5 Do's and Don'ts Regarding Winter Break Flings

Whether you're reconnecting with a high school crush or you've had 10 new matches since arriving back in your hometown, winter break is the perfect time for a new fling.

The stress of doing homework and studying for tests is no longer present; you worked hard all semester so now it's time to party hard. Enjoy your time with family--especially during the holidays--but most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Hit the local bars you were once too young for, text that old high school classmate who suddenly matured and went from a 3 to an 8; don't be afraid to get a little risky and risque, you'll be leaving back for school soon anyways.

No matter who or when or where or why, enjoy a winter break fling to the best of your ability and use the list below to help.

  1. DO Explore New Places

    Just because you've returned home doesn't mean you have to keep hanging around your old stomping grounds. Chances are that you've matured quite a bit since living at home during high school, and chances are that your hometown is a bit different, so get out there and explore where you once never thought possible.

    You are going to have a better chance at meeting new people while you are at a new place. Go to the new brewery that recently opened up or the classic restaurant that moved locations, and don't be afraid to socialize. You basically know the drill due to spending every weekend in a dive bar sipping on dollar well drinks as you see the same classmates and teammates and sorority sisters and fraternity brothers that you see every weekend.

    Use this opportunity to interact with certain people you wouldn't normally, or tryout different pickup lines you've always been hesitant to use. You're in a new place where no one knows your name; you don't have to worry about your classmates' judgments or collegiate social rankings.

  2. DON'T Get Each Other Gifts

    So you've locked down a solid fuckbuddy for the remainder of winter break and more likely than not, you guys get along--to a certain degree, at least. No matter the case, even if you are having sex with this person every single day, DO NOT get them a holiday gift.

    This is supposed to be a fling where you two merely satisfy each other and then wait till one of you needs some more satisfaction, not the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Even if you find yourself thinking about this person not only when you're horny, but also when you merely want to cuddle or watch a movie or do whatever couples do...DO NOT get them a holiday gift.

    The symbolism that comes with a holiday gift is not one that represents a winter break fling, it just doesn't. Realtionship gifting is complicated at any stage of a relationship. Play it safe, and merely give them the gift of sex--something you already know they certainly want.

  3. DO Consider Old Flings

    Have an old "friend" who's heading back home for the holidays too? Don't hesitate in giving them a call and seeing if they'd like to pick up right where you guys left off.

    Old flings can be great because you already know how to operate with one another and the whole awkward "getting-to-know-each-other" will most likely be totally obsolete. You most likely know them from high school, or rivaling high schools, so you don't have to worry about their backstory or if you'd be in any danger.

    I mean, everyone loves reliving old memories--especially such pleasurable ones. Both coming home for just the holidays, both of you understand what this thing truly is at the center of its core--a mere winter break fling. There won't be any worry for emotional ties or jealousy either, unless this old fling was a significant other at one point.

    Speaking from my own experiences, trying to merely hook-up with exes can be very tricky and lead to one side upset with the other, but I still believe it's a risk worth taking.

  4. DON'T Get Stuck In The "Holiday Trap"

    Whether we know it or not, we have all heard of the holiday trap. It refers to the time around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and even Valentine's Day when single people everywhere are desperate for a body to cuddle during Christmas movies and a pair of lips to kiss at midnight.

    The power of this trap varies from person to person, but it can get ahold of the very best of us, so watch the fuck out. Have your winter break fling, but DO NOT romanticize or embellish it. You aren't soulmates who just happened to find each other during the most loving part of the year; you are just two single people both looking for sexual gratification during the coldest part of the year.

    Don't get caught up in the "couples' adventures" like ice skating or building snowmen or baking pie; merely do what you need to do and be on with it. Don't watch any romantic movies and fantasize over being loved during the holidays...it's all part of the trap.

  5. DO End It Once Break Is Over

    When break began, you weren't searching for your "happily ever after," so don't end break thinking that's exactly what you've found. When break began, you were in search of a great fuck; somebody that could please you during your time at home and only your time at home. So remember that.

    Maybe you really have found someone who you care about and who cares about you, but a long distance relationship is not the answer. Especially when the beginning of your entire relationship revolved around sex. No healthy relationship--that I've ever witnessed--began as fuckbuddies.

    But either way, just end it. DO it, please. You'll thank me later. There's a new semester upon you with new classmates and new reasons to drink; you never know who you could end up meeting and really falling for. Hint: it is much easier when you attend school together and see each other all the time.

    So enjoy your winter break fling, enjoy the fuck out of it, but make sure it remains merely a winter break fling.