Creeper Olympics: 7 Craziest Ex-Girlfriend Stories Ever

Everyone has a crazy ex story. But there are some exes that go beyond the usual craziness. Girls who are already a little nutty are capable of a particular brand of insanity if pushed to their limits. After talking to friends and browsing Reddit briefly, I'd come across a wealth of crazy ex stories. Here, I've compiled the best and most harrowing tales of ex-girlfriend induced pandemonium.

These bitches really be trippin.

  1. The Ol' Fake Baby Tick.

    "This girl wasn't exactly my girlfriend. However, we hooked up throughout my week long trip to Yosemite. I was about 17, and she was around the same age. She lived in the national park with her family who worked at the resorts in the valley.

    So we hooked up a couple of times in the woods over the course of that week. One night I was particularly crossfaded, and we went into the woods to bang. I don't really remember what happened leading up to that. More importantly, I didn't remember if I used a condom.

    Before I left, I gave her my number, and we kept in touch. A couple of days after I got home she texted me claiming she was pregnant. She started going on about how I should move to Yosemite and raise this kid with her. She started picking out baby names and talking about our life together… It was really disturbing.

    I freaked out at first, but after doing the math, I realized she couldn't have known that soon after having sex if she was pregnant or not. I started asking her questions, and her answers didn't add up.

    After that, I guess she texted my cousin that she was pregnant and asked her not to tell me. She immediately called me and told me about her texts, saying that she was probably lying. I called her out on it, and she never texted me again.

    Later her friends told me that this wasn't the first time she faked a pregnancy."

    -Ray, 21

  2. I Didn't Know a Flat Iron Could Become an Assault Weapon.

    Here's the short version of this story…

    "Mid-shower, I hear the door open. What the fuck.

    My ex is standing there with this crazy as fuck grin on her face, holding something in her hand. I nearly shit myself thinking she's got a knife or a gun (I'm looking at her through the foggy glass of the shower door).

    This crazy bitch had a cordless hair straightening iron all heated up and ready to go. She starts trying to pry the door open all the while screaming at me… She's screaming that she's going to fry my cock and clamp the iron on my balls… I escape and run next door butt naked to my neighbors, screaming for help… She gets arrested for harrassment."

    - Anonymous, 17

    (Read the whole story, complete with all the crazy details on!)

  3. Mean Girls

    "I broke up with my emotionally abusive girlfriend for good several months ago. Instead of leaving me alone, she constantly texted me saying that I'd never find someone that loved me because I was that I was fat and ugly.

    When I finally had the courage to block her number, she started using her friend's phones to text me. Unfortunately for me she was in a sorority. She turned the whole chapter against me. They even joined in on the fun and would text and call me on their own to let me know how much of a piece of shit I was. At one point I had over 30 voicemails from her and her friends.

    I finally caved and just changed my number. Girls are really mean…"

    -Jesse, 20

  4. When Your Ex becomes the Ultimate Stalker/Cockblock hybrid.

    "I broke up with this girl I was dating in college, and she did not take it well, to say the least. She started Facebook stalking all the girls she suspected I was dating and sending them messages to stay away from me because I was taken.

    Things escalated at a party when she saw me with this cute girl who finally started talking to me. She went up to her and started screaming at her stay away from me because I was her boyfriend. She basically cornered the poor girl, and I had to intervene.

    Unfortunately for me that cute girl friend zoned the hell out of me and told me that to this day my ex gives her dirty looks while walking to class.

    The worst part is that anytime she sees me talking to people at parties she swoops in and ruins my chances."

    - Mike, 21

  5. When Karma Works in Your Favor.

    "I got into this long distance relationship with a girl when I was around 20. Things were going great until I started making female friends. .

    She got increasingly jealous, but I assured her that everything was strictly platonic. Later things between us got worse, and we started fighting all the time. I told her that maybe we should consider taking a break, and she lost her mind.

    She accused me of hooking up with my female friends, who were in relationships with my close guy friends, and then started threatening to hurt herself. I stayed with her because I was a little worried, especially since she started texting me pictures of knives and old scars she threatened to 'open up.'.

    Later I found out she was sexting one of my acquaintances the whole time and while complaining that I never paid attention to her.

    After I had broken up with her, I messaged her roommate to keep an eye on her since she was threatening suicide and forwarded her the pictures she sent me. Well, the roommate told her parents.

    Her parents pulled her out of college and are making her take classes online while she lives at home. Karma's a bitch, huh?"

    - Robert, 23

  6. That Moment when Your Ex Starts Dabbling in Amature Horror Movie Effects.

    "After I broke up with my ex girlfriend she sent me a picture of herself in a bathtub covered in what looked like blood. At first I freaked out and showed my roommate. I was about to call the police when my roommate noticed something off about the picture.

    She pointed out that there was a ketchup cap resting on the edge of the tub. I called my ex out on it and after a couple hours she finally owned up to it."

    -Sarah, 24

  7. When You Date the Ultimate Fan of The Fault in Our Stars.

    Here's the short version of this story…

    "My high school 'girlfriend' told me she had cancer after our first date… I dated her for six months. She turned herself anorexic to appear 'sickly'… no one understood why I was with her and I kept her secret.

    Well, I finally put wo and two together after she told me she was going in for chemo… I caught her trying to hide from me before the first class and asked her how her chemo went.

    Yeah… She was a special one."

    -Anonymous (Read the full version Here!)

  8. Serial Pooper

    "To be fair I have no proof that my ex-girlfriend actually did this, but I have my suspicions.

    For the past two years on my birthday and Christmas, after my ex and I broke up, I've been getting anonymous gifts on my door step. I get a little birthday goodybag full of poop.

    I mean the break up was pretty nasty, and I definitly said some pretty harsh things, but do I really deserve this?

    The pooping only stopped when my parents and I moved into a different neighborhood in the same town. I don't think she knows I moved. I wonder if the family that lives there now still gets bags of human poop addressed to me."

    - Steven, 18

  9. Dog-napper

    "After my girlfriend and I broke up she decided to move out of the apartment we shared together. To spare myself the awkwardness of watching my ex move out, I went over to my buddy's house for the night.

    When I came home, all of her stuff was gone, but my dog didn't run up to meet me. I searched the entire apartment, but my corgie was gone. She took my fucking dog.

    I called and texted her about a thousand times before I went over to her friend's house where she was staying until she could get another apartment. I demanded to see my dog, but her friend insisted that he wasn't there and that my ex was at work.

    I went over the next day and waited until she got home. As she walked into the house, my dog ran up to greet her. I got out of my car and called him, and he came out to me. I screamed some pretty profane things at her from across the street before putting my dog in my car and going home."

    - Anonymous, 26

  10. When Your Ex Catfishes You Hardcore.

    "After my ex and I broke up I turned to the internet to get over her. I met this girl in a chatroom, and we started talking. I added her on Facebook, and she turned out to be really hot.

    I talked to her for a while and eventually developed a fat crush on her. We had kept in contact for several months before she invited me to Skype with her.

    I log on to Skype and call the account she gave me and who answers? My ex-girlfriend. I immediately hung up, and she started sending me messages mocking me for being fooled into a relationship with a fake profile.

    The creepiest thing wasn't even that she made other fake accounts for this girl's friends and family. No, it's that she used the whole experience as a reason to try to get back together… FML."

    - Jeremey, 19

  11. And last but certainly the creepiest…
  12. When Your Ex Convinces the School You Bang Your Sister.

    "A couple of months before I graduated from high school, my girlfriend and I broke up. She seemed to be pretty okay with it, I mean we were going to different colleges and would never see each other. I took it pretty hard, but I just didn't see it working out.

    I guess she wasn't as okay with it as I thought because people in my graduating class started asking me if the rumors were true. What rumors you ask? The rumor that I've been screwing my sister.

    After doing some recon, I figured out the tale lead back to my ex-girlfriend. When I confronted her about it after class, she lost her mind. She insisted that it was true and that she'd seen us together..

    She went on about how that was the only reason I broke up with her. Thankfully, she ended up getting in trouble with the school for bullying.

    Needless to say, I'm stoked to be in college."

    -Anonymous, 18