5 First Date Deal Breakers For Women

If you're given the opportunity to take out a dime, then you best make sure you're doing everything in your power to make the night go smooth as possible. So dress in your best and take these deal breakers into consideration the next time you're brave enough to take a lady out and make sure you're on top of your game if you ever to successfully lock her down.

  1. Bad Hygiene

    We notice it all. The weird body odor, beer breath, dirty fingernails and greasy hair leading us to the conclusion that you must not have access to a shower. It's your job to look presentable, while still looking like yourself so please don't rent a suit for the special night out but dress as dapper as you're able. If that's completely out of your comfort zone then take us somewhere that will help us get to know you a little better, but it has to be a couple steps up from the McDonald's drive-thru if you ever want to see us again.

    We sure as hell make sure we look our prime, especially on a first date by enhancing all of our features and assets, so we expect you to have the same consideration. If you're not taking care of your appearance or simply don't care what you look like then so be it, but then you might not want to set your standards high if you want a smoking hot babe to give you the time of day.

    Attraction is about how you present yourself, especially if you started talking online and uploaded multiple studly pictures to later disappoint with your out of control beard in last night's attire.

  2. Ladies Man

    you're only trying to impress us with obsessive women talk or wandering eyes but in reality, it's a complete turn-off. You do not look more appealing or desirable if this is your fourth date this week. Instead, it makes us wonder why you're still on the market if you've been serial dating for the past week with no luck. Either the dates were complete disasters, or you're not relationship material giving us the impression that we won't be giving you a second date.

    Once we don't see a possible future, it's hard to keep our attention the rest of the night, unless we are just in it for the sex or hookup.

    Bringing up your ex or all your past lovers to try and convince us that you're loveable is another way of trying to be a ladies man that doesn't go over too well. We all have ex's and past dates, but the point of going out with a new person is to get over them and explore your options for future relationships, so it's a deal breaker if you seem a little too obsessed with your ex, it's best not even to bring this up.

    Also, if you're thinking you're this suave and charming fella during dinner, checking out the waitress and flirting up a storm anytime she comes by is only foreshadowing the flirting you do when you're not on a date.

  3. Showing Up Late

    Depending on the woman who's waiting for you, she may just get up and leave instead of waiting for you because time is money and there is no way in hell we are going to be sitting by ourselves while you decide to show up leisurely. If for some reason there was unexpected traffic or an emergency, it takes two seconds to call and let us know but if not you're starting off with a bad impression by showing that this date is of little importance to you.

    If anything, we should be the one strolling in fashionably late, hoping you're already there at the table or waiting to get seated, not the other way around. Being prompt and on time is an attractive quality and will set the tone for the rest of the date. So please don't be one of the inconsiderate fools making her wait for a ridiculous amount of time because chances are you're giving her more time to talk herself out of staying to even meet you.

  4. Using Your Phone

    Oh, I'm sorry am I boring you? No, please go ahead and whip out your phone in the middle of our conversation to continue a different one you're having with someone else. Unless you apologize and explain why you decided to text or answer a phone call on the date, we are automatically going to assume that you're talking to another girl. Unless jealousy turns you on and you like competing for a man's attention, chances are your date is already writing you off , counting down the minutes until it is acceptable to leave. They're on a date with you, not a date with your phone.

    Don't even have your phone on vibrate or out in eyesight at all because it makes us feel like it's a ticking timebomb and that you're waiting for something instead of immersing yourself into the present moment which is with us. Give us all of your attention and don't you dare make us feel like we are competing with a small device that we might just grab and smash into little pieces right in front of you.

  5. Sexually Forward

    If there is a physical attraction then obviously hooking up has popped into both of your heads at one point in time during the date but acting on it is what differentiates the desperate men from the one's willing to build a solid foundation before bringing her back to his place. Depending on the situation and messages exchanged a hookup could be the main point of the date but if not then it might be a little more respectable if you didn't try all of your moves the first time around to get into our pants.

    You need to find a balance of being sexually forward.

    If you're willing to take things slow and show that you're just not in it for the quick lay you might end up getting lucky faster than expected. Refrain from any sexual passes and over the top gestures to get us naked once the date is over; it takes a lot more than a three-star restaurant outing to see the goodies.