if they are seeing other people, especially in the beginning gray areas of a relationship.

    Geminis are also characteristically intelligent and witty. So if they have sexual chemistry with you, but don't feel like the banter is up to par you might find them stepping out. They need to feel an emotional attraction as well as a physical one or else they get bored quickly. If they feel that attraction falter for a second, your relationship might be doomed.

    But let's be real, Gemini's are capable of being faithful. If they're cheating and blame it on their sign, kick them to the curb.

  • Taurus: Unlikely Cheater

    Bulls are another extremely loyal sign. They're stubborn and refuse to budge on their commitments.

    You probably have nothing to worry about with a Taurus, but they are ruled by Venus… Their sensuality might be their one weakness when it comes to fidelity.

    If they're being neglected emotionally and physically in a relationship they might find someone else to give them what they need, however, they'll usually end the relationship first and not cheat.

  • Virgo: Unlikely Cheater

    Virgos well seldom venture outside of what they deem morally correct. Plus if a Virgo tried to get a little on the side they'd probably implode from stress. Dealing with one relationship is enough for this sign, the last thing they need is a top-secret side piece.

    However, if the relationship - or the partner- isn't meeting Virgo's high standards they might start shopping around for someone new. But they aren't likely to start that new relationship without ending the one they're currently in.

  • Scorpio: Plausable Cheater

    Sexual Scorpios are usually quite loyal and loving. Once they commit to someone, they take it very seriously. They're extremely guarded people, so they value the people they begin to open up to. But if you spite a Scorpion, expect to get stung.

    This sign does not take betrayal lightly. So if you make a jab below the belt, betray their trust, or step out on them, they're likely to do the same thing in return. Hell hath no fury like a Scorp scorned.

  • Libra: Plausable Cheater

    Libras are usually pretty darn balanced. Since their symbol is that of the scales they understand order and ethics, which makes them pretty unlikely to cheat. They know how to keep their shit together, but they are a very social sign.

    Flirting is what gets this sign into trouble. They're extremely social, so they might just put themselves in a position where flirting has a chance to go too far. Similarly to Leo's they like to have their ego stroked, so if they end up cheating it's probably because they needed to feel hot or wanted again.

  • Sagaterious: Unlikely Cheater

    Archers are hard to hold down. They usually a little wary of commitment but once they get tied down, they stay that way. These signs take commitment seriously. Similarly to Libras, Members of this sign are usually pretty flirty. But unlike Libras and Leos, they don't have an inflated ego to feed.

  • Leo: Likely Cheater

    This sign is a pretty good candidate for seduction as they certainly like drama. They're the king of the jungle, and of pride, so if you're not stroking their ego, they're looking for someone else to do it for them.

    Plus, Lions love themselves some drama. So if they can create drama that centers around them, you can bet that they'll do it. Even if you're doing the best you can to satisfy this big cat's needs, they're likely to find someone else to screw around with.

  • Capricorns: Unlikely Cheater

    Members of this sign tend to be very loyal and committed. They take their relationships seriously and understand the value of trust between partners. You don't have to worry about your Capricorn cheating unless they're still looking to climb the social ladder.

    Goats like to climb mountains, and just like their mascot Capricorns like to be at the top! The only way this sign would dare to cheat is if they're dissatisfied with their social position or are being seduced by a billionaire. Unless Prince Charming is in town looking for his Cinderella, your relationship is safe.

  • Aquarious: Plausable Cheater

    This air sign is completely unpredictable. They usually take commitment pretty seriously but like all air signs they can be a little flakey. Sure, they'll be in love one minute and then the next they're interested in someone completely different.

    Water Bearers usually break up with their partner before moving on, but they're a very flirty sign. They usually aren't the type to physically cheat, but you might want to check their phone. This sign is likely to be caught sexting other people if they're feeling unsatisfied.

  • Pisces: Unlikely Cheater

    Similarly to Gemini, The Twins, Pisces is depicted as two fish. While Pisces might have two personalities, they aren't nearly as two-faced as Gemini. Sure, Pisceans might fantasize about other lovers, but they're far too empathetic ever to cheat. They put their all into relationships and wouldn't dare hurt their partner even if the relationship is failing

    The only thing that could make a Piscean cheat is if they're doing it to get away from a terrible relationship, even then they're likely to break it off first. If The Fish were ever to cheat, they'd never let themselves live it down.