The Ultimate Guide to Get the Girl For Nerds

While navigating a game of Call of Duty comes naturally to you, the dating scene in your city or town might feel completely foreign and entirely more confusing. Unfortunately, there exists a stigma that the geek doesn't get the girl. Sure, movies like Weird Science and Revenge of the Nerds work against that stereotype; but it's not like you're going to be conjuring up a Kelly Le Broc clone from a Barbie doll anytime soon. For you to be living proof that nice guys don't finish last you're going to need to put in more hours on yourself than on Fall Out.

Because contrary to popular belief, if you try, you can be a hot nerd. Because there are very few things sexier than a hot nerd.

  1. Don't be a scruffy looking nerf-herder

    When a new game comes out that you preordered months in advance, it's understandable that you'll basically be dead to the world you until you beat it, at least twice. Be honest, did you take a break during your week long gaming bender to take a shower? To brush your teeth?

    Odds are you only broke away from the screen to pee and quickly find nourishment, which probably consisted of Mountain Dew, Bagel Bites, and Doritos, am I right? Come on, You and I both know how long you've been wearing that triforce t-shirt.

    Do yourself a favor and take care of your body. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and shave anything resembling a neckbeard. You probably should go as far as cutting back on the snack food and soda.

    Hit the gym every once in a while and wear fresh underwear. It'll go a long way I promise.

    You don't want to be that dirty nerd crawling around town. Take some pride in your appearance. Girls like guys who take care of themselves, it makes it look like you have your shit together even if you did just lose your mind after getting paired with the noobiest team in your favorite MOBA.

    If you look good and smell even better, your chances of getting a girl will go up infinitely.

  2. Geek chic: Bowties are cool

    Another key to getting a girl is investing in clothing a little more classy than the funny graphic t-shirt section at Target. While you might think wearing bad jokes accompanied by even worse stick figure drawings is funny, girls don’t.

    Ditch your cargo shorts and burn any fedora you might own. Make a trip to the mall and try to make it to a clothing store before you get sucked into a game stop and spend all your money.

    You don't have to abandon your nerdy-ness to dress well because geek chic is in. Invest in button up shirts, cable knit sweaters and cardigans. Give off a classy, intellectual vibe and rock a messenger bag and oxfords. Let all the ladies know that you're a nerd by making nods to geeky things with well-placed pins and vintage wash t-shirts with your favorite superhero's insignia on the front.

    If you need some guidance look to Dylan O'Brien's character in The Internship, Grant Gustin (swoon) as Barry Allen in CW's The Flash, or type 'Geek' or other nerdy keywords in Lookbook's search bar.

    Oh god, and if you wear glasses ditch the thin, wireframes. Go for unique looking, thicker frames. Girls love a guy in a good looking pair of frames. Glasses are sexy.

  3. Channel your inner Han Solo

    Confidence is crucial. What would Captain Kirk be without his charisma? Would our favorite Millennium Falcon pilot have gotten Leia without his cheeky humor? Would we love Deadpool nearly as much if his mouth didn't almost cross into NC-17 territory?

    The same qualities that make these characters favorites are the same that you need to work on adopting.

    Work on how you carry yourself. Stand up straight and down slouch like you just got maliciously ganked in a game of League. Don't be embarrassed by your nerdy self. Find your inner superhero. Be confident, be sweet, and be funny - maybe keep the Deadpool humor to a minimum, as to not scare anyone away.

  4. Put down the controller

    Honestly, it's extremely unlikely that you're going to meet your next girlfriend on Xbox live. That's how you get catfished, my friend. Stick to reality when you're looking to meet girls.

    Work on being more social. Leave your man cave and venture out into the world. The sunlight may burn at first, but I promise you'll get used to it. And you might even get a tan!

    Go to parties, comic stores, and out anywhere with friends. Go out to coffee shops with a copy of your favorite sci-fi novel and hang out for a while. I've even seen people go to coffee shops with friends with gaming laptops! Do anything outside of your home.

    If you can't bear to go without gaming for a more than a couple hours, there's always Pokemon Go! Ha! You have no excuse now. This game has turned out to be extremely social. Go around with a couple of friends, or go solo, to try to catch them all.

    People are meeting and making friends with this mobile game. Join your local Pokemon Facebook group and keep an eye out for events, people are organizing Pokemon bar crawls and things of the like!

    You're bound to meet a cute girl while you're out working on being the best like no one ever was. Just be nice if you end up being on rival teams.

  5. Don't get creepy or clingy

    Once a guy meets a girl, they sometimes get into the habit of developing high expectations for a relationship before it even escalates beyond an acquaintanceship. For guys who aren't of the jock sub-species, they may not get as much attention from women, which can lead to some seriously clingy behavior.

    The first girl who pays you any attention isn't going to be the last, I promise. It's okay to act a little aloof When you're first getting to know someone you need to play a little bit of a game. Don't play too hard to get but at the same time don't text them forty times after they don't respond.

    If a girl is friendly, take her friendliness for face value, as charming as you may be she's probably not in love with you after sitting next to you a couple of times in physics class.

    Take things slow and be careful not to read too far into her actions for fear of looking like a creeper.

  6. Speak English, not Klingon

    While your Death of Superman fan theories are more than interesting, not everyone will think so. It's helpful to become well versed in something more mainstream.

    After you meet a girl, try to figure out what she's into and maybe do some research. Listen to the music she likes, watch her favorite movie, etc. That way you'll have something to talk about, and you'll have great conversation starters! If you actually found yourself liking that one Justin Bieber song, shoot her a text letting her know.

    However, with superhero movies becoming more and more mainstream, you might find yourself with more things to talk about than you initially thought! Nearly everyone has seen The Dark Knight Trilogy or one of the Marvel superhero movies. So you should be golden, just make sure to be open to talking about something then things that exist within a nerdier realm.

  7. Be her study buddy and or personal geek squad

    A great way to get this girl to spend more time with you is to play to your dorky strengths. If you have classes together, suggest a study date! If she's having computer trouble offer your assistance.

    Show her you can be a sort of macho man who squashes spiders for her, but instead, squash the metaphorical bugs that come with academia and technology. Be what no gym-dwelling frat bro could never be: genuinely helpful.

  8. Don't rage quit

    This is the most important tip of all if you want to be a regular nerdy Casanova. You can't lose your mind if your pursuits don't pay off. I know your time is valuable and your careful of who you spend it with because you could be doing more important things like playing video games, but you shouldn't freak out on a girl if you end up in the friend zone or if things don't work out.

    It's important to understand that while things might not escalate into a full on relationship right off the bat, there are other girls out there.

    Try to act more like Batman or Superman in these situations and not some fedora-wearing, neckbearded 'nice guy'. Everyone hates that guy. Don't be that guy. Be a genuinely nice guy and move on. Better yet, be a superhero.

    Now that you’re armed with these tips, go on and venture where few dorks have gone before and get that girl.