5 Careers With The Hottest Men

Not too positive what hotness qualifications are required for these careers, but all I know is that they have the hottest streak known to man, literally and physically. For some reason, it's hard to picture an unattractive man in any of these careers because the hot ones you have seen will forever be imprinted in your brain.

These are just a few of the jobs that happen to have some of the sexiest men fulfilling their duties, stealing our hearts one day at a time.

  1. FireFighter

    If there was ever a reason to start a fire it would be to gawk at the surplus of hot, sweaty men that will fill your house in a matter of minutes. It is a dream come true until you realize there is a fire happening but these hot men distract you nonetheless.

    Even with all of that equipment on, these men are hotter than the fire itself waving those hoses around, saving the day and all.

    My first initial reaction to seeing a firetruck driving around is to check to see how hot the guys are before obviously being worried about where they're heading. I have yet to see a firetruck without at least one god-like man sitting within, ready to risk his life to save others. Pure fearlessness which in turn makes us feel secure and protected, which is always a good thing.

    That concept alone, leaves you pining after these men because they're so selfless and fit and did I mention hot?

    They're given thirty seconds to get dressed and slide down a stripper pole, sounds a little too perfect am I right?

    They can even rock that weirdly yellow-ish color without looking like a human banana.

  2. Doctor

    * cough * cough You're unfortunately sick for the third time this month, not from anything serious but the love spells your hot doc has put on you. The second he enters your room you've managed to adjust yourself in the most flattering position on the waiting table with your best puppy eyes waiting to meet his.

    What you don't even care about the fact that your co-pay bills are racking up because seeing him for ten minutes is entirely worth it, and the forty-minute waiting room wait.

    It's hard to believe that we were once terrified of these men because they seemed so old and scary when in reality they turned to be our biggest crushes years down the road.

    Nothing's changed when you see one now compared to ten years ago. You still get a little nervous, stumble your words, and hope that he ends up guessing your symptoms because your mom isn't there to tell him for you.

    His entire entity of knowing what's good for you before you know yourself and how to fix your aches, breaks and coughs make him a magical unicorn. Who isn't attracted to someone that makes you feel better every time you see them, ensuring that he knows just the thing that will have you feeling like yourself in no time. Plus you can basically make your Grey's Anatomy fantasy a reality.

  3. Lawyer

    There's something about a man in a suit, and not just any suit but one including a sleek tie and fitted cufflinks. Not only is his outfit on point but he is smarter than all of the guys you've dated combined.

    Forget about the amount of money he is currently making; he also had to withstand college, the LSAT's and freaking Law School. Following thru with that amount of education is hot in itself because he was devoted to his studies and being successful long term, regardless of how many Friday night parties he missed out on.

    He's also witty and has a way with words because he does that for a living, which is extremely attractive. Who cares if you don't know the majority of the words coming out of his mouth, just kiss it instead and look them up later.

  4. Pilot

    From the very first glimpse, when walking onto the aircraft you start daydreaming about Mr.Pilot the entire flight. You can't help but want to congratulate him for landing safely with a giant kiss, but you refrain every time.

    The fact that he can control an entire airplane and fly all over the world makes him that more desirable. You would even consider being his personal flight attendant even if planes give you more anxiety than you can withstand and airport food makes you sick.

    This career also involves a high amount of stress which they obviously have to keep under control, which is another attractive quality. The art of balancing and multi-tasking in this job leaves you further daydreaming of how hot a man in charge is, especially one going places in their career, literally and physically.

  5. Entrepreneur

    These men have to have such daring and incredible minds to pursue their dreams and get results. Anyone can come up with an idea but the follow thru is what differentiates a little boy from having a dream to a man transforming his vision into the real world.

    Figuring out the details and dedicating their time to trial and error, while never giving up shows the commitment instilled within these men.

    Even managing people can get difficult but being able to balance an entire business from the beginning to the various stages it takes, distinguishes the sheep herd and the wild stallion ready to run towards their dreams.

    I think what makes these men even hotter than their outfits and status is their dedication to their career. Regarudless of what he wears day to day the amount of commitment to make it big in any of these careers is thru the roof and the confidence of is sexier than any six pack, perfect teeth hunk.