7 Secrets For Car Sex So Hot, Your Windows Will Stay Steamy!

Having sex in the car is a fantasy gone unfulfilled by many. Whether you want to get it on in an automobile because you're obsessed with your car or because you never got a chance to do it when you were in high school like every character in every "coming of age" film out there, to make the experience truly mind-blowing you might need some tricks.

Here are a few tips to make your vehicular sex hotter than the metal part of a seatbelt in the summer.

  1. Don't freeze or fry

    One of the biggest factors with having sex in the car is temperature control. Unless you live in an area where the weather is nearly always temperate, you risk either dying of heatstroke or frostbite while trying to have sex in your car.

    If you're trying to bang in the car in the summer, wait until the sun starts to go down. Waiting until sunset will make it much more comfortable to have sex in the car as it won't feel like you're baking. If it's scorching out, even in the evenings, keep the vehicle running and blast the AC; this way you can get steamy with your partner while staying cool.

    If it's Winter, park your car in sunlight during the day. The fact that cars retain heat is a curse in the summer, but a blessing in the winter; make this work to your advantage. If it's absolutely frigid, leave the car running and blast the heat. Or you could always make your own body heat…

  2. Find a secluded spot

    The last thing you want when you're trying to get intimate in your vehicle is for things to get cut short by a group of observant teens or worse: a cop.

    So do yourself a favor and keep your record free of any public indecency tickets and stick to the darker corners and driveways. Plus there is nothing more embarrassing than literally being caught with your pants down.

    If you're trying to tap into your inner exhibitionist, you should try to stay very quiet in public places and only get it on if you have tinted windows.

  3. They don't call it a truck BED for nothing

    Come on boys, we all know you love your trucks. Especially because half the time they're your dating profile picture.If you're trying to woo your partner and you have a pickup truck (or an SUV with big enough trunk space or folding seats) then pay close attention.

    This move is for those who want to maintain the romance while still being adventurous and wildly sexy. If you have a truck, throw a mattress in the bed (if you have an SUV with trunk space or folding seats and cant fit a mattress back there, enough foam padding and blankets will do the trick).

    Drive out to a very secluded spot at night. I highly recommend bringing snacks, and by that I mean chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, or something of the like. You know, the kind of food that sets the mood.

    Try to get away from any artificial lights, as the light pollution from the city will make it difficult to see the stars. Lay out in the truck bed and star gaze for a little while before you start making moves. You'll definitely have your partner swooning at the thought of making love under the stars.

  4. Shot gun vs. back seat

    While you might be eager to get it on, you need to take into account which seat you pick as your playground.

    If you're just looking for a little quick fun, then you might as well stay up in the front. Either you both can ride shot gun, or you can reach over the center console for a little mutual masturbatory action.

    Staying up in the front seat can be sexy as all hell. It offers the feeling of something forbidden and spur of the moment. So pull over into a secluded spot and have a quicky in the front seat, while your on your way to that boring dinner party at his boss's house or her sister's baby shower you couldn't get out of.

    However, if you can take your time, hop in the back seat. You have more room to try different car sex positions and you have much more room to fool around with one another in the back seat so you can settle in for the long haul.

  5. Orgasm responsibly

    I don't need to tell you how difficult it is to get the dirt out of a nice car interior. Keep this in mind when you are reaching the peak of your sexual experience. The last thing you want to do is aim poorly and end up with the most disgusting (and obvious) stain on your cloth seats.

    If you have a leather interior you can afford to be a little less careful. However, you still need to worry about the carpet and - I can't believe I'm saying this - the ceiling.

    You need to be extra careful with your limbs if you're the kind of guy/gal who gets a little twitchy in the throes of passion. The last thing you want is finally reaching that apex of pleasure only to put your foot through your back window.

    Nothing kills the mood like having to speed over to the hospital to get glass pulled out of your foot… Well, at least you're already in the car!

  6. Channel your inner Leo and Kate

    Are you obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio like the rest of the world? Of course, the answer is yes.

    Leo and Kate Winslet are known for having one of the sexiest car love scenes in cinematic history. That shot of her hand running down the steamed up window of that Model T is more than iconic.

    So channel that unbridled sexuality into your own sex life by leaving the windows up. Let the glass fog up! Everyone deserves at least one Titanic-esc encounter in their lives.

  7. Lastly... roadhead is dangerous

    One thing that I've seen over and over again is people asking for tips on giving good road head. Well, let's be honest here: road head has the possibility to be really fucking dangerous.

    If you can't wait to pull over to begin the fun, there are other ways to warm each other up. Reach over and start feeling each other up while you drive around cautiously for a spot to pull over. Whoever's in the passenger's seat can always start to undress or get started themselves. These are only two of many sexy - and infinitely safer - alternatives to road head.