5 Things To Consider Before Swiping Left

If you take online dating seriously, then you need to seriously consider these five things before you judge the shit out of their pictures.

There is so much more to a person than three pictures; that could harshly display their attractive features because not everyone is a professional selfie taker.

It's hard not to get into the swiping routine where you unrealistically swipe left until a perfect human being pops up on the screen. Even if someone is photogenic, looks can only take a connection so far, so why not pay attention to other characteristics that are just as attractive?

Online dating provides more information than the best selfie taken, so don't rule someone out just because their picture doesn't reach your standards. Pay attention to the other important details, like if they are a decent human being, you would want to pursue seriously.

  1. Mutual Friends

    Depending on the friend that you have in common, it can say a lot about the person you're about to swipe left on. It does give you comfort in knowing that you won't be getting catfished if someone you know, knows them as well. You can even go as far as reaching out to the mutual friend to get a background check on what this person is all about.

    Use this feature as an advantage to determine if you want to give them a chance, since odds are you might be seeing them around anyways!

    It might also work out to your advantage because you could take the awkward one on one and make it into a casual group date with friends. Sometimes those dates are even better because the pressure is off and you get the chance to know someone on a more casual basis.

    Even if it doesn't work out with that particular match, it doesn't mean that you won't hit it off with another mutual friend or even get a good laugh out of the whole experience.

  2. Career

    What someone does for a living and in their spare time says a lot about them. You can't pay the bills with your looks, and your date can't grab the check if they don't have a job.

    Ambition and drive are very attractive qualities, and you don't want to waste your time on someone who isn't serious about thier job. You want someone with a decent career !

    Whether you're in similar occupations or you're extremely impressed with theirs, this is an important aspect of someone's life, so why not observe the information if it's there.

    What someone decides to do day in and out shows many other attributes like ambition and dedication, that can relay into their relationship personality as well.

    It's hard to pursue someone that doesn't have any visions or goals for themselves, so focus on more important matters than if they take flattering pictures.

  3. Similar Interests

    Whether the interests are in their pictures or at the bottom of the profile of 'common interests,' take it all into consideration. If they so happen to be exploring the wilderness and you adore the outdoors, you may have just found your perfect hiking buddy.

    You want to have something in common with your matches other than physical attraction because you do have to have a conversation at some point. It's best not to waste anyone's time and to take a moment to assess before you swipe. Figure out if you have a hobby, movie, sport or food that you can bond over, creating a more in-depth connection and potentially leading to more than a hookup.

    Similar interests matter in a relationship to a certain degree. Even if you're just looking for something less serious, having something in common with them makes the experience worth it.

    Relationships are built on a variety of things, so it's best not to focus too shallowly on looks and see how this person could benefit your life positively, in the long run!.

  4. Bio

    As ridiculous as some bios can be, some people take the time to thoughtfully write them out to portray themselves in 180 characters to the best of their abilities. I'm not saying you have to solely judge someone on their bio's alone, but you can find out a lot about someone's personality and humor if you take the time to read one before you automatically swipe left.

    Even if someone may not be your exact 'type' when swiping, that doesn't mean that they can't be attractive in your eyes at some point, if you give them a chance.

    You may be surprised at how many people you would consider swiping right for if you simply took the time to see what they're all about. Some people even cut to the chase of why they are online dating or simply taking it as a joke.

  5. Location

    If you're setting your maximum distance to over fifty miles, then you're definitely in it for the swiping factor. We all know that it's very unlikely for someone to drive over an hour to meet a complete stranger based on a few pictures.

    Plus we all know that long distance relationships are a nightmare.

    It's important to realize if someone is swiping on vacation because they're bored or in town for a quickie and if they actually live in the area.

    Meeting up with somebody takes commitment and establishing trust in relationships requires the least distance possible. If you're hoping to build a foundation with someone continuously, then you should probably take their location into consideration.

    Not every love story starts with ' love at first sight' because that's a little unrealistic. A connection with someone occurs on many different levels beyond physical attraction. It's important to give the shallow swiping a rest and focus on the possible emotional, intelligent and social connection you've been missing out on.

    Before you throw in the online dating towel, make sure you take important aspects into consideration because you could so likely be swiping left on many eligible matches.