5 Surprising Ways to Date a Cougar

Throughout time, it has not been uncommon for an older man to date a younger woman, but older women dating younger men is a whole different story; at least it used to be.

A widespread phenomenon has been taking place recently, and it is called cougar hunting. “Cougar” refers to an older woman who is on the prowl for nothing more than a fun night with a young man.

Also referred to as MILFs, these older women tend to be attractive, fit, aged anywhere from in their 30’s to 50’s and know exactly what they are after. Whether you’re in the bar or the bedroom, they cut straight to the point and don’t play any games like younger girls that guys are used to dealing with.

Because of this, you won’t want to try your usual slick-rick, cheesy pickup lines. She will see right through them and only offer you a few laughs if you are lucky. Instead, you have to take off your big-boy pants and put on those man-pants you sometimes wear to work or family events and actually engage in meaningful conversation.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg, read on to find out about how you can score that hot cougar next time you’re out and about.

  1. Be Confident

    When hitting on a girl of any (appropriate) age, it is very important to radiate confidence. Actually, when doing anything in life it is important to be confident, but this article is focusing on picking up cougars so I’ll start there.

    As I recently stated, confidence is very important when dealing with women, but it is vital when dealing with older women. This is so because cougars are more mature and sophisticated. They don’t wish to play silly little mind games or beat around the bush regarding what they want, so they don’t want you to either.

    Maintain eye contact as often as possible and smile seductively whenever a smile is warranted. Always remember to stay relaxed and remain cool, calm and collected; you don’t want to seem like a nervous, little boy who is too innocent or sweet for her to go home with.

    A known key to radiate confidence as well is taking up as much space as possible when standing at the bar or sitting at a table. This doesn’t mean you should sprawl out all over the place, but simply spread your legs a little, lean back in your chair and maybe throw an arm over the backrest. Psychologically this symbols a man who is confident in his own skin, and psychologically that is a huge sex appeal to women, especially older, more mature women.

  2. Avoid Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    We’ve all accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person; it is a typical mess-up in today’s Granted there is a handful of acceptable pickup lines that work now and then, but these are usually performed on younger, less-sophisticated girls. If attempted on a cougar, while she will indeed be flattered and possibly even blush a little, chances are she won't be downing her drink and leading you out the door hand in hand.

    It is best to simply converse with cougars and do your best to display a mature and sophisticated personality. Now you don’t have to talk about the stock market or the latest political agenda, but simply demonstrate that you aren’t just some college meathead looking to bang "Stifler’s mom."

  3. Compliment Her Outfit

    Chances are she’s dressed pretty modernly and hip, not too different from the younger girls in the bar—it is important to let her know you notice. Do not straight up acknowledge that she is dressed like most of the younger girls your age; this will only make her feel old and remind her that she is isn’t exactly in her normal element, but simply compliment her necklace or her nail polish.

    She wore exactly what she wore for a reason, from the color of her lipstick to the color of her underwear. And if this cougar is anything like most moms you meet then she’ll love being complimented, especially on her shoes or purse.

    No matter what you choose to compliment her on, remember to keep the compliments to a minimum so they seem genuine and sincere.

  4. Don’t Mention Age

    Do not, I repeat, do not, mention age. Chances are cougars will ask your age, and chances are they will then proceed to reveal theirs, but never be the first one to initiate this.

    There is a high probability that age will become a topic of conversation, it is almost like the elephant in the room, but do not let her think that it is an issue for you—unless it is, of course. If you begin the conversation about your age’s and the age-gap between, this could make her feel old and out-of-place, or simply cause her to ignore you and wait for the next young stallion to take his shot.

    Either way, just ignore the urges to ask her age and mention yours until she brings it up. Obviously, you could tell she was an older woman before initiating contact—that’s why you began talking to her in the first place—so don’t let a few years here or there diminish your efforts.

    She can’t be too old if she’s hanging out at the bar and not knitting at home or in bed already.

  5. Don’t Mention Your Mother

    This is probably my favorite rule when it comes to hitting on cougars simply because it makes me laugh. As I mentioned earlier, the terms “cougar” and “MILF” can typically be used interchangeably, and this is because MILF stands for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.” And if you didn’t know that already, now you know.

    Anyways, why you should never mention your own mom when talking with a cougar is because 1, that is just nasty and your own mom shouldn’t be anywhere near your thought process when hitting on women, and 2, it could be a huge turn off for her.

    The chances are that this cougar has children. The last thing she wants is to be reminded of them and begin thinking about her son possibly sleeping with an older woman like herself. She probably won’t like the thought of that and could quickly change her mind about what she’s doing or just about doing it with you specifically.

    Don’t mention how her and your mom are the same age or how they both own the same purse, simply don’t mention anything about your mom!

    And if at any point in the night she says something along the lines of, "I'm old enough to be your mother," simply reply with, "Well how about tonight you just call me 'Daddy.'"