Gym Flirting 101: From Dumbbells to Datenights

For you gym enthusiasts out there a girlfriend/gym buddy hybrid is #goals. Here's how to get the girl who's always killing it at the gym to go out with you.

  1. Start off right, bro.

    Whether you're working out to train for that 5k or to keep your body happy, you can't deny there's a part of you that wants to workout for the sole purpose of looking good. So why do so many guys look like total scrubs at the gym? 'Dress to impress' applies here too. Invest in some good gear and ditch your ripped, protein shake stained sweats. Refrain from outfit repeating, gym clothes smell terrible after one use, after two or three you’re walking girl repellant.

    You yoked guys out there might not notice much of a female population at the gym. And if it's not the smell of your ripped muscle t, it's because you bros are too busy bulking up to venture outside of your man-cave. That's why you're single. A lot of girls get intimidated by all the testosterone in the weight room and tend to stay away. Suck it up and do some cardio. Or at the very least do your cool down in a different part of the gym.

  2. Brah, show you're interested

    Okay, so you're at the gym beasting it up when you see her. She's fit, she's decked out in NikePro, and did she just smile at you? She definitely just smiled at you. So how do you work up to going over and talking to her? Eye contact is the best first step. Try to catch her eye and give her a smile. Make sure to make eye contact a couple of times while you're running through your work-out. You want to be sure she's certain you're looking at her and didn't just get caught spacing out in her general direction. Be careful not to cross over into perv territory. Don't stare at her the entire time she's working out, especially if she's doing squats or lunges, and risk becoming the creepy guy at the gym.

    While you're out there getting gains it's okay to show off a little, especially if you catch a girl looking at you. Just don't go overboard. Girls like confidence but arrogance is a total turn off. Toe that fine line if you can. For example, if you see a cute girl looking at you who seems interested while you're doing some push-ups maybe do some one-handed ones and flash her a cheeky smile. And remember to be careful, don't hurt yourself trying to show off.

    If you're not catching her eye, don't get frustrated and get reckless. One of the creepiest things you can do at the gym is grunt and make weird noises. It makes people awkward enough when people do it alone, imagine how uncomfortable a girl would be if a guy were not only grunting but looking right at her. If she's too focused on her workout to notice your attempts at her attention try a more direct approach or set your sights on another fit girl.

  3. Start a conversation and make a move, dude

    When taking the more direct approach chivalry and flattery are your best bet. Politely offer to spot her, tell her you like her lifting gloves, compliment her running shoes and ask how she likes them. There is nothing more thrilling for a gym rat than a good conversation about gear. On top of that, it comes across as very sincere. More genuine than complimenting her body. Avoid making those kinds of comments at all cost. Of course her body is tight! She's at the gym! Additionally, if you're going to offer to spot her NEVER correct her form. That's why girls are largely wary of the weight room in the first place, because of muscle douches who have the audacity to correct people's form.

    Still having trouble making contact? Take a group class! Group classes force you out of your comfort zone and encourage interaction. On top of that, if there's a cute girl in that class it's likely she goes every week at the same time! Go to a spin class or a cardio circuit. Trying cardio-kickboxing or dipping your toe into yoga can't hurt. If you're on the shy side, you're much more likely to talk to people in a group setting than on your own in the gym.

    Remember why you're at the gym in the first place. You're there to get healthy and work on your body not - necessarily - to date. If you're not getting anywhere with a girl, it's more than likely that she's just there to workout. That's it. If that's the case, accept it and move on. There's nothing worse than a rejected entitled muscle freak.

    Don't be afraid to continue the conversation after your workout. See if she'd be up to chilling in the hot tub after leg day. Try to move beyond the gym too. Ask her out for a smoothie - with a protein boost of course - or offer to treat her to some froyo later. Try for some yoga in the park or invite her to go hiking. The possibilities are endless. Before you know it you'll be hashtagging your Instagram posts with #FitCouple and you'll have everyone mirin'.